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  1. Kronya..... Is who I would've gone with if the game let me (DLC please) I had to settle for second best and go with Petra.
  2. Seteth and Rhea likely wouldn't have noticed that her personality is different. They've got several students and an entire church to run, I doubt they'll realize that just one is acting strangely.
  3. Doing experiments on a baby so she can wipe it's mind and replace it with her mother's seems like attacking an innocent to me.
  4. I have trouble seeing Rhea as a gray character when she straight up tried to erase Byleth's mind and replace him with Sothis.
  5. The character who kills your father absolutely would be somebody irredeemable since they've done something to the self-insert. Edelgard couldn't fit this role.
  6. Actually what could work is that Jeralt is killed in the battle of Garegg Mach, not by anybody specific. It shows consequences to Edelgard's war, without Edelgard herself having been directly responsible.
  7. If Edelgard killed Jeralt than it would be much harder to make her grey. Really since they had no intention of making him grey, and he does literally nothing at the moment, Thales should've been the one to kill him.
  8. The evil cult is something that I definitely feel is only in this game because it's in all the other games. This game definitely does a better job at letting Edelgard stand on her own feet than most other games do with their villain that's just being manipulated by the cult, which thankfully allows this game to have a good villain DESPITE the slithers. I do hope that the next game does without a cult.
  9. We meet four Slithers throughout the story, and not a single one of them is a good villain. Solon-Token Gharnef Rip-Off. Shows up, does a thing, and dies immediately after. Thrilling Kronya-Token Fanservice Chick As much as I love her design, I must admit that this character is wasted potential. She shows up, KILLS YOUR DAD, and than dies immediately after. If you're going to have a villain do that, they should be a serious enemy that the protagonist and player grow to hate, not a glorified mini-boss who is killed off immediately. Cornelia-Token Fanservice Chick 2.0 since Kronya died prematurely. She's just introduced through exposition halfway through the game. In one route she's partially responsible for the terrible state the protagonist is in, when he reclaims his kingdom from her it's a major turning point, in one route she's just another glorified grunt that you kill, and in the other two she's only mentioned. Ok in one route I guess, nothing in the others. Thales-Mr Evil Warlock Behind it all. Y'know, for the game'a true villain, he's hardly present, and hardly even memorable. He just makes a few scattered appearances until he's resolved off-screen in one route, sorta and vaguely resolved by you killing his human form in one route, and only actually fought in two routes. We learn absolutely nothing about him other than he wants revenge, which is a common goal among everyone in his group. We also have no reason to care about him, since he doesn't really do anything. Honestly he should've been the one to kill Jeralt since the player would have a reason to care about him. Not a single one of these four is an interesting character in the slightest. Like, they look cool I guess(aside from Cornelia)? The existence of the slither gang brings up so many questions that go unanswered, and they're responsible for the existence of most of the game's plot holes. Do they really add anything? As they are right now I would've preferred the game not have them.
  10. It's a stripper outfit. Yeah... welcome to FEW.
  11. Is it bad that my favorite part of this DLC is seeing Tharja in HD?
  12. I think it's hilarious that broken armor Tharja is showing less skin than normal.
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