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  1. I am currently playing this hack, and I really enjoy it. The level design of the first eight chapters is very good - I found it both challenging and rewarding. However, I do have some criticisms. In Chapter 7, I noticed that the breakable walls do not break. Or at least, the wall tile doesn't change after breaking. This is just a nitpick, but it looks like there is a rug on top of another rug in the main spawn area. I finally beat the chapter with the angelic robe on my fifth attempt. In chapter 8, I find it strange how the Maelduins and Mogalls are placed - you're basically forced to turtle on the first turn. In other words, putting enemies with high mov on an open field is very scary. However, I liked that you have to have Ren face off against the mage knight, whatever-his-name. I know you're getting criticism regarding unit placement at choke points, but I like that. It serves as a milestone for the player to reach when replaying. Another criticism I have is the Anna/Jake house situation. If you want to get their hints, you have to visit houses. However, visiting houses makes it harder to get the fast clear bonus. When I went to their house in chapter 8, I had no idea what they were saying because I missed them the last time. They assume you remember the names of all the bosses in the previous chapters, which I don't. Also, I found the first hint they give you (whenever that is) to be extremely vague. I think it was "sometimes you shouldn't kill bosses". Like, what chapter is this referring to? That brings me to by biggest criticism - the writing. It needs a lot of work, in my opinion. The story is fine, but the script does not tell it effectively. There are a lot of sentences with strange structure. Honestly, I had a hard time maintaining interest in the story because of it. While the stories of the official games are nothing special (for the most part), the dialogue is interesting enough for fans to become lorekeepers who can recant support conversations and the background of chapters with a high degree of accuracy. I don't see that happening with this game in its current state. What I recommend is to find a good writer in this community to help you with the script. Edit: Now having played more chapters, I noticed that the writing is much better! So, my previous comment only applies to the first eight. Also, in the FEE3 video for this hack, the units had growth scrolls. However, in my game, the first growth scroll didn't appear until Derek had one in Chapter 7. Did I miss them, and when? Thank you for reading!
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