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  1. Let's not pat ourselves on the back for reads based on nothing. The way I played d1 really was NAI. I kinda slipped on later days but I did nothing out of my village range on d1. Like I don't wanna be slow on d1 on games where I'm village and have people think that makes me a wolf because it really doesn't, I do that every game.
  2. I don't know how I get suspected literally ever day and then never get peeked. Tell me how that works.
  3. RAD plz tell me you didn't peek bomb moss.
  4. I can hear you over the sound of you being lock wolf.
  5. @Mackc2 Out of time, need to move now if we wanna win this.
  6. lol nice job pretending you cared about the answer.
  7. Besides what I've said already? My meta on PerC is descibed as "Fable is "abrasive" as a villager and "ingratiating" as wolf" I'd be a lot nicer to all of you as wolf and have more patience :p This just isn't my wolf game
  8. Nobody actually wants to lynch junk besides bomb moss afaict?
  9. How many times do I flip wolf out of 10 if literally nobody objects to my lynch. you guys are making this free for the wolves.
  10. Zeo going "who's X's partner" to every single post is not solving.
  11. I feel like coming in pushing you if he knows you're not lying is sub-optimal because you get lynched 0% of the time today. You think that's something he would do as wolf?
  12. Like I'm not gonna pretend Zeo is voting for anyone other than me today so just assume his vote is there.
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