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  1. I'm experiencing the same thing. I've downloaded older versions of the patch and everything has been fairly normal, but the most recent one advertised at the top of this thread has all of the bonus tales available, and Zephiel's Tale is playable without clearing any other ones. The only thing that doesn't seem to be immediately available are all of the achievements, which are greyed out as they should be.
  2. Haven't heard of them, I might have to give them a listen now. :)
  3. Rudolf is probably my hands down favourite, he's the true hero of Gaiden and SoV (Maybe not as much for Gaiden, the dialogue is more ambiguous) and I will defend him to DEATH. I also love Camus/Zeke/Sirius and his whole arc, as well as Seth (for obvious reasons). There're a million others, but I'd be here forever trying to list them all.
  4. Thank you!! As for favourite bands, it's hard to pick between completely different genres, but I'd have to go with The Tragically Hip for classic rock, MF Doom for rap (lately), Dvořák for classical, American Football for kinda chill rock, and I looove Swans for... well, for whatever mess of genres they are
  5. Thank you! I'd say it's a fair time for a welcome seeing as I've only just started participating here!
  6. Chagall is one of my faves. Truly the Adonis of Jugdral, he was obviously the true hero of the story. Huh, I have a wii, havent used it for ages, but it's one of the newer models that can't play gamecube games, would that still work for PoR? Oh jeez, I can get super self conscious about my writing. I'll definitely read it all, and then try to build up the confidence to post some stuff of my own : ). We all have our little personal shames. I refused to use Frederick, Marcus or Seth the first times I played each of their games... Thank you! I'd disagree, but I'll take the compliment! Thank you! Truly. One of the many reasons I love project naga. Sylvia is honestly such a sassy bitch, and I love her so much.
  7. Hello Serenes Forest! My name is Willow. I suppose I'll introduce myself here. I've been lurking on this site for a while, and finally decided to try to contribute and meet people because I̶ ̶c̶r̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶m̶u̶n̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶d̶e̶e̶p̶l̶y̶ ̶r̶o̶o̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶x̶i̶e̶t̶y̶ it seems like a positive, fun community, and Fire Emblem is my one interest that my friends irl don't share, so I can't talk about it much. Now for a bit about me I guess... I enjoy reading high fantasy, slightly lower down fantasy, sci-fi, eldritch horror, drama, political literature and, well, basically anything else that contains words :P. I also love music of basically any sort, though I've been listening to a lot of classical, post rock, indie and alt-hip hop these days. I also play trombone, trumpet, euphonium and some piano, and write some fiction. I enjoy a lot of video games, mostly either Nintendo or PC. I like indie games, particularly roguelike, RPG, adventure, and tricky action-platformers. My favourite non-fire emblem video game of all time is Cave Story, my favourite author lately is probably Brandon Sanderson, and if I had to choose a favourite musician, my brain would likely implode. Along with politics, philosophy and history, those are my main interests. I'm a relatively recent Fire Emblem fan, even among the newer generation, having only gotten into the series with Awakening in early 2016. Despite this, in the little time I've had, I've tried to make up for a lot of that lost time, immersing myself in Fire Emblem as much as I could over almost two years. I quickly got bored of Awakening after beating it on Classic/Hard, and started delving into some of the harder stuff. I started with Echoes, and while it was a weird experience with all of the signature Gaiden quirks, it was a thoroughly fucking enjoyable one. Rudolf did nothing wrong!!! As of now, I've played Echoes all the way through three times, the most out of any fire emblem game(excluding skimming blazing blade to unlock HHM), and while Genealogy and Binding Blade are my favourite games for now, Echoes will always have a special place in my heart. I then got conquest, played it through slowly, struggling with some of the tricky chapters like 10, 17 and 20. Once I reached chapter 22, I realized my team was too weak and unbalanced to make it through to the endgame, and I had to restart. I eventually beat it, but in the meantime, I started emulating. I began with FE7, which I found enjoyable, but not too special. However, that led me to the great game that is Binding Blade. I love Zephiel as a villain, and chapters like 21 and 23 just give me life!!! After this, I got into Genealogy, which blew my mind!!! Definitely my favourite story to date. (Arvis is a dick but had good intentions!!). Throughout this journey, I found Mangs and Mekkkah's youtube channel, and subsequently discovered dondon, pallaemblem, ghast, and more, and learnt that there was a thriving FE community. I never knew there was any more of a fire emblem community than IGN fucking up on Awakening, and Etika drooling over Tharja. Needless to say, I was excited, but as I usually am, anxious to actually involve myself in it for quite a while. Anyways, as of now I have fully played Echoes, Conquest (C/H), Blazing Blade HHM, Genealogy, Binding Blade, and Mystery of the Emblem Book 1. I've gotten most of the way through Sacred Stones Lunatic before losing my save (lol), and am currently playing Thracia, Binding Blade hard mode, and Mystery Book 2. I sadly haven't been able to experience the Tellius games because my dumpster fire of a computer doesnt have the graphics card and/or RAM (I'm getting mixed messages from troubleshooting, and am not too great with computers) to run even gamecube or wii games. I'll probably play Birthright and Revelations once my DS is fixed, and might eventually try out the Archanea remakes. While I think the Fire Emblem games have incredible replay value, as I play more and more of them, I feel increasingly that this being a part of this super great community would be better than replaying FE7 again or something would and... well, I guess that's why I'm finally here! Sorry if this is a bit long and excessive for an introduction, I'd hate to bore you all to death with my lame life story, I often just can't stop writing once I start! Take that as a general warning for my posts, it's a bad habit of mine, but I suppose it's preferable to one word responses to everything. Anyways, hello to you all, and I can't wait to try to get to know you! -Willow, Queen of Rigel
