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  1. Those statements cannot both be true. If the boots go best on the fliers and the fact that they go best on the fliers means Gatrie getting them is a team negative, then they should always BE on the fliers because anything less in inefficient.

    Your entire post is just you being obtuse. This isn't the way opportunity cost works. People don't believe that any and all negatives must be avoided at all costs. Gatrie using the boots is a HUGE negative because he does so much worse than it than other units. Your entire post is just you being obtuse or misunderstanding and getting mad at others because of it.

  2. You misread, the game is easy enough and since he isn't rushing through anything there's no need to gimp his characters or promote too early that makes the game into even more of a joke at the cost of his characters potential at the end of the road. He already has Seth for nearly all the chapters in the game if he needs that extra OOMPH. Thus if the OP wants to get the most out his character than the only option is 20/20 or 10/20/20 for the Trainees. Especially if the OP decides to later do the CC.

    There's no need relative to your expectations of how easy or difficult the game is. If the OP is asking for advice he is presumably looking to know how his characters will perform better, and that is by an early promotion. It's easier to just level the characters before promoting than spend gold on stat boosters, but most people agree with that. 20/20 only happens after a ridiculous amount of time in CC, and is only worth it for like, Link Arena shenanigans. It's misleading to say promoting early gimps his characters, because it only does so after hours in CC.

  3. >Person asks for advice on when to promote units. Presumably he is looking for advice on how to have his units perform better, particularly since he didn't specify he was looking to place restrictions on himself.

    >Gets told not to promote units because it will make the game too easy.


    Promote early, man. It won't change the outcome of the game for you, except that your units will be better. If you're really interested in CC wait it out, though.

  4. Why would you give Titania exp from level 2 to level 6 when she barely benefits from it? Just a few stat-ups.

    You do so to make the comparison fairer. No one here is specifically advocating BEXP dumps on Titania, theyre saying "if you gave Titania the same treatment you give Oscar then....", which is still a comparison that favors Oscar when comparing them directly. We're all aware that giving Oscar BEXP is more efficient than giving Titania BEXP if you are planning to use both. The point is that BEXP(and boots for that matter) has a cost, and you need to account for it in SOME manner.

  5. since when are heroes good units

    their sword doesn't give them +3 move or anything

    To be fair Raven, Gerik, Dieck, and Harken are all really good units, even in LTC settings. Not as good as paladins and fliers, but I think with the exception of Harken they're all high tier.

    The skill speed and str thing is probably the wrong reason though, although it's nice. More like reliable 1-2 range/good weapon ranks for boss killing.

  6. I'm sure it's mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but do you guys have an estimate on how large the hack will be whenever it's all said and done?

    Also, pretty rude how long you're making this guy wait before he can finish his book. How's he supposed to publish it and make money off it if you guys don't hurry up?

  7. Ugh, conspiracy theories. I don't necessarily agree that lebron being hated is in the best interest of the league. A better question would be: how are the San Antonio Spurs one of the most successful teams in the league, particularly in terms of championships?

  8. I'd say he has more in common with Magic than just passing out of the post. LeBron can also play all five positions and actually defend all of them well and there is the court vision especially in transition. With Bird it is the postion they play (point forward not their listing as small forward) and their abilities to play said position so well.

    Saying they all had good court vision is like saying lebron and Durant are similar in that they both score. They both are great passers in different ways and capacities. Lebron is much better at stretching the floor with his skip passes and playing in the pick and roll/pop. Magic was a much better fast break play maker, and at driving and finding cutters or pulling defenders onto him, and finding openings. Bird was a great post passer and incredible at drop passes in the lane. While they're all capable of each of these things, they each had more expertise at one or another.

    I agree with lebron being flexible like magic, although still in different capacities. Bird played a lot more off the ball and in the post than the ball handling forward that lebron plays. No criticism of any of the 3, just very different styles of play.

