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  1. From the looks of things, Raphael's future looks grim in this poll.
  2. Tough call here, honestly. I could've probably picked Lorenz, because I find his personality amusing... or Lysithea, due to her incredible skills in magic. Ultimately though, I have to go with Marianne. Her whole personality kinda resonates with my own, and she can be pretty strong if used wisely.
  3. As with every avatar I play, I always pick male Byleth in this case.
  4. Well, that happened. Guess I'll throw my vote in for Mercedes then.
  5. Seems Annette and Ashe are both going to be down and out from this poll soon. What a shame...
  6. So basically destroy the entire point of the game's story huh? Sounds like a fine idea.🙄
  7. Not sure if this counts, but I think I read somewhere that Rhea was a re-incarnation of Seiros. I didn't really buy it myself even when I first started playing. They just look far too similar to me that I figured it was more likely that they were one and the same.
  8. Dedue getting axed didn't really surprise me, though I was surprised Ingrid also ended up gone. I actually thought Felix would end up eliminated instead. Ah well... still voting Annette.
  9. As much as I liked Edelgard the most, I'm happy enough with Dorothea winning. She's my other favorite. 😄
  10. I actually decided to vote for Annette for this poll. I personally found her to be pretty endearing myself.
  11. Thanks a bunch. Now I'm just curious as to who's narrating the story during this mode. 😄
  12. So I'm playing through this side story, and it's got me wondering... For each new playthrough I do, am I going to need to play through this side story every time in order to unlock the extra characters/classes/items for that playthrough?
  13. Huh, no wonder Claude seemed like such a 'third-wheel' during his route... and that's that I did his path first. Honestly, it's disappointing that his route and the church route are simple re-hashes of one another.
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