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  1. I recently got a few more boxes so here's my updated list. I'm willing to buy/sell/trade. Have: Want:
  2. I'm looking to Trade/Sell/Buy some Cipher cards. I'm mainly looking to complete my brown and green collection. Have: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s82cTR0M6OtKnMajzeJ6Qoy7K8WMy3Z624h4Vzuy3gQ/edit?usp=sharing Want: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GLovI_RzIq6cc__jIdp7x1tdm4zqe8AKUDpEJBwLmUQ/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Gaiden/SOV Gray Mae Binding Blade: Wolt Sue Blazing Sword Eilwood Ninain Sacred Stones Joshua Tana Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn Ike Mia Awakening Gen 1 Lon'qu Cherche Awakening Gen 2 Owain Nah Fates Gen 1 Kaze Nyx Fates Gen 2 Forest Nina Three Houses Claude Petra
  4. With a new game comes a new round of support conversations. What were some of you favorite?
  5. Older classes such as Dread Fighter, Witch and possibly Halberdiers Along with some new maps and classes
  6. Illyana had the highest strength and Defense in Part 1. Illyana the Thunder Mage had the HIGHEST strength.
  7. Lord Favorite: Elincia Runner Up: Sigurd Least: Micaiah Avatar Favorite: Mark Runner Up: Kris Least: Robin Villager/Trainee/Noble Favorite: Gray Runner Up: Kliff Least: Faye Cavalier Favorite: Titania Runner Up: Seth Least: Makalov Knight Favorite: Effie Runner Up: Gatrie Least: Meg Myrmidon/Samurai Favorite: Mia!! Runner Up: Zihark Least: Hisame Mercenary Favorite: Gerik Runner Up: Laslow Least: Severa Fighter/Oni Savage Favorite: Boyd Runner Up: Garcia Least: Arthur Pirate/Bandit Favorite: Dart Runner Up: n/a Least: n/a Soldier/Spear Fighter Favorite: Nephenee Runner Up: Aran Least: Oboro Archer (also includes Ballistician and Apothecary) Favorite: Rebecca Runner Up: Shinon Least: Takumi Nomad/Bow Knight Favorite: Rath Runner Up: Sue Least: Dayan Mage/Diviner Favorite: Soren Runner Up: Lute Least: Ricken Dark Mage/Shaman Favorite: Nyx Runner Up: Ophelia Least: Pelleas Monk Favorite: Lucius Runner Up: Artur Least: Azama Priest/Cleric Favorite: Natasha Runner Up: Genny Least: Moulder Troubador Favorite: L'Arachel Runner Up: Elise Least: Clarine Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids) Favorite: Nina Runner Up: Sothe Least: Chad Pegasus Knight Favorite: Tana Runner Up: Marcia Least: Est Wyvern Rider Favorite: Jill Runner Up: Haar Least: Vaida Manakete (also includes Xane) Favorite: Tiki Runner Up: Myrrh Least: Nowi Beast/Laguz (Royal) Favorite: Nailah Runner Up: Tibarn Least: Giffca Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal) Favorite: Ranulf Runner Up: Lethe Least: Kyza Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons) Favorite: Leanne Runner Up: Ninian Least: n/a
  8. You get many different characters that join your army for many different reason whether it be revenge, similar goals or connections to others. However then their are the ones whose reasons don't seem to make that much sense. Which characters in your opinion joined the the lord's army for the stupidest reason. NOTE: they can be good characters just that their reason to join is weird/dumb.
  9. Looking for Bowfaire and Trample for Nyx and Felicia please.
  10. Any one have Sword and bow breaker for female Kana?
  11. Looking for male Kana with axe breaker Sophie with bow breaker and Lancefaire
  12. Male Kana with Axe breaker? Please
  13. I have him up for you 15792-61755-67967-64741
  14. I got it, Thank you so much!
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