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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. you were one of the best people on this forum, happy birthday dude. oh and which UC are you going to?

  4. Have a happy 21st birthday~

  5. Arcus not doubling much means Ramrivus lasts a damn long time. I was using him as my primary tank after his joining chapter in the current iteration, and I think he still had 10~ or so uses left at the end.
  6. Your entire post is just you being obtuse. This isn't the way opportunity cost works. People don't believe that any and all negatives must be avoided at all costs. Gatrie using the boots is a HUGE negative because he does so much worse than it than other units. Your entire post is just you being obtuse or misunderstanding and getting mad at others because of it.
  7. There's no need relative to your expectations of how easy or difficult the game is. If the OP is asking for advice he is presumably looking to know how his characters will perform better, and that is by an early promotion. It's easier to just level the characters before promoting than spend gold on stat boosters, but most people agree with that. 20/20 only happens after a ridiculous amount of time in CC, and is only worth it for like, Link Arena shenanigans. It's misleading to say promoting early gimps his characters, because it only does so after hours in CC.
  8. >Person asks for advice on when to promote units. Presumably he is looking for advice on how to have his units perform better, particularly since he didn't specify he was looking to place restrictions on himself. >Gets told not to promote units because it will make the game too easy. wat. Promote early, man. It won't change the outcome of the game for you, except that your units will be better. If you're really interested in CC wait it out, though.
  9. WTF. Your Astra has 4 more speed than mine. I am so jelly right now. God, I'm smart. I just realized that's a screenshot of Astra's Astra(which sounds weird.
  10. The YouTube comments? I'm too used to ignoring them I guess. Don't I just look dumb now.
  11. Inb4 complaints about ASOIAF for ser, Melisande, and "Winter is coming" Digging this chapter's dialogue and layout. But Seren seems really strong. And I'm gonna miss worrying about my gold.
  12. You do so to make the comparison fairer. No one here is specifically advocating BEXP dumps on Titania, theyre saying "if you gave Titania the same treatment you give Oscar then....", which is still a comparison that favors Oscar when comparing them directly. We're all aware that giving Oscar BEXP is more efficient than giving Titania BEXP if you are planning to use both. The point is that BEXP(and boots for that matter) has a cost, and you need to account for it in SOME manner.
  13. Not gonna lie, enemies getting tanks would make it more interesting.
  14. To be fair Raven, Gerik, Dieck, and Harken are all really good units, even in LTC settings. Not as good as paladins and fliers, but I think with the exception of Harken they're all high tier. The skill speed and str thing is probably the wrong reason though, although it's nice. More like reliable 1-2 range/good weapon ranks for boss killing.
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