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  1. Seems like an interesting enough expansion to the rooftop training scene, and thankfully no silly 'Inside out collar' joke. I'm looking forward to more, even if they're of the same length. However, you have several glaring spelling errors in the last paragraph you may want to fix up when you get the chance. (All on the 1st and second line: Reaseon, Dispite, and Tok) (There's another one in Ecstaticly when Elise 1st speaks as well) I'm not quite sure why you'd want to switch up Hinoka and Kagero. Alot of their characterization seems to revolve around their ties to the characters they interact with, Hinoka with her siblings, and Kagero with her fellow Ninja as well as her service to her lord Ryouma. It's certainly not the strangest thing I've seen in a fanfic idea, but it's one that'd need a bit of expansion on before I could help with theory crafting.
  2. I have altered the portion related to Operation Tears in my proposal. Thanks for the swift response NekoKnight.
  3. The entire reason I signed up to Serenes in the First place was to have a spot to post my currently planned Fanfic. Originally I was just gonna wing it and post my own topic, so I'm super happy you guys made this place, and that I found it yesterday. Here's my propostal
  4. An interesting thought that I hadn't considered, and taken on it's own without additional context, its a strong argument. It would have definitely improved the setting if they had added a few names here and there. I suppose what I failed to convey properly in my original post was my frustration not only with what was left unnamed, but moreover what was given the time to be named as well. Specifically 'The Eternal Stairway' comes to mind for me, as in Hoshido and Revelations campaigns, you only walk through this place briefly to get lured into assault by mistake as a result of resident Evil Troll Iago. You never go back there, you never explore it, and yet the characters seem to refer to it with such reverence and in some cases awe, that it feels as though perhaps there was a cut chapter somewhere, especially since it almost seems like you're traveling through some sort of enormous cave formation or something. I've tossed some ideas around in my head, and what you say makes sense. It's more a matter of what you wish to convey and how 'On the nose' you want to be about it. Given how overt the marketing was about the split route, it may be more effective for the river to have a more overt name along with it. As for the example, you also have a point, but to fully elaborate on my thoughts, I'll have to address it in a moment. My personal gripe with Fates has never been that one aspect or another has been bad. It has, and always will be that there was so much more potential that was wasted or squandered through ineptitude or laziness. Fates mechanics are fantastic, Fates characters are mostly fantastic with only a few bad apples. Fates story has so much potential and inherent drama woven into it that if it had been properly utilized it would have -- no, should have been unquestioningly the absolute best fire emblem game ever created. Even going into the concept of naming, its more a point of discretion, as their complete lack of names for the Valla continent is actually a brilliant move (whether inspired by laziness or intent notwithstanding) as it's an unknown world with no names that should be attached. It gives the feel of a long lost world with names like 'Abandoned Town', as it's old name is long lost to the whispers of the dead. Not everything needs a name, but it's a fully case by case basis. I'm simply of the opinion that such an important location should have an equally suitable name. I won't yell at you for merely expressing an opinion, especially if you're going to take the time to give me a thought out and rational answer. I like to see myself as a constructive force, not a destructive one. Even if you had told me my thoughts were stupid and to not bother with this idea of mine, I'd have simply ignored you. And when someone is willing to spend their time to write a response to my thread as you have, I will always give them my time in return. I'd be a dishonest person if I didn't spell out my intentions for this thread. I'm in the process of trying to essentially 'expand' on Fates, and I suppose even to some point 'Rewrite' it's story in such a way that it would be something that I would enjoy, with alot of the inherent cringe of many of it's weaker moments rubbed out. One the issues that I'd hoped to resolve with this thread is that given all the drama focused on the events at this river, I'd much prefer it have a name as opposed to having the characters reference it vaguely. I'm hoping you'll help me find something suitable.
  5. It just seems like such a wasted opportunity. Especially when you consider the nature of how the map is set up in all three routes. In Birthright, you're on the lower portion of the unified river on the 'right' side. In Conquest, you're on the left side of the unified river, but in Revelations, you're in the middle of the fork stuck between both sides. There's a certain in built tragedy to it, almost like its a metaphorical River of time that you can't go upstream on. I also could be looking waaaay too deeply into this, but I'm a sucker for symbolism.
