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  1. is it the module with all the numbers? i wasnt sure cuz i wasnt sure how to use that one
  2. i recently tried changing a few things in fire emblem 4, like growths and stuff, and i wanted to tinker with portraits too( thought itd be cool to have deetver on my team) but the only things i saw that changed portraits was the char number slot, and when i edited units with it after the chapter ended the units i edited just stood outside the castle and i got a black screen that wouldn't go away. so my question is, can you change portraits in fe4 without changing the char number? or is there another reason it didnt work? im afraid this is the game i might have to learn hex editing for :/ also if im being a doof and theres a tutorial i wasnt able to find please point it in my direction :)
  3. she's also a decent mage as her mag growth is equal to linda and some other mages and is actually higher than her str growth. id say she's a better mage/sage than she is an archer/sniper. so she's good at everything basically
  4. when i downloaded it my avg antivirus wouldnt let me open it, said it was a severe viral threat :( darn but i disabled my virus protection for 5 mins and it ran just fine :D i just wanted to edit some growth rates a little, like giving mel a somewhat higher mag growth
  5. i disagree on ilyana being among the worst units in the game. her growths are average at worst, her caps are good, and her good skill makes up for thunders low hit. granted she isnt my absolute fav magic unit (which would be laura) she is far from worst and she is one of the only mages with a good defense growth and decent hp growth. also her speed growth is about the same as sorens, and if you give her decent lvls she wont be that under lvled in act 3. anyway my picks would have to be meg( what good is a tank that cant tank?), fiona( literally no opportunity to use her effectively, shame too as her growths are decent) most laguz who arent fliers, leo, and sothe who i never could get to be useful
  6. was just wondering if there was like a nightmare module for tear ring saga like there is for fire emblem since they are basically the same game. or if there are any hacks out now
  7. it always bugged me how the only long hair thats not tied up is on the child avatar. i wanted long hair like cherche or lucina. its a small nitpick but eh. another admittedly small nit i want to pick is the mage designs. the female ones to be precise. im not one of the people that have a problem with how female sorcs look, i actually like them, i like flowy dresses and i like my cleavage so why shouldnt my avatar? but i have an issue with the female mage/sage looks. they are just kinda... frumpy and ugly. the fact the lissa and emmeryn get pretty dresses is also irritating....... i want the female mage look from fire emblem gaiden back :(
  8. that was quite possibly the dumbest (and most redundant) argument iv ever seen on the internet excepting religious stuff and all i can say is it was entertaining enough to keep me reading for 5 pages lol. im sorry chiki buuut your just wrong on so many levels and i think you should study your internet links a bit more before you post them more than once. also trying to make a failed point over and over is not a way to win a debate. i would switch up your points in a debate and maybe you wont have people getting frustrated and start with so much snark next time. (just a tip) anyway my opinion is one thats been stated before. it is incredibly useful for keeping ultimate and fragile forged weapons from breaking in the late game, speaking as one who find grinding the IR and GG dlc tedious. and its not terrible to have on a unit just for utility. it isnt needed however but it is useful. i think enough people have stated this that there really shouldn't be an argument anymore. as literally the number of posters whose opinion differed were vastly outnumbered. it is a matter of opinion however. also im in favor of a skill tier to better understand your point
  9. dont get why everyone is in a tiffy about sexualized female units. i love the female sorcerer look, only wish it had a flap of fabric in the front of the skirt too, for more dramatic swooshing. not a big fan of the daek mages metal short shorts but they grew on me, really dont like the generic sage looks, it just looks like a bishop to me. love dark knight designs and also the sword master myrmidon class, assassin is a little bit silly but i can live with it
  10. just a little curious if any of the units personalities were different than what you thought they were? something im still having fun with is seeing how off base i was trying to guess the story and personalities in the game. first minor one was seeing how apprehensive freddy was in the intro, gave me a little chuckle. also theres some downs here. i thought the scene where lucina reveals herself to chrome was very moving in japanese, but the english scene, while still moving, just didnt hit the same lvl of tear jerker. anyone eles?
