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  1. Hi there!!! Yeah, I haven't been here to post! But rest assured that I am still working on it, slow as it may be (and it is). Plans during recent months had been to get the second patch out this February, but that won't be possible (work has me so frazzled I'm in bed by 8pm lol). I'm absolutely going to make sure that it'll be available this year, along with a huge heaping of supports. Once it's out, I'm planning on getting some folks on board to get it done in a timely frame. Thank you everyone who has kept interest in this project for so many years after its unveiling!! As for your work, absolutely feel free to continue with what you're doing!! I'm very happy that this thing has cracked open ideas in others' heads. I won't make any of the work I've done so far since the first patch available until the second patch is out (and the third patch would be the completed project (well bugfixes and small things could be added BUT WHATEVER)), but everyone is 99% free to do whatever* they want with this thing. *do not under any circumstances use my work to produce bad vibes
  2. New animations could be neat! But so far, my thoughts have been that, just like with not adding skills, I want to avoid major graphical or gameplay modifications that make it "not" FE8. That's not set in stone or something, I can always change my mind, but at this point, it is at best a low-priority thought. If enough people knock on my door requesting new animations, then yeah I suppose.
  3. That's me! Wow!! I made a comment with a bunch of timestamps if you don't want to deal with an hour long video and only watch what interests you. But if you want to watch all of it, that would also be pretty neat, I think.
  4. Project Name: Sacred Stones Rewrite Platform: FE8 Showing: Interview, Let's Play with Mel.
  5. You're writing it to the rom, but are you actually saving the rom itself?
  6. Howdy! I was wondering if it was possible to "freeze" a character's support point gains in FE8, until a certain threshold is reached (namely, beating a certain chapter)? So that, take Seth for example, he would be unable to access any support conversations, or even gain any support points at all, until chapter 8, or whenever.
  7. Thanks for playing and enjoying it!
  8. Thanks! 1. Unless I make drastic changes to set up flags during earlier chapters, you should be free to continue with your save. The biggest issue is that I haven't really accounted for balance as Ephraim, Forde and Kyle joins you, so they may bit a under-/overpowered, and any balance changes made to their base stats from here on won't be accounted for if you keep going with a save in which they've already joined you. If I make a big enough change that it requires earlier flags to be set, then I am going to share saves from the start of the next arc, so people won't need to replay those chapters themselves. 2. Sure, why not, I'll look into doing that. Not until the hack is complete, though, since even the script in the current patch is subject to change.
  9. I have no plans on adding any new classes at the moment. During this period I want to avoid as much feature bloat as possible. It's possible in the future, but right now, no plans. All the enemy generals will have greatly expanded roles in the story, and may or may not be fought in the same places that they are fought in the original. Valter in particular will have a lot more impact on characters, and I really love writing his dialogue so he's sure to have as many conversations as I can possibly squeeze out of him. Anyhow, I am done with Chapter 9, and will now be moving on to Chapter 10.
  10. As I said, the Eirika and Neimi support is a new one that is not one I will necessarily be making romantic. And none of the new support pairings are made with the point of writing or not writing romance, or because I do or don't want teh gay. I want to write a Joshua and Ephraim support because they are very similar characters who go through very similar things and can talk about those things and realize new things about themselves that way (for example, Ephraim realizes he'd really like to see Joshua's 'Audhulma'). The Ephraim and Saleh support will exist because Ephraim, in the base game, is far too "cool" a character. The focus is not "hey they should bang", but "hey Ephraim needs a support in which he can be goofy and lighthearted in a charming way". And no I will not introduce any S-ranks or anything.
  11. In the trash, where it belongs. (it's in "and more")
  12. Skills are something I have considered, since they're so easy to implement nowadays, but I do want to try and avoid feature bloat. I want the experience to still be recognizably FE8, and I don't want the player to have to consistently check "wait what can my units do now again?" If I do implement skills, then they would probably only appear on important bosses, like giving Sol to Caellach for example. Enough to turn them into slightly more meaty, memorable encounters (in addition to the story making them hopefully slightly more meaty, memorable encounters).
  13. Well, I have not really planned out or written any new supports or how to change them yet, and I won't until I have actually written out the entire story's script from beginning to end (since I won't know exactly all the ways the sidecast will interact or impact the game's story until everything is said and done - the broad strokes of the story and its themes and how I want to reach them are done, but all of the writing itself happens very spontaneously). Eirika and Tana is an obvious pairing - they interact a lot more in the main story now, and the strong connection between them lends itself well to romance. However, as I write out the story, new connections are formed between the characters that I didn't actually plan out nor did they exist in the original. For example, because of a scene late in the current patch (that I originally didn't plan out at all and was only added because I felt that something was "missing"), I really want to add a support conversation between Eirika and Neimi. I don't think this will be a romantic pairing, but the two form a connection during the main story that I want to explore. But I also haven't decided that it WON'T be gay, so if some huge EirikaxNeimi shipper has dreamed of something like this for years then who am I to refuse them? As I begin writing the second act, and Ephraim becomes a more prominent character, he too will begin forming emotional connections to the rest of the (male) cast. One support I have planned to add for him, and which will be romantic, will be one with Joshua, who will be an important factor in Ephraim's development (Joshua will also take a more prominent role in the story starting from chapter 9). The same is also true of Saleh (though he won't be AS important). And then there will of course be pairings disconnected from our two leads. Forde and Kyle. Garcia and Gilliam. Tana and Marisa. And more.
  14. I hope it will live up to your expectations, TheZakkAttack! And the reason some supports will have to be rewritten, Tranquillo, is because some of them will conflict with how the story and characters will play out. Easy example: In the original, Tana joins the party without Hayden's permission, but in this rewrite, she has it. This means Tana's and Eirika's support will have to be changed, as Eirika says that the two need to apologize to Hayden later (In the rewrite, this will be replaced with a confession of love, as I am adding gay pairings). Adding group conversations to Supports is an interesting idea I will have to think on. But to give you a teaser on things you'll see in the main story regarding that...
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