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  1. Hey guys. I used this for fe7, ran through Lyn mode, saved and started up hhm on another save slot. However, Hector rolled into a pirate, with a devil axe and hand axe, both with sword reaver properties, so his first level is literally impossible (he also has shitty stats). I'm trying to use nightmare editor to change his inventory so I can actually progress, but none of the changes I make seem to be showing up. Could anyone give me advice on why this might be? I've successfully made it so that it shows the right inventory in the chapter unit editor when I load that up, but the changes aren't reflected in game, even when I go back to chapter 10 and load on from there. Anyone know what might be going on?
  2. Yeah I've been thinking about it a lot, and looking around. I *think*, though I'm not 100% sure, that a mag focused vv Morgan and another high mag vv kid, could function similarly to how vv Morgan clears work, though I need to run the numbers on it still. You need extra rescuebots, and the rescue/rallybots will need hex/anathema, and the positioning is going to be a nightmare, as well as a pain to setup vengeance on two seperate characters, but I think it's probably the best possiblity for a clear. I pm'd Vascela, and he gave some advice/suggestions that should be helpful. Gonna do some math soon to try and find two vv kids who can orko every enemy so long as they're standing together, probably something along the lines of Ricken!Severa + some magic focused 3rd gen Morgan, with +mag-def feMU. I think a more general clear will be too hard to do reliably. Do you guys know if there's a spreadsheet with all the apotheosis stats preentered? Obviously there's stats on here and the wiki, but it'd be much easier to work with if it started in a spreadsheet format.
  3. Seems like I've got a ton of planning cut out for me. I'm definately going to try and work something out though. I have done apo before, but several years ago, so I remember very little in great detail, but I recently got back into fire emblem in a big way, so I've been replaying a lot of the games. I'll do some brainstorming I guess and come back to the thread when I have some more concrete ideas then, cheers.
  4. Oof. From the sounds of this, no one here has done it this. It does make sense, no pair up makes even the main game on hard moderately challenging. That being said, I'm sure I'll be be happy to bash my head against the wall for a little while. Thanks for your advice solv, that and the post above are very useful. Honestly I really like the Stahl/Cordelia support to the point that I would like to do them regardless. What other lancebreaker units would you recommend as strong options? One option could be going for as much vv on as many characters as possible, as that way it shouldn't matter as much which of them is attatcked, and galepairs seem a lot worse. Quick edit: does apo scale down for hard at all? It's the same on all difficulties I assume?
  5. I'm currently doing a no grind, pair up, DLC or nostank run on hard/classic. Hoping to eventually tackle apotheosis with these same restrictions, excepting no grinding, as I'll need to for skills and stat benchmarks, though I'm almost certainly going to give up at some point and start relaxing the others (I have access to all dlc but want to avoid using it if I can) First of all, is Apotheosis even reasonably doable (I have limited patience lol) with those restrictions? I know this isn't technically the thread for it, but it affects my pairing choices a lot. If I'm doing it with no pair up, I assume all my units will need to be capable of functioning without a dedicated pair up, and support kits become much less valuable. In any case, currently I have: Locked in (currently at chapter 15): Sumia!Lucina Chrom!Cynthia Strong Preference (locked in unless you guys can give me a good reason not to): Stahl!Severa Donnel!Kjelle Gaius!Noire Lon'qu!Brady No Parent Yet: Nah Owain Inigo Laurent Gerome Yarne Morgan I don't really have any strong inclinations for these characters, though I have been thinking about who to pair MaMU (+spd-lck) with. Is it generally considered more beneficial to have a 3rd gen Morgan, or two 2nd gen Morgans? From what I've read, 3rd gen seems to be the preference, due to not leaving any unpaired kids, and the fact that you can get more or less complete sets for everybody without using the avatar. Presumably Lucina (or Cynthia, but I'd prefer Lucina) would be optimal for Aether access for Morgan, though does Morgan gain much benefit from aether? Does she gain much from access to any of the special classes? Additonally, are there any of the kids that massively benefit from an avatar father? Yes I know they all do, but I assume some benefit more than others, especially with the constraints of no pair up.
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