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  1. I will help too (or am I already? ._.)
  2. I'm gonna have to judge by your profile picture.
  3. In the final release there will be two patches, one with changed growths and an other with the same. oh boi 47 people!
  4. Also, something else, I'd like to note ; 45 people are interested in this hack? wow I'd better continue making it eventually.
  5. If anyone is interested in helping with the development of the hack or just wants to stay informed about it, you can join the discord server: https://discord.gg/kxzNVWk
  6. I thought of remaking some old splices wip I need to remake the palette and make the hair.
  7. When I said; having knights use different weapons I meant, being an other class that use other weapon for example: Wendy using ONLY swords and Bors using ONLY axes (same with cavaliers, vyvern riders and pegasus riders)
  8. Wow, I can tell you've developed , I personally can't animate (well I haven't tried but still) so who am I to judge. (But everything is amazing.) By the way, is your game playable, if so , I'd like to play it
  9. oh uh.... nevermind then ._. how can I fix this, do I make a new thread?
  10. Hello everyone! I had the idea of making a thread in which I post my "content" I've started by remaking some old portraits of mine, when I first started making them. I just need the palette and the hair done. wip.
  11. All of those sprites are AMAZING! I'm jealous.
  12. just insert it, don't put an offset to it (it says org $44800) so it will automatically go there.
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