  8. Instead of logging you out, Serenes Forest downloads a virus on your computer and becomes completely inescapable. You get pop up notifs from every single post, including far from the forest spam, non-fire emblem stuff and giant trolly argument threads with people who still think Marcus is bad and Lyn is amazing. These notifications plague your computer, inbox, phone and your real life mailbox I wish we got a game expanding on Karel's story, and connecting him with the other sword saint, Od, giving an official connection between Elibe and Jugdral/Archanea/Valentia/Ylisse
  9. General Amelia. Tower of Valni, ten extra level ups, an earlier join and a generally much easier game make it an easy choice for me WYR have a threesome with Seth and Titania or with Nino and Ced
  10. While I love Lost in Thoughts, All Alone, and a lot of the other climactic Fates tracks, including most boss and plot-important fights' soundtracks, my personal favourite soundtrack would easily have to be Echoes. The fact that there are full Latin vocals on multiple tracks,(apparently the lyrics are listed in a memorial book, which I sadly don't have, though I have heard that Lord of a Dead Empire is sung from Rudolf's perspective as a sort of Requiem for Alm) full and masterfully composed orchestral scores, and in my opinion, incredible story/OST integration is just so incomparable within the series. My favourite tracks are probably Twilight of the Gods, Lord of a Dead Empire, Pride and Arrogance, The Scion's Dance in Purgatory, Praise This Despair, The Mad God's Blessing, The Air of Brutality, Duma's Ordeal, and The Ark of Dawn, but there are so many more fantastic tracks. I even have a playlist of all of the tracks from echoes that I'll listen to just in my spare time (Oops, there're a lot of them) which I could post on youtube if people would like. (No quality guarantee, music taste is subjective as hell). Fun fact, the title of Wagner's famous Götterdämmerung opera refers to the downfall of the gods in Germanic mythology, and can literally be translated to Gods Twilight (Götter Dämmerung). Sound familiar? Anyone who has listened to his music knows that Wagner's sound and style have influence on the SoV soundtrack. I'd go more in depth, but this is a Fire Emblem board, not a music theory/history board. Berkut's lance, Kriemhild, is also named for a major figure in Norse mythology, wife of Sigurd/Siegfried AND a character in Götterdämmerung. (Sooo Berkut's ranged lance is married to Xander's ranged sword, who happens to be the alter ego of one of Genealogy's main characters? What a mess :P) The fact that this game's soundtrack can be this beautiful isolated or within the game, while still remaining melodically faithful to Gaiden's Soundtrack AND thematically faithful to the game is extremely beautiful to me, a big music nerd who quite enjoys orchestral music alongside being a fire emblem fanatic. SoV's soundtrack is just without compare for me, it's quite possibly even my favourite video game soundtrack of all time.
  11. If dancers are good in other games, they're downright silly in this one. You can dance for all adjacent units. Try to surround the spot where you'll be dancing with units who'd like another turn. Even if you only get an extra one or two tiles of movement, it certainly doesn't hurt in a game where keeping up with mounted units is one of your foot units' biggest struggles. Don't worry all too much about Item uses, always use your best items. If you kill 50 enemies with a weapon, it gains the ability to perform critical hits, and you can indefinitely repair your best weapons with the abundance of money you get. Speaking of money, there's a cap of 50,000 gold on the money each unit can carry, and each of your units can only freely share money with their partner(Unless they're a thief). Try to either spend your money if you need to, or give it to your partner if you're at the cap and going to save villages or fight in the arena. Also, I noticed you were hesitant about arenas. In this game, fighting in the arena isn't some cheesy grinding strategy, but rather a limited and balanced resource for exp and gold. Each character can only beat an arena enemy a maximum of seven times per chapter. Arena battles don't take turns, so just starting each map off with a bit of arena training on each unit is an effective and non-spammy strategy to get a little more power and money. A personal, less gameplay based tip from me is not to let moving slowly through the large maps get you down. Sure when every map is easily two or three or more times bigger than a "large" map in any other fire emblem game, it can sometimes be boring and/or intimidating to spend turns just traversing tricky terrain or sending your units along some massive expanse to reach the eventual cluster of enemies, but I've found that it can help just to try to immerse yourself in the world of the game. Pretend you're a part of Sigurd or Seliph's party, imagine them trudging through the sands of Yied or navigating the forests of Verdane or Silesse. Feel the relief of your Cavaliers as they see their slower companions arrive to support them on the battlefront. Personally I love stuff like that in fantasy games, but if it's a bit cheesy or nerdy for you, hey, just focus on avoiding terrain penalties and getting your units where they need to go as soon as possible. Hell, maybe if you get good enough, you'll be able to pull all sorts of fancy warp/return/return band gimmicks to play with maximum efficiency. That can be pretty fun too! I hope this helped you out, good luck, and have fun in Jugdral
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