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  1. Somehow, some way, he does less in free chapters than Wolt. He can't really chip, he moves slow as all hell, has mediocre durability, and gets doubled by a ton. The only thing he's actually good for is getting stuff from houses, which even Merlinus can do. 0/10. I think people are rating some of these guys too highly, a lot of the cast in FE6 is incredibly worthless on HM. I understand that Wolt makes some minor contributions towards an efficient playthrough, so I can understand that, but Bors does nothing for almost any one. No clue how inaccurate and mediocre chip for 3 chapters is worth a 3.
  2. Sorry if this is way off topic ahead of time.(I'll move it to your hack thread if it is) Anyways, I'm not too interested in looking up the specific numbers, but It would be really nice if he could at least 3RKO early game, and if he had any kind of prospects for doubling. It's my opinion that archers are best balanced as high damage, low durability chip. Basically, more spd+str
  3. No we don't, and no they aren't. There are plenty of mounted staff users who are perfectly balanced, and at times worse than non-mounted staff users, when given the right drawbacks.
  4. Although Wolt's pitiful chip is mildly helpful for 3 chapters, there's still 90% of the game left to be played, in which he's awful personified. I'm also not of the opinion that being necessary for the most efficient clears of early chapters, simply because you are the only unit available is all that great. It just means your terrible self exists. 1/10.
  5. This would be way too much for one character. Mounted healers are usually very good as is, being able to ferry over terrain and provide Charisma is just over the top.
  6. I don't know shit about the OAVs, but they seem to me to be fair game. The only two problems are, I'm not aware if they're written by the people who wrote FE1? If not, it's possible they took some liberties with the characters. The other possible problem is just that, well, they aren't nearly as available as text that's on the site. I doubt we could even find a script(Unless you have one Banzai?), and to really understand the characters, their development, and their relationships might require watching as much of it as is available. For what it's worth, that's too much work for me to care about, especially with characters as dull as Navarre. I imagine it'd be the same for a lot of people.
  7. Yeah, exactly. I guess they could have, but I literally can't see a single reason to think so when IS never brings it up, or even hints at it. I mean, my dad could also be Zeus, but the world's never really given me any reason to think so. Although it would be pretty cool.
  8. We have no reason to think Juno and Zealot are in an arranged marriage though.
  9. Humoring this post For any person in any context to make a life long commitment to anything in the world, there would have to be reason. There are many explanations for many individuals to get married outside of love, but that does not mean that Zealot married Juno for any other reason. Can you provide a single reason as to why he would marry Juno if he did not love her? Because there is not a single reason even hinted at from anything within the game, unless I've just completely missed it and you've been hiding it from us the whole time, as to why he would marry her if he did not love her. It is clear from Zealot's supports that he wants to make her happy, and that he thinks of her well-being and tries to make her life better. These are three things that, while not necessarily indicators that he does love her, Zealot would most certainly do if he did love her. These are the only three hints we get as to his motivations behind marrying Juno, in fact, and they do not point to a loveless marriage. Simply a difficult one. (Note that these two points are the ones every one else has brought up, and are more important than my personal opinion of his motivations, because, well, it's not just my opinion.) The fact that he often times refers to things in a 'roundabout' way say more about his personality and his circumstance than his feelings for his wife. If he wanted to live with Juno and his daughter, but knew that he could not, wouldn't he attempt to distance himself? I won't pretend to be an expert on emotions or psychology, but it seems to me that distancing yourself from something is a way to lessen the pain of not having it. Or, in a less wordy way of phrasing it, Zealot does not talk about how he longs to live at home with Juno because he knows that he cannot. He even says in his A support with Juno that he does not think he can stay with her. He says that he must lead the mercenary knights until they have enough money to support themselves. Most people would not want to be mercenaries and risk their lives for faceless nobles and causes that are not theirs. And if Zealot were the type to simply live for fighting, I feel that aspect of him would be expressed more often. Instead, I believe, he feels obligated to helping his family the only way he knows how, being a mercenary. If we're going to go into the specifics of which words he chooses to say, he does in fact say he "must" lead the mercenaries. Must, not want, is important. Obviously, I am not the writer, so I don't know the specific intent for Zealot's character as fact. I also don't feel like my opinion of him is a very strong one, and one I'd be perfectly willing to change, given the right evidence. My opinion is based off a few short lines of dialogue, and specific ways I interpret them. However, my interpretations do explain Zealot as a character. He loves his wife so he marries her. He leaves his wife to provide for her. He is distant from her because he feels he will never have the life with her that he wishes he could have. There are other reasons he could do these things. But unless there is evidence that does not conflict with what he does, I don't see any reason to think that your assessment of him is right. I understand that you think he is distant because he does not love her. That is a perfectly rational reason to be distant from some one, sure. But that conflicts with getting married to her. This would also be fine, if you could provide another reason for him to marry her. There is literally no benefit that we are aware of for marrying a random pegasus knight you don't love. There may be a reason, but you haven't provided it.
