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  1. i refuse to take part in this theoretical osmosis gg @Jester's Gestures dm me who you are imo @XnadrojXi still got ur alignment on LOCK my guy talking to @Baldrick was fun, i enjoy meming around sorry if i got annoying ?
  2. ^ im not lynching till a reread on both pf your isos tonight though, but im pretty confident
  3. for convention sake i’ll stop messing around then :dankpuff: thx bbmer
  4. errr i actually dont know how this site does twilight phase but i didnt see any objection to it in the rules sooo :dankpuff:
  5. twilight phase is a fun time for everyone, to sit around and talk about their day tbh, i slept in this morning except i didnt cause i got woken up early and it sucked
  6. jester isnt ITT and im impatient tbh and im cool with it, 3/5 is majority rule ##vote: @Kaif
  7. @bbm you are around too, dont wanna bop without consent
  8. should i wait or...? im pretty confident this is just endgame
  9. well rather than missed its closer to i completely forgot it existed lmfao
  10. ngl i completely missed the sully tracker flip, three info roles seems disgustingly rigged especially when one of the is fullcop, im down2nuke the slot
  11. this isnt a knock on you btw, just my take, dont mean for it to come off harshly if it did kaif
  12. noted i genuinely have 0 faith that he is thinking about the ramifications of his actions atm regardless of his faction, dont think that deep into it imo this
  13. but yeah based on the oracle flip already in inclined to agree (despite me not knowing much about sf setups in general) @BBM
  14. you know SF mafia setup trends better than i do :/ can we have a massclaim at this point kthx (im VT) just for clarity’s sake your results offer you both role and faction when you get your rolecop back. Like were you given the info they were: Vanilla (no role), or were you told they were a Vanilla with the faction of town
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