  9. Who's above him, in your eyes? Because even if he's not quite ten, he's entered the pantheon of all-time greats and is consequently top twelve without question.

    In no particular order: magic, Jordan, hakeem, Kareem, bird, Kobe, shaq, Duncan, wilt, Russell, Dr.j. I feel like I'm missing one or two, but I'm on my phone right now. I can make a more detailed explanation later. Funny enough this puts him right at 12.

    Let me clarify for whatever its worth: my reasoning isn't related to lebrons quality of play but consistent playoff dominance. Lebron this year played at a higher level than many of the above ever did in the playoffs. That said, he has played well well below the standards of those 12 players in 4 series-all of which he lost-in his career. If we talk about say... 2 or 3 more years of dominance(not necessarily at this ridiculous standard) then I feel he'd leap frog up the list. But seriously, being in that company is no slight.

  10. Oh god that's a disturbing image.

    LeBron carried a great season into a great postseason and finally got his ring. Gonna miss all the ringless LeBron stuff now. Also those damn inevitable Jordan comparisons when LeBron's game is pretty different, he should be compared to Magic or maybe Bird.

    If we're only comparing playing styles he's significantly different to all 3. :P The only similarity is his new pension for passing out of the post, but even that he does differently from Bird, Magic, and especially Jordan.

  11. Kudos to an excellent series and playoffs, but he's not a top 10 just yet. This is only his second year without a serious playoff let down. If he plays like this a few more years then we can talk, but.

  12. EDIT: I always thought "Lord" referred to one being a "Landlord", lol. Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn all "own" certain territories, after all (albeit it's actually another family member who controls it, they're still closely related to the family of the head landlord). The same goes for FE8 (Renais) and FE6 (Pherae).

    While Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn would all have been referred to as "Lord Eliwood" "Lady Lyndis" or "Lord Hector", they aren't actually lords until they've become the marquess of their respective territories. At least if I remember this shit correctly, it's been a few years. You're also not using landlord correctly, it's just lord.

  13. Whoa whoa whoa so I have to go and bring in even more stats and write paragraphs while Dondon gets away with "he gets you a warp staff"?

    How is this fair? Why do I need to defend my claim so much while others can just say "sucks 1/10" and not get questioned at all? Who are you to decide which aspects of gameplay are relevant and irrelevant?

    Why isn't my vote being counted, while several people who said less (and even less relevant) things than I did are counted, no question?

    I don't really give a shit who's vote is counted... I was just pointing out how terrible your points were. It's obvious you submitted your vote to cause an argument, act like you're the victim, and try to point out your problems with dondon's posts. You could have just done so in a much less annoying and passive aggressive way.

    Also: I didn't decide which aspects of the game are relevant or irrelevant, the game designers did. If you can't see how HP is irrelevant if you still get your ass kicked in one round, you're an idiot. But I'm completely confident you are aware, and are just trying to make me out to be elitist or trying to push my ideas of "good", or something of that nature.

  14. You thinking I'm wrong doesn't mean anything.

    My vote should still be counted, as I still haven't violated a single rule in the first page.

    While your vote never violated a rule your points are irrelevant. High HP, Build, and Defense do not make a unit great (as your 10/10 implies) unless they make him useful. If high HP and defense do not keep him from being killed as often as other units, and high build does not help you capture units frequently because of low skill, then what do they do for the player? Give you bigger numbers to look at? If you really want to make an argument that he's a good unit, you should do so with actually relevant information and combat stats, as opposed to numbers that you don't give any context for. Individual stats in a void are about as relevant as the color of the player's hair.

    Anyways, 2/10. He dies easily, has terrible offense, is dreadfully inaccurate, and is annoying to train when you have other great units that you could be putting the EXP into anyways. +2 for helping a little with early game captures.

  15. Pretty much the most irreplaceable character of Gen 1. Still not perfect, there are still some moments where a different Holy weapon user will work better. Basically, he's as good as it gets, but that's still not perfect. 9.5/10

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