  6. A great many of us know that Fire Emblem Fates had some of the worst world building in the entire series. This isn't even up for dispute, the continent isn't even named in this series. However, what I find absolutely criminal in terms of story telling is that the forked river at which Kamui/Corrin makes their fateful decision isn't named either. Not naming a continent is one thing, it could even be an issue of contention between Hoshido and Nohr as to the official name. But not naming the river at which literally the entire fate of the world of Fates is decided, seems like a hole that we as fans cannot allow to stand. If you agree with me, please help me name this River, and maybe start filling the void left by the Fates writers. Maybe if this thread gets enough traction, we can even do a poll, and make whatever we vote on Pseudo-Official.
  7. There was a piece of advice that my father once told me: "People words only have as much power as you let them have" This is very evident in the nature of criticism. It will only change your opinion of a work if you let it change your opinion.
  8. I'm a noob at forums. How do I do a spoiler tag?
  9. I personally like the idea of subjectivity that was introduced a few posts ago, as it brings home a very important point. We all enjoy different things, even if we enjoy the same genre, or even the same game. To add my own two cents to the pile, I should probably say I'm one of those who enjoys the aspect of nuance alot more than most, and complex characters really hit it home for me. Which is why, quite frankly, all three stories dissapointed me in some fashion or another, not so much due to a bad premise, or sloppy storytelling (by itself anyway), but more because I felt there was so much more they could have done with what they had. In short, They squandered so much, it could have been so much better. You don't even really have to add any new characters, or too much more information, just re-arrange what's already on the table and elaborate on it. Make Garon a deeper villain with more subtlety (even considering his -ehem- condition), expand upon the war, let us fight more of it before you launch us right into a mad dash for the enemy capitol. Perhaps even give us choices for when to spare or kill certain key members of the other faction (why was Shura's scene on the boat of Nohr the -ONLY- place you could do this?) I personally found Birthright to be rather dull (given my desire for complexity). Its not so much that the 'You're good, they're evil' Story-line is over played, its the way they handled it that really got me, give that, the moment you hit CH 13, you never go back to Hoshido once (technically, you leave it much earlier, but I'm referring to when you go to Cheve), even when Ryouma casually mentions (i forget which chapter this happens in) that Yukimura sent him a letter dated a couple weeks back that Hoshido is in pretty big trouble. All of this, of course, overlooks the key issue that you're basically on a glorified assassination mission that would, quite frankly, serve only to piss off the Nohrians rather than make them surrender, especially given their warlike culture and their now dead/martyred leaders. Conquest was a curious case for me, given the angst of turning against your bloodkin in favor of your adoptive family. This has the setup and premise to be an epic tale filled with tragedy and deep moralistic choices, but seems to fall flat right from the get-go, given how delusional Corrin is when it comes to believing that the very obviously Villainous father figure is obviously evil. Maybe Xander should have mentioned that he was cackling at the thought of tormenting you, it's not like he had your back or anything... . But beyond Corrin's face-slammingly stupid naivety when it came to Garon, I thought there was alot more potential to Conquest's premise than that of Birthright, even if it was executed very questionably. Revelations is even more of a sore spot for me than either of the other two, mostly because of how face-slammingly stupid everyone -ELSE- is when it comes to Corrin. But I won't go any further because I'm a noob at forums and don't know how to make a spoiler tag.
  10. Lynx

    New Person

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and just wanted to say hi. I've often visited the forest for information, but as I'm not a very social person, I've never become familiar with the forum (or any forum in general for that matter). I suppose I also have a question for anyone who can answer it. My hope is to eventually write a fanfiction of Fire Emblem Fates, and I was curious if you guys had any ideas of where I could post that and how to go about doing it? (I've never actually done forum stuff before, So i'm in unfamiliar territory here.) Thanks in advance.
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