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  1. Sylvain ending card : As we all know Sylvain hates the crests because his brother attempted to murder him several times out of jealousy and bitterness and because women use him because they want to bear his future crest/s babies, and they don't want to know him for who he truly is. So this could've easily occured without Edelgard triggering said war. All that it took was just one good speech. As for Claude, he knows that his dream was a pipe one, he mentions this to Byleth. Edelgard does that on her own, nothing to do with Claude, or anybody else. She wanted to take up war, that was her choice and she made it, she even admits it more than once. Edelgard wanted to take up war path, even if it brings bloodshed. Edelgard chooses to work with the Slithers, Edelgard chooses to provoke war with Rhea and the church. She wanted it. That's not Claude's fault lol. Claude only manages to make his dreams a reality, if Byleth aids him, if not, then like he's screwed. So Edelgard's war doesn't really help him, otherwise he'll be able to make his dreams a reality, without Avatar self-insert. Claude can even get trapped and die via Byleth and/ or Edelgard or get spared by them and just have to leave....so Edelgard war, really doesn't "help him", it only does, if he has good leadership, or rather the power of ~Avatar~ It sounds like you just don't like that ending, because it paints Edelgard in a bad light, even though Claude needs Byleth to make it happen. Just like how Edelgard and Dimitri need Byleth to make their good endings happen as well. CF ending doesn't even have Edelgard defeat the Slithers, it's just ....assumed that she does, unless that changes via future DLC. Don't see how that's the "best" ending, but k. Even Dimitri, who I personally hate, has a better ending, as Rhea steps down, and he has Sylvain in his house via canon. I do agree with you that Claude and Sylvain can paint Edelgard in a bad light though, because they do. Claude can show that just waiting for more facts was the smarter thing to do, and Sylvain shows that was needed was just a good talk, some coffee and a good sit down with the nobles to stop the crests system. Just like that old song, war what's it good for ? Absolutely nothing.
  2. Claude had to step on eggshells basically, so to speak, he knew that he had to be careful and know what he was doing, before doing anything, and realistically, he knew that his dream was basically a impossible one. Claude's path was just taking the long path, instead of the short one, like Edelgard. If you believe that Edelgard took the correct path, that's fine, just, I have to really disagree, she didn't know what she was doing and had lack of control over the Slithers. We know why she worked with them, because she felt like she had to. Edelgard's plan was just messy, and did more hurt than saving, and only leading everybody on those 1/2 truths she has comes off as highly manipulative. Not saying that Claude was innocent of being manipulative either. Disagree ? Byleth/ player doesn't know the whole truth until Rhea confesses it at the end of only some of the routes. SS and VW, I believe. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Edelgard as she takes this path out of frustration and the desire to change the world for the better, but it just comes off as ....bad. Claude and Sylvain don't help either.
  3. .....That wasn't what I meant, we all know that the church is corrupted and Rhea is a walking mess. Edelgard and Claude are valid in being highly suspicious of the church. Fire Emblem follows the old "church is bad", JRPG trope, but at the same time it gives good reasons as to why that it is. The difference is that Claude was in the right for waiting and holding his cards till the perfect opportunity was brought to him, than just declaring war and bringing forth bloodshed. Edel did not know all the information and only knew half-facts, and half-truths and lead everybody into war anyways. Claude and Edelgard are interesting because they are almost on the same wavelength, but Edelgard chooses war, and Claude would rather not. Claude would rather wait instead, which was the wiser path to take. If Claude is on the "wrong" route, then he either dies or just leaves, but that was better than just bringing everybody into a bloody war with 1/2 truths.
  4. Though, Claude is highly suspicious of Rhea and the church as well, though he holds back until he gets all the answers.
  5. That's very YMMV though. Personally, at the moment, a guess a good example right now would be that I'm not fond of Edelgard at the moment but I want to get all information and facts before making a final judgement on her. Play all routes and fully understand her and her motives, than just jumping on the Edel or Rhea or whomever sucks train... Edel as a character doesn't do that, she jumps on the "church sucks", "Rhea is evil" train and doesn't stop. Idiotic ? Maybe, but it's not very wise, and people die because of it.
