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  1. Hello friends, Just noticed we can finally import WAV files into our hacks, but does anyone know how to add TEMPO to said file in the engine? My WAV file has the correct tempo of 131 but when inserted into the engine it seems to be stuck at a hardline Tempo=60, I've provided screenshots below to help clarify my question. Thanks!
  2. Hello! You can post your Weapon Icons in: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/forum/43-sprites/ Though it's probably best to keep your works on FE Universe, most hackers are active there.
  3. Nvm I'm dumb heres how you do it anyone else is confused.
  4. Thanks Von! Good luck with your game too!
  5. Yazuki


    Welcome! If you ever decide to start ROM hacking, we have a ton of resolutions for many issues in the Fan projects Forum. We'll quite a large community so I'm sure if you encounter any issues we can help you with it! Aside from that the general Forums are great for chatting and meeting new people! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Its not my hack (DH_Ninja's I think, I found the screenshot on FEUniverse) I just found that image proving it was possible to to have HP go above, I can delete the entire first post since I have the resolution at the bottom. Lemme know if you want that screenshot thingy deleted. Going to reinstate, I did not take that screenshot with the Ashe mug, I found it on FE universe, you can scroll down a bit and you'll see the original image post: http://feuniverse.us/t/how-to-break-the-normal-hp-cap/99/3 Also Chocolate Kitty, thank you so much for helping out the community, I know you're a super active member that replies frequently on a lot of forum posts.
  7. >>SOLUTION<< USING FEBUILDERGBA: Step 1: Enable "Double Maximum Possible Stats ver2 (Breaks Saves)" Step 2: Enable "Playable Character HP Limit" Step 3: Reap your rewards Hope this helps everyone who needed it! (Found it by desperately tinkering in the patches in FEBuilderGBA) -Yazuki Gimme like a year or two for me to finish my hack, legit solo developing with tools made by our community.
  8. Ignore this it was just a notice thingy.
  9. Yeah, I'm really deep into it now, was kinda hoping for a solution with the ROM, currently trying to dabble in FEXP, I'll tryout SRPG soon and hopefully help add to our community's development using it. Thanks for your input Von! (I swear I posted this yesterday???)
  10. Hey again Von! Was just browsing the questions to see if I could help anyone LOL So yeah just avoid the "Fire Emblem" name in general if you want to sell the game in the future, as well as any assets from the original Fire Emblem games, custom animations and textures would be safe for sure. Pretty much, just not selling your game will make it like 100% safer, furthermore it will probably only be super popular in the FE Community if its really good like Blazer's TLP(Don't misunderstand I truly believe you can make a amazing game, just the exposure probably won't be like that of that of Metroid II which Nintendo just smashed a while back). Also since we're the English side of Fire Emblem we are very unlikely to ever get hit with a take down notice like our Hacker Brethren in Japan. You also want to avoid any names that already exist in the gaming world(I think you wanted to make a game with a name of a different one?), It'd be best to make the name of your game Unique as well as the characters, but if its some super obscure company, I'm sure you can probably get away with the character names. GBA style Portraits should be fine, its a work of art, Nintendo can't claim a parody of art similar to theirs as their own. Again GBA Assets like Nintendo made class animations and stuff could be extremely dangerous if you intend on selling the game. Many games make references to others in the industries, you'll be perfectly safe, I'm not too knowledgeable with regards if you explicitly reference something from something not your own and the legality of that. Pretty much like if you want to sell the game and make a nod to Fire Emblem that should be fine, like vague things that could be applied to many things like you make a character make reference to Marth by saying "Hero-king" could also apply to Cyprus the Great and many other figures making it vague enough so that Nintendo can't claim you explicitly included properties that are theirs into your game. Goodluck with your hack or game making, looking forward to playing it! Kindest Regards, Yazuki
  11. Also sorry for late reply, been on Hiatus. I use this program for splicing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ieA96lPYrikwiwhFy3PiK4Rphz2z1rL5/view you gotta resize your splices though because its 2x the size of the normal portraits and you gotta add in the minimap, eye and mouth motions. (If you still have a issue I can make a youtube video explaining how I splice and make the eye and mouth edits when I'm free) This program is almost essential for Portraits, used by pretty much everyone I think http://www.coranac.com/projects/usenti/ I'll be leaving two screenshots of what these programs look like, both are extremely easy to use but the first one is a little technical if you want to make a working Portrait/Mug. Kindest Regards, -Yazuki
  12. Firstly, sorry absolutely no clue on your first issue (Trust ik the pain when you can't seem to fix something that seems so simple) Secondly, if you are using a custom animation for that fight, you may have miss-coded the script for the animation, I had my fill of earrape when inserting my custom animation. If it is not the class that's the issue it is probably a Magic animation with one of your items, when inserting a few magic animations my game just died when it came into the battle animation, which was fixed when I edited the scripts. I can only assume that it is one of these two issues as these are the only ones I have experience with. P.S. all of us hackers are dying inside because of bugs. Never lose hope! Kindest Regards, -Yazuki
  13. Hey FabOulus, I'm not sure if anyone would be up to do this (takes like a lot of time). But I'm sure you could commission it from some of the spriters in our community. Great Idea, I'm sure someone will actually do this in the future though so keep your hopes up! Kindest Regards, -Yazuki
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