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  1. Dimitri would go from "KILL THEM ALL !" to "try and SAVE THEM ALL !" in Part 2. In fact a neutral/ GD ! Dimitri would've had some solid poetinal for that golden ! route some are after. But in true 3H's style, in dies in the end trying to save all the students and maybe the other two Lords ? And Byleth takes over. Or maybe even King ! Dedue. But got to have that "avatar worship", I suppose. Claude would become that sinister sneaky boy, that some are disappointed that he didn't become. Cruel, manipulative, everybody would become his puppet, especially Byleth. Though again, in true 3H's style, despite all this sociopathic behaviour the world is now free from the church's merciless ways and peace is won. I think to make Claude more likeable here ( just imo), the church would have to be even more malevolent than it is in canon and Rhea would have to be less grey and the true villian of the story instead of the "Mole Men", hiding away. Puppet Master ! Claude would also have such a "good time", with GD ! Dimitri, and would just become his playdoh, so easy to mold. Same with BL ! Edelgard. I think if you played this route, after defeating both Dimitri and Edelgard in battle, they would be so messed up and confused, they would perform the final blow themselves. But no more, truly evil Church, so it's all good.......right ?!!! Mole Men ? Oh, Claude knows. And he's using them like chess pieces, of course. Claude would easily become my favourite Lord, to my least favourite FE lord.......ever. A nasty piece of work, that does a good thing. In short. Edelgard despite going through a horrid and dramatic past still seems to at least have a strong head on her shoulders, so no Feral ! Edelgard here. Maybe. However, she'll still want answers and she'll still want revenge for what happened to her Kingdom. Edel's Flame Emperor disguise could maybe used here as a shield, as there's maybe still assassin's about, so somewhat traumatized and on edge, she takes up the role as Flame Emperor to gather and collect info, and hopefully one day strike down whoever was responsible. However, again, in 3H's style, turns out her trusted Uncle was responsible, and she has to deal with that fact and kill her Uncle who she thought was her only true and real friend in this world. Edelgard almost snaps, and almost becomes Boar ! Edelgard, but she's stopped by Byleth, who she also begins to struggle to trust. In the end Edel has succeeded in her revenge and is now Queen of a peaceful land from Emperor Claude's war, however unless you S-rank her with Byleth, it's said that not long after her victory, Edel did lose her mind a bit, and attempted to murder Byleth and gave up her throne to somebody else. Also, Edelgard has no clue about the "Mole Men", this time around, and had no clue that her Uncle actually died during the massacre, and had his body taken over. Just like Dimitri, her story becomes a tragic one. If you play GD ! Dimitri's route, I think you could be able to "save" Edelgard here, somewhat. Edelgard would have her showdown with Uncle mission, and Dimitri would whack out Emp ! Claude and Mole Men. No more Dubstep parties for you Mole Men, it's been canceled. Rhea: Rhea would become the villian route, to give Emperor ! Claude more greyness towards his character. Sliver Snow, instead of being the somewhat neutral route, would become the Bad Guy ! route. Rhea would be in one in charge of the crest experiments and would absolutely execute anybody that steps out of line, and that line is thin. Rhea truly rules the world in fear and horror. I think Seteth and Flayn, would stay the same, but they would be doing what they do, out of fear of Rhea than the Slithers. In this route, you stop Claude, you stop Edelgard from discovering out too much info, and you stop Dimitri from attempting to stop you. After the war, Rhea is able to rule for many more years and people are miserable, but are masking it well. Seteth and Flayn also ask you why you sided with Rhea and why you didn't stop her. This is when Rhea taps Byleth on the shoulders, and gives Byleth the Church and full power, mentioning that she/he's not the failure that she originally thought. Just like Claude, she's using the Slithers, to make them out to be these "evil, horrid, underground people ", when in reality, they are just puppets of Rhea and Claude. Rhea is using them out of fear, and Claude "promises to help them from Rhea", which are lies.
  2. When he goes from "Teehee, I'm going to use you Byleth for me dreams !" to calling them a friend, to put it shortly.
  3. Flayn is adorable but I personally I wouldn't marry her because I hate how she's also the "It's okay, I'm actually 100 yrs old !" trope, but that's just me. Annette is cute too, and Ingrid is underrated. I vote either Ingrid or Annette !
  4. Male ! Byleth creeps me the f out. It's got that whole emotionless look down perfectly, but too perfectly. F ! Byleth seems to show some emotion. It's subtle, but it's there, but M! Byleth makes me miss Corrin a bit. Hate him or like him, at least he wasn't creepy.
  5. It feels like Edelgard invited Rhea, Claude and Dimitri around for some Mario Kart to try and prove that Rhea was cheating but it just turns into Edelgard and Dimitri having a heated argument over blue shell-ing each other and Claude just wants to go the frick home.
  6. Maybe if you spare Claude in CF ? I can't imagine him being a good mental state after losing his dreams, his classmates and Hilda.
  7. That's true. That would've been clever. Though it would've been OOC for Rhea, maybe ? As she's always a bit on edge and well, weird.
  8. No not fucking with you at all, why would I do that ? ....I think I get what you are saying now.
  9. Hating her because she shows some cleavage, especially when they like characters like Ophelia is rather confusing. 😕 But this is going off-topic and is turning into a Hate/ Like Dorothea Show.
  10. Unrealistic maybe, but a world without any racism ? How can that be boring ? It's a world without any racism and any worlds are free to explore and others can all live in peace and harmony no matter what culture and skin colour they have. It's something that this world needs, but will unfortunately, maybe, never have. Claude wanted to fight and remove racism because of his upbringing, now that is very realistic and is very understandable and depressing. Also Claude goes through some serious trust issues and instead of letting them get to him, he instead matures and becomes a trusting person. Again, how is that boring ?? As mentioned before, I think who you actually desire is a
  11. You should at least give Dorothea a chance, not trying to force you to like a character or anything, but she actually has a pretty good reason as to why she dresses like she does. Some spoilers below, if you don't mind them. I just, recommend giving her at least a chance.
  12. Expect Claude DIDN'T WANT TO START A WAR. Claude didn't want to create bloodshed. Yes, he agreed with Edelgard, but he didn't "agree" when it came to Edelgard declaring a war. Claude had to fight back in the end though, because Edelgard was going to take over the country and make his dreams of a world without any racism impossible and she was going to kill him, Byleth and the rest of the Golden Deer students eventually. If sounds like who you want as a character is not Claude but a I would say it's the other way around that SS is the recycled version of GD because that's the optional split off from the main Black Eagles route.
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