  6. You like Edelgard as a character right ? So if you truly liked Edelgard as a character wouldn't you also want to realize her shortcomings and flaws that occur on other routes and her failures, than just trying to block them out and only focus on CF ? The other routes exist in 3H's exist for a reason. Just if you like Edelgard, you should like Edelgard and not just 1/2 of her. You cannot try and block out what happens on the other routes, because it's still part of Edelgard characterization. It's unfair towards her character. It's fine to have CF as your favourite route, but you seem to really love and adore Edelgard, but also try and ignore what you dislike or don't agree with her character, which exist for a reason. Dimitri, Claude and the Church routes are not just for show, they are important too. Edelgard has her victorious story, but she also has her failures as well. Not to call you a "fake Edelgard" fan, or anything.... — About the whole Bernie/ fire thing, Bernie most likely agreed to be placed there on that map, yes, but I don't think that she would've ever agreed to be set on fire. That's the big issue people have a problem with, most people would agree to go into war if they felt it was for the right cause, but very few people would agree to be set on fire as a tactical war strategy, especially somebody like Berine who just wants to hide in her room with her plants.
  7. Reddit is a stupid place. Supposedly if you dislike a character you are a incel. This is the level that they are at. If you want to talk about FE there you can, just wouldn't recommend it for somewhat serious discussions anytime soon. So yeah, see where OP is coming from as well.
  8. Going to vote for our dear lovely opera star, Dorothea. Ferd I really like, but it's more for the memes, really.
  9. I think Crysta just summed up everything perfectly here. Most people feel uncomfortable with S-ranking Flayn, because it feels like a adult x teenager relationship.
  10. Rhea comes across as delusional because she basically is. Rhea is mentally unwell, traumatized and a bit unstable. Byleth betraying her to support Edelgard pushes everything over the edge as she doesn't want another "Red Canyon tragedy". Though her calling Byleth a "another failure" and how she threatens to rip and tear out hearts was absolutely terrifying. In VW and SS she admits that she's done some very questionable things, out of fear and trauma, and regrets them. She's quite similar to Dimitri actually. This might be YMMV but I feel like the "best way" to play Three Houses is to play all routes, so you can understand everybody's pov and why they do the things that they do.
  11. Imo she feels more like a younger sister than a future wife, she also stays within a young, youthful teenaged apperance while the others don't. I like her character, just wouldn't S rank her anytime soon. Also Byleth would probably die via Seteth's wrath 8D
  12. I don't like Lorenz therefore.... He is now Hitler /s
  13. Marianne. Ashe. Felix. Bernie. Lysithea, Petra, and Hilda if possible.
  14. That's interesting.... Looking up signs of gaslighting... They tell balant lies. Sort of ? They deny they ever said something even though you have proof. Don't remember this at all. They use what is near and dear to you as ammunition. If you count the students and lords Byleth was unable to recruit ? They wear you down over time. Don't think so ? Their actions don't match their words. Again, don't think so. They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you. No ? Edelgard seems to really like Byleth. They know confusion weakens people. This sounds more like Hubert tactic. They project. No ? They try and algin people against you. If you include the war ? They tell others that you are crazy. No, hell no. Edelgard would never do that to Byleth They tell you everybody else is a liar. Again, don't think so ? I'm not sure that she does ? Gaslighting sounds more like Hubert 101 to be frank.
