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  1. Getting B16 SR+ Mae, B19 SR+ Edelgard and B08 SR+ Julia (and a B18 SR Byleth (M) in only 4 boxes is quite a haul on your latest order! I'm still missing the B08 SR+ Julia and the B19 SR+ Edelgard, hopefully I manage to find them before the end of Cipher!
  2. Thanks! Yeah older set boxes are a bit tougher to find, but I see some B11 boxes up on eBay and Amazon.co.jp, so you shouldn't have too much trouble to get ahold of one. If you do grab one, hopefully you pull SR+ Lute or SR+ Delthea... instead of the SR+ Lianna and SR+ Rowan I got haha
  3. Yeah the two Micaiah were definitely nice. I even used one of them as a bargaining chip to acquire a B20 SR+ Corrin (F), so she served her purpose well as a dupe 🙂 Good luck with your pulls with your B22 box(es)! They seem to be going with an all-star lineup in October, so hopefully you pull a great SR+!
  4. I've pulled 26x SR+ out of 83 boxes so far, which is a bit better than the expected 1 in 4 boxes odds. My best pulls so far were: B12: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => SR+ Ike, SR+ Ishtar B13: 3x SR+ in 6 boxes => SR+ Lyn, SR+ Marth, SR+ Hector B16: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => SR+ Lilina, SR+ Sanaki B17: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => SR+ Deirdre, SR+ Soren B18: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => SR+ Edelgard, SR+ Tharja B20: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => 2x SR+ Micaiah B21: 2x SR+ in 5 boxes => SR+ Dimitri, SR+ Peony B16 SR+ Lilina and B21 SR+ Dimitri are the two most valuable pulls, but most of the above were pretty good pulls nonetheless! @JJVM99If you really did pull 4x SR+ in 6 total boxes, that's crazy luck! Congrats!
  5. +1 Mthan +1 Interlude37 +1 I Deserve This +1 Agery +1 Quillish +1 HatoTheWhite +1 laCruel Thanks to everyone! Most of these were the second (or 6th!) time we were dealing together, so I appreciate the trust!
  6. **EDIT** I just added a bunch of P20 Tournament Promo cards in my have list Happy B21 release everyone! Just finished opening my 5 boxes of B21 (and was blessed with SR+ Dimitri and SR+ Peony), so I'm updating my trade list accordingly. All cards are available for purchase, sale or trade. I also have 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in each set if you need any. Want: B04-B21 Cards P01-P21 Promos Have: B01-B21 P01-P21 Promos S01-S12 ST Cards Other Promo Stuff Thanks for looking!
  7. +1 SplashTOMATO, thanks for the SR Silas! +1 Agery, Thanks for the R+ Tormod!
  8. My favorite card is B17-021HN Lucina. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the foil version in the starter deck is a sight to behold!
  9. Here's a few new (and existing) characters supposed to show up in B21:
  10. +1 Lululeigh +1 OdinsGrimoire +1 AllStarKnight +1 laCruel +1 Quillish +1 Haar's wyvern +1 hero_donnel +1 Zero +1 arod435 +1 Interlude37 Thanks for the trades everyone!!
  11. Hello again everyone! B20 boxes and a bunch of new Promo cards came in today, so I'm updating my trade list accordingly. All cards are available for purchase, sale or trade. Not listed in my have list are : a bunch of pre-order bonus stuff like 5-pack sleeves, Post Cards, Clear Files, Deck boxes, Notebooks, Stickers and 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in every set if you need any. Want: B04-B20 Cards P01-P20 Promos Have: B01-B20 P01-P20 Promos S01-S12 ST Cards Thanks for looking!
  12. The preferred Time Designation can be left empty. It's useful if you want to ensure you'll be there when they deliver the package, but since you'll be using a proxy service, they'll be open/available during regular business hours, so no need to specify a date/time. As for the delivery method, I always use their default courier service "Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin". They usually have next-day delivery and are relatively cheap (it was ~800 yen on my last order [or free if I had ordered over 50 000 yen😲]).
  13. That's the same Proxy service I've been using for the last couple years and see the image below for how I input my info. Obviously, you need to replace "Your Name" by your personal name, and the "1234 " by the number provided by 2you4. Hope it helps!
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