  11. just looking for a little help in changing some things in fire emblem gaiden. there used to be a hack on here but that post is long dead and i want to do something like it (make the enemies harder, make more of them ext.) problem is i have NO expirience with rom hacking outside nightmare and i dont even know what to look for to do what im trying to do. all the things ive gotten from google search are things for hacking the gba games, so im just gonna ask if anyone here can point me in the right direction to a tutorial or the right program to use. any help would be appriciated
  12. ahh i see, thanks for the info then
  13. i was just wondering if there was a way to use nightmare to hack FE12. i wasnt to have more than one growth drop to make some of the units better (like mage!maris, who isnt that bad actually) i looked and i couldnt find any nightmare mods for this game so if anyone could help me id be grateful
  14. does anyone eles think they gave the demon fighters tomes instead of brides to kinda divert from the girls use magic stereotype, but kinda doged a car and got hit by a train when they basically made brides ultra support and DFs ultra offense? thats just my thoughts on it. personally tho i cant wait for those classes to come out cuz, silly as the bride is its the only unmounted not armor knight spear user
  15. thanks for the happy bday!

  16. i dont think they will.... they prolly think its unmanly
  17. Name: Lilith (in my head Fauder named my unit and assumed she would be evil) Gender: female Class progression: Strategist lvl 15-grandmaster lvl 5-mercenary lvl 10- dark mage- sorcerer. skills: magnificent flame- weapon saver- war tactics-crimson curse- vengeance/tome slayer best/worst: best magic, worst strength appearance is gonna be an adult my unit with long black hair, the one with the hair pulled back in a twist but with long side bangs Lovers: Brady(he doesnt get enough credit, decent unit and kinda sexy) Krom chambrey, and wood. and maybe paris and gaia i kinda love the sorcerer class as a sturdy magic unit, and weapon saver is a great way to keep the ultimate weapons
  18. agreed, in my opinion a dark knight is always better than a dark peg because i like the life absorb skill better. tho i do usually have a unit go dark peg anyway, just not any i really like, recently nephenee has been my dark peg. also id just like to point out that on a run with lots of spotpass and saved my units(they are easy to get cheap if you save them at a low lvl) you have access to any class you want and you by proxy as many grandmasters with rainbow cry as you want. to me thats a pretty good trade off for not have supports. plus alot of spotpass units have extra skills that just make them really good.
  19. i would say that an efficient run would have lots of spotpass units, as they are basically my units so they will all be pretty good at whatever you want them too. and i say this meaning for example, if you used say magic as your worst stat at creation, your my unit still wouldn't be the worst choice for a mage, just not the best, and this stands for all of the spotpass units.
  20. im at chapter 14 now, and i got lucina from a krom mu pairing and turned her into a strat too. her krom and my unit are the only units from the story im using, and krom is the only unit who is not a grandmaster (thought id try him as a cavelier-archer-bowmaster)recruited sanaki this chapter, was pretty hard with er falkon knights but i used mu on a fortress with holsety lol. and im sorry in not recording :( this is mostly a silly play through and i figured noone would wanna lol
  21. at chapter 12 now oook so far its turning out good, got most of my units to strategists except malice who i dont have a change seal for yet. suprising turn of events is that nephenee is gaining mag way faster than str right now mag 20 str 16, which shocked me a little bit. i used 2 change seals on shakshar that i got from merchants to train him as a thief then got him back to strat cuz i needed at least 1 unit with lockpick for lvls with chests. clea is however becoming my best magic using unit (besides my unit: best stat mag worst stat str). so far so good!
  22. i wasn't sure where to post this so but i guessed itd be here (sorry if im wrong) but i just saw dandragon01's post and i really want to be a part of it, but idk how to make a mug at all. only thing ive come close to doing is recoloring ilyana (badly) so im just askin for help,if someone could make it for me, or if someone could point me to like a step by step on how its done
  23. do you still have the ips? ive been lookin for a hack that will make fe2 a little harder
  24. things i like making my unit. i hope we have this feature for every fire emblem game to come i like the redesign of the sorcerer class. they always looked wierd to me female sorc is kinda showing a bit much but hey at least its sexy Valkyries are actually useful in this game. i always felt they were a little blah in past games. supports and marriage, the launch of a thousand ships things i feel neutral about doubling is pretty good, but idk it kinda feels wierd to me, plus i dont like how it makes some of my units secondary support units, but it is necessary to beat that game and it IS pretty cool to see your unit and thier spouse fighting side by side the stat caps, for the most part im ok with it, but alot of stats should have been balenced better, for instance sorcerors and sages have the highest stat caps, but other mag units have pretty low caps, idk its just wierd things i do not like some of the designs are just ugly, sages, strategist(1st tier), knights and generals, they are just ugly to me (a wierd one) i dont like how the only option for long hair is for the lolita my unit. just not fair i dont like how you have to pay for dlc to get some of the best skills in the game i also dont like the little bitty feet. most of my dislikes are based on looks, and are nitpicky at best cuz this game is awsome
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