  15. Note : I ignore, Support-Ending canons a lot, because well, some of them suck, like Hilda x Marianne. : ( Black Eagles Edelgard x Dorothea ( CF route) : Edelgard would be the glorious Emperor while Dorothea would be the big opera diva that writes and performs opera about her wife. Byleth would be the child's beloved and very trusted by all, Uncle or Auntie. Children : They adopt a young boy, and absolutely spoil him rotten. Edelgard is a tough but fair Mother to him that trains him in battles, while Dorothea makes sure that he's happy and full of wealth, but is also down to earth and helps the less fortunate, after all, he was originally found in the streets. Prince Arnault is 15 yrs old, true D/O/B is unknown, though he was found on a cold wintery January day, so that day, Jan 5th is his birthday. He has light brown hair and it's tied in a bow, familiar to Lindhardt. Lindhardt x Casper: These two don't adopt any children, as Lind is busy sleeping/ studying, but Casper likes to visit the orphanage sometimes and tell stories of his victories and Edelgard's victories with them. Bernie x Ferdie : Bernie struggling with her anxieties and wanting to be locked away in her room somedays, would sometimes struggle to be the best Mum, but thanks to Ferdie and her children's support, they all make it through together and live happily. Children: They have two daughters, one mirroring her Father and his proudness, the other a bit short, unconfident and shy but she's incredibly intelligent and becomes a tactical on the battlefield prodigy, which makes the other, a bit jealous. Aurora the legendary Pegasus Knight and Minerva the mastermind. They are 21/ 17 yrs old. Aurora's D/O/B is Aug 2nd. Minerva is July 20th. Golden Deer Claude x (Recruited Petra) : (GD route) Claude would be the legendary King that has brought peace among nations and Petra would be his loyal Queen by his side, that also opened up everybody's mind and hearts to Brigid culture. Children: These two get busy, and have 3 daughters and 2 boys. The oldest boy is somebody who refuses to fight and is a true peacemaker and instead, fights with his words, and loves to travel the lands and learn more about everybody's cultures. He's a bit of a Hippie. The youngest son, however, has taken up his Dad's wit and scheme and old bow, not trusting that the world has been cured of all discrimination, just yet. The three daughters are fierce triplets that have taken up their Mother's Brigid education and culture. They are Princess Aoife, Orla, Laoise. And Prince Miro "The Peaceful" and Prince Quinn. The Triplets are 15 yrs old, Miro is 18 yrs and Quinn is 22. Cyril x Lysithea: Unfortunately, Lysithea doesn't survive long after their marriage, but they do manage to have a child, a son, before she passes away. Cyril while grieving, gives the child to the Church and he is looked after by Rhea, however he doesn't hold Rhea in the same light that his Father does. Children: Zeno is a grumpy and somewhat depressed 13 yr old boy that feels neglected by his Father after having a happy childhood with him and his Mother before her passing. Zeno has taken up the sword, but not out of free-will, and more out of confusion and sorrow. Zeno wants to study about this "Edelgard", even though trying to learn about her could equal in your execution. Cyril assumed that living in the church and Rhea would bring him true happiness, but instead he accidently created a ticking time bomb and maybe a future danger. I see Byleth stepping in here, and taking role as his guardian. ( Note: This isn't Cyril hate, I actually like his character, but in my head, he falls into the road to hell is pathed with good intentions trap, I can also see him stepping up as soon as he knows asap and NOT becoming a Gilbert.) Marianne x Hilda: Marianne and Hilda, of course adopt a young girl and even though she's not, she's treated like a true royal Princess. Hilda always makes sure that she gets visits from "Uncle Claude". She basically lives the best life, and Marianne and Hilda make sure that she does. Charlotte, or "Lottie", has taken up Hilda's axe, though would prefer not to fight and ruin her expensive dresses. Lottie sounds like a pain, but she's naive and somewhat sheltered and over-protected, and wants to know more about the real world. She's 16, D/O/B Oct 12th. Even though she has the name, she's nothing like Fates Charlotte. Leonie x Raph: Leonie and Raph have 3 loving boys, one that seems fragile but holds the might and strength of his Father. One that follows in his Mother's worship, of a certain "Captain", and the odd one in the middle, who doesn't want to have a role model or be familiar to anybody else, he just wants to be himself and sometimes because of this is forgotten about by accident. Think Kellam from FE Awakening. Expect, this boy doesn't care. Hagan (19) Jedrek (15)..... and Oswald (17) Blue Lions Dimitri x Flayn: ( BL route) Dimitri and Flayn would both try and be the best King and Queen that was ever seen, and the best parents that they possibly can be, with help from a Uncle Seteth, and a Uncle or Auntie Byleth. Children: I see them having 6-7 children, maybe even losing a couple tragically. Four boys and two or three girls. Three green haired boys that love to just chill and fish and two lovely Princesses that love to read and fight. Princess Mira ( 13), Talise ( 15) and Prince Arno (17), Lincoln ( 11), Neptune (21), and Lir (25) And yes, it did take a while for Dimitri to work out the theme Flayn had with their children's names. Annette x Felix : Finally, the OTP ! Felix and Annette have a daughter as they are busy having fun teaching and training, but they still treasure their daughter dearly. Annette may give her too much care and attention though ! Children: Abigail looks like her father, but acts like her mother, but fights like her father, if that's not confusing ! She's 17 and loves cats, of course. D/O/B Feb 16th. Sylvain x Mercedes: Despite Sylvain's rep from his old days, he's one of the best Fathers in the Kingdom, and manages to become a good Dad. Sylvain never slips back, however that can't stop nasty rumours from the townspeople. Mercedes becomes, of course, a kind Mother to not just her children, but to all. Children: 2 girls and 2 boys. The oldest daughter has taken up her Father's old charm, but doesn't quite go the lengths that he once did. The youngest daughter wants to follow in Ingrid's footsteps and become a legendary knight for King Dimitri and Queen Flayn. The boys love to help and heal in the church. Penelope the knight ( 21), Kate ( 23), Cody (28), and Winslow ( 18) Ashen Wolves: Constance x Hapi : I can see these two dating, and a adopting a young son while doing so, however they don't stay together forever, but they stay as friends, and are still very good Mothers to their son. Children: If Edelgard and Dorothea can't adopt Prince Arnault for clearly obvious reasons, then these two do. Arnault however grows up with the name Lotus instead. Lotus still however, still ends up becoming somebody who helps the needy. Married to the Job: Ingrid as a Knight to King Dimitri, Ignatz to his painting, Ashe/ Dedude to cooking career, Hubert to always serving Edelgard, Catherine.
