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  1. Splices are pretty clean, good starting place. On the second splice, the far pauldron seems to be slipping off of his shoulder/his shoulder is being flattened. It makes the far collarbone into shoulder look a lot longer than it should. Maybe try bringing it up and to the right a few pixels.
  2. What I would do is just rush Priscilla's village with Marcus and rescue her back to the group. Marcus might have to deal with Erik, I forget the specific setup of the map. At that point, just have another small force split push up to the village near Erk and help him dispatch the units there and recruit him. How are you currently playing the map? Turtling in the starting area?
  3. I'm not quite dead just yet! While I haven't really done any new spriting in the 2 years I've been MIA, I have touched up on a few of my older sprites; some minor edits, some major. Maris (renamed from Basil) ----> Basil got a much needed haircut and a less Hector face. Hopefully the years-old problem of his flat hairline has been addressed now. Baldric (renamed from Braig) ----> New fashion sense to look more regal. May need to play with his shoulders; kinda feel a tad too high. Sybil ----> Just touched up the trim and jewel shading. Greyston Don't think I ever officially posted this game. Made him for a splice contest a year or so ago. I think the theme was "gentle giant," but I can't remember.
  4. Strange dog you have there
  5. Fashion > Practicality Fashion Souls, FashionFrame, Fashion Fantasy.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Orpheon

    Elibean Nights

    That's actually an uppercase i rather than a lowercase L. EE-yo-der doesn't really sound like much of an improvement. Yoder, if said fast.
  8. Going off what Lenh said a little more, your sprites certainly aren't bad. You know angles which can be tricky for some people. You just namely need to clean up places where difference parts from different sprites meet. The collar and bangs on the first splice, the choker of the second splice, the area where the helmet meets the face on the 3rd splice, and the bottom of the near hair on the final splice. Overall though, you're on the right track, and I'd like to see what else you can do!
  9. Orpheon

    Pokemon NU

    I like NU solely because Golem.
  10. Huh. Signed up for an account and the newsletter a few weeks ago and haven't received anything yet. I take it I'm not getting it? Everyone who I've seen getting it has reporting they got it this morning. False alarm. Code, get!
  11. My life is complete. "Sonic is a hedgehog, but why is he blue?" might be the deepest question I've heard in my entire life.
  12. Edited for small changes and fixes.
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