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  1. Huh, no wonder Claude seemed like such a 'third-wheel' during his route... and that's that I did his path first. Honestly, it's disappointing that his route and the church route are simple re-hashes of one another.
  2. Currently starting my 4th playthrough of the game, and having done Golden Deer, Black Eagles, and Blue Lions in that order, this is what I think... In the end, I like the Black Eagles - Empire route the best. Personally for me, a lot of Edelgard's supports seemed to humanize her pretty well, which allowed me to sympathize with her end goals easily enough. Not only that, but it also feels pretty interesting to play as the 'villain' in this route as well, considering we're upending a status quo that's been in place for a long time. The only disappointing things are that it's shorter than the other routes and we don't personally get to take down TWSITD ourselves. Granted, Golden Deer (and the Church route) have answers for the true history of Byleth and the world around them, but strangely that wasn't really enough to hold my interest.
  3. Just completed the Golden Deer path. I did exactly that, and all the paired endings I was hoping for did come to pass.
  4. I've only ever gotten Mercurius in my Golden Deer playthrough, though the fact that I had to max out my Professor Level (finally did on the second to last chapter) to even forge it makes me think it's little more than a novelty than anything else.
  5. I chose Dorothea, mainly because it made the most sense to me as far as who to make that class. That said, although she won, how can I tell if she did become one? Her class is still Mage from what I can see. Is it just a skill now, or does she need some kind of certification? I didn't find it listed anywhere when I checked.
  6. I think only Ginger or Four-Spice Blend works on her. Haven't had any Tea Time with her yet to confirm it though.
  7. Currently past the 7th Chapter of the Golden Deer route, and I have to say that this story and the characters within it are certainly very interesting. Gameplay wise, it feels so much different from all the other Fire Emblems I've played, and yet it's familiar enough that I'm not completely lost on it.
  8. The Tea Time mini-game is a pretty interesting way to build up support, though it certainly takes a lot of trial and error as far as what topics to latch onto and which ones to avoid. Would checking a unit's likes or dislikes give some kind of hint as far as how to get a successful result?
  9. Well, not so much classes but a concept of sorts. I'd like for the Trinity of Magic to return again (Light>Anima>Dark>Light), thus I'd like Light magic users to return again. Also Ballisticians.
  10. A simple question I figure I should ask... When you create your endgame teams for the final chapter(s), at what point do you begin choosing which units to bring to the end, and what do you look at when deciding which units you wish to bring?
  11. Assuming that this isn't either a big joke or scrapped, I'd love to see this become a reality.
  12. It's possible, but VERY time consuming. I think I recall spending a few hours in Chapter 2 just letting Merlinus get pounded just so I'd have someone to use as bait for future chapters.
  13. I like both boss quotes in FE7's 'Four Fanged Offense'. "In the name of the Fang, I sentence you to death. Do not blame me for your fate. It is your own doing." -Lloyd Reed "Pray. I'll give you that much time. All the evil that you've done up to now... Repent it, and sleep." -Linus Reed
  14. From what I've heard, if you have them in your party and you try to head to Mila's Temple without eliminating Grieth first, then all 3 of them will leave your party. My question is... if they leave, then is there no way to get them back?
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