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  1. This is a colossal moment in FE history, so many have tried, so many have failed or gave up for their own reasons, but now it's finally here, thank you so much for your work, now if you excuse me, i have a peninsula to liberate and children to save, onward to the liberation of Thracia my friends, and now fully translated!
  2. Holy shit, it's happening, the curse will finally die, the legend of a translated Thracia 776 fully playable and functional is finally upon us, and as a bonus Mangs will be doing a let's play with Mekkkkkkkkqkkkka,(if he keeps his promise) this will be interesting, absolute amazing job for everyone involved with this game's translation, i'm sure it wasn't easy, but i really do hope that it was something you all can look at and be proud of, thank you for your job with this project, just hope to play it as soon as possible, but no rushing of course, we have waited very long already, a bit more will not hurt that's for sure.
  3. Oh yeah boy, let's go, this MUST be the one, please be the translation we need, there have been so many that entered this obscure area, and none returned, this gotta be the one, if not, i will lose all hope, and if it is the case and this gets finished, this will enter in the history of FE fan works dedication alongside the translation of FE4, good luck mate, this is a difficult job, but you can make it, i believe in you!
  4. Well... there is quite the argument happening here, but that aside, do we have any news on this project? Just hoping its not dead.
  5. Just out of curiosity, is this translation still going? Like, changing the name of some characters to the updated ones, fixin some bugs etc.
  6. That is actually impressive, the translation works just fine, you can read the dialogue easely thanks to that beautiful font, everything works and i love it. Just hope to se this game fully translated one day and not be another dropped project.
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