  10. One person is expecting too much from the dialogue. The fact that you only call the discussion pointless after that person gets his argument refuted is telling. This discussion can show a lot about characters, just because you don't find a loveless marriage doesn't make it uninteresting, pointless, or lacking substance. If anything a lot about Zealot's character has been shown here, it just isn't what Banzai originally believed it to be or interpreted it to be.
  11. Don't know how I could have thought you were on Banzai's side, when you only made this point after Banzai had been strongly refuted, or after people claim he's misinterpreting the dialogue. Insane, I know.
  12. People not agreeing (with you)=/=Waste of time.
  13. All the ideas are interesting, and I agree that there should be more unique abilities etc. but most of the ideas seem like they wouldn't accomplish much. Except the lightning one and fire wall, which have the potential to suck or be overpowered. Not to hate on the ideas, just my thoughts.
  14. You should just start it now, unless you can marathon it. It's like 10 hours, and season 2 comes out in less than a month.
  15. I don't see indications that Zealot doesn't love Juno. He clearly wants to make her happy, and unless there's some other reason for them to get married, I can only imagine that he loves her. I get that he's not incredibly open about his feelings for her, but being distant/guarded doesn't imply a lack of love.
  16. Jamka!Lester isn't that bad; Hero Bow does wonders. Tinny isn't serious competition for the pursuit ring at all, but yeah, getting Delmud pursuit is probably worth the effort of figuring out a different father. You really want to give Arthur the pursuit ring, and Delmud will be difficult to level without it.
  17. Great player phase combat, with almost no chance to use it. Brigid's cool, but her two chapters aren't exactly kind to low move units, so she'll get to fight 2 or 3 fights in each chapter(at least the way I try to use her). Maybe a bit more if you go slowly. :( 2/10
  18. The term homoeroticism isn't very open to interpretation. I don't want to be pedantic, but there is nothing about Ike and Soren's relationship or interaction that is implied to be of a romantic or sexual nature. Intimacy isn't attraction. That said, I get your point, Ogmas are more comfortable/intimate with men than women and often shun women etc.
  19. People who talk really loudly on their phones in public. Bitch we get it, you're waiting for your ride and not just standing around alone, now be quiet.
  20. You don't provide a reason for archetypes to be solely based on the story. A lot of people who play this game (shockingly) consider gameplay important and relevant to comparisons of characters.
  21. Somewhat iffy durability, and slow start. Everything else is happy face, she has just good enough weapon ranks, is your only flier, has great skills, and is an awesome mother. 9/10
  22. Don't ruin this, man. I think he stayed 'cause he loved you too much, and not because of this HM silliness.
  23. Then every one who's ever called those characters Jeigans or Est are wrong. So speaketh General Banzai
  24. yeah, I mean, Jaffar is a lot more like Navarre than Joshua. If you ignore every single quality of his (Including class, join time, starting weapons, recruitment method, stats, role within your army, etc.) except that he doesn't like to talk, I could totally see it.
  25. He'd be really cool, if all that mattered was the post game, and there wasn't infinite stat boosters. Too bad it doesn't, and there are. 0.5/10, I guess he can do craptastic chip
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