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  1. Thanks for playing. If you don't mind can you please tell me what was the "lack of polish" you were talking about? As part of the reason for this hack was to improve.
  2. Who am I? Hello there I am DotDotDot, I'm a poor college student that has been trying to make my own fan game(Originally a Pokemon one) since middle school. I've worked on this to big chunks. I first started working on this during my Senior year of high school before burnout hit me hard and I stopped. The second chunk was recently were while watching Mangs LP a hack gave me a second wind to finally finish my hack and here we are! I hope you enjoy and do run into too many bugs or glitches I forgot about from the first chunk. What is this? This is a short 8 chapter(counted prologue and Final) Hack of Fire Emblem 8 I made to gain experience with FEBuilderGBA and with hacking in general. Originally I was gonna make my dream hack I've always wanted to make and I even made a full chapter and some portraits(some of which I repurposed for this hack) but, I decided not to continue because I didn't want to get burnout making a long hack by myself (Which in the end didn't help because I started this hack about a year ago and then stop for like 5 months or so because I still got burnout, whops). I decided to go with an idea I had for a while of playing as the bandits of a fire emblem game were the bandits somehow manage to win! The Pitch! Have you ever wanted to be a bandit? Going around pillaging villages for all their goods, killing helpless villagers that are just trying to save their family, using almost exclusively axes! Well, now you can in Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits! Features: Screenshots Download Fire Emblem Barry's Bandits Bugs/Spelling Errors/Notes/etc Credits
  3. How can I completely skip the overworld scenes for all chapters? If I try to use the "without world map" thing at the end of chapter 2 chapter 3 won't load I'll just get a black screen. And when I try to delete the world map events it gets me stuck in an infinite loop of either dialogue or going back to the prologue PLEASE HELP!
  4. For some reason, if I click on a unit that has a weapon there range never appears and the unit freezes! Can someone please help!
  5. So I'm trying to make it so when an enemy makes it to a village the doors close and when a player units make it there they destroy it, how could I go about doing this? Also is there a way I could make an objective similar to Chapter 25 Hector mode were you have to seize multiple points to win? Also Also I'm using FEBuilder
  6. 1. The fates debuff system on some weapons, just made me never want to use those weapons. 2. Infine weapons, made is so that thinks like javelins, or the kodachi was limited to one depending on the game 3. Any weapon not class a bow being 2 range 4. I just really don't like the fates weapon system 5. LUNGE
  7. how did this get to 112 on a topic from 2017 about a fake leak?!?!
  8. Finally, the Fir family line team is complete!
  9. Class ones like Jagen, Christmas Knights, Est's I think should stay but characters ones like Lorenz and Camus, I think need to go. After playing through a TON of fire emblem in the last month the amount of Lorenz characters is much bigger than I thought. (Lorenz, Dugless, Dussel, Tauroneo) and the Gharnef one is just lazy to me.
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