  16. Dimitri would go from "KILL THEM ALL !" to "try and SAVE THEM ALL !" in Part 2. In fact a neutral/ GD ! Dimitri would've had some solid poetinal for that golden ! route some are after. But in true 3H's style, in dies in the end trying to save all the students and maybe the other two Lords ? And Byleth takes over. Or maybe even King ! Dedue. But got to have that "avatar worship", I suppose. Claude would become that sinister sneaky boy, that some are disappointed that he didn't become. Cruel, manipulative, everybody would become his puppet, especially Byleth. Though again, in true 3H's style, despite all this sociopathic behaviour the world is now free from the church's merciless ways and peace is won. I think to make Claude more likeable here ( just imo), the church would have to be even more malevolent than it is in canon and Rhea would have to be less grey and the true villian of the story instead of the "Mole Men", hiding away. Puppet Master ! Claude would also have such a "good time", with GD ! Dimitri, and would just become his playdoh, so easy to mold. Same with BL ! Edelgard. I think if you played this route, after defeating both Dimitri and Edelgard in battle, they would be so messed up and confused, they would perform the final blow themselves. But no more, truly evil Church, so it's all good.......right ?!!! Mole Men ? Oh, Claude knows. And he's using them like chess pieces, of course. Claude would easily become my favourite Lord, to my least favourite FE lord.......ever. A nasty piece of work, that does a good thing. In short. Edelgard despite going through a horrid and dramatic past still seems to at least have a strong head on her shoulders, so no Feral ! Edelgard here. Maybe. However, she'll still want answers and she'll still want revenge for what happened to her Kingdom. Edel's Flame Emperor disguise could maybe used here as a shield, as there's maybe still assassin's about, so somewhat traumatized and on edge, she takes up the role as Flame Emperor to gather and collect info, and hopefully one day strike down whoever was responsible. However, again, in 3H's style, turns out her trusted Uncle was responsible, and she has to deal with that fact and kill her Uncle who she thought was her only true and real friend in this world. Edelgard almost snaps, and almost becomes Boar ! Edelgard, but she's stopped by Byleth, who she also begins to struggle to trust. In the end Edel has succeeded in her revenge and is now Queen of a peaceful land from Emperor Claude's war, however unless you S-rank her with Byleth, it's said that not long after her victory, Edel did lose her mind a bit, and attempted to murder Byleth and gave up her throne to somebody else. Also, Edelgard has no clue about the "Mole Men", this time around, and had no clue that her Uncle actually died during the massacre, and had his body taken over. Just like Dimitri, her story becomes a tragic one. If you play GD ! Dimitri's route, I think you could be able to "save" Edelgard here, somewhat. Edelgard would have her showdown with Uncle mission, and Dimitri would whack out Emp ! Claude and Mole Men. No more Dubstep parties for you Mole Men, it's been canceled. Rhea: Rhea would become the villian route, to give Emperor ! Claude more greyness towards his character. Sliver Snow, instead of being the somewhat neutral route, would become the Bad Guy ! route. Rhea would be in one in charge of the crest experiments and would absolutely execute anybody that steps out of line, and that line is thin. Rhea truly rules the world in fear and horror. I think Seteth and Flayn, would stay the same, but they would be doing what they do, out of fear of Rhea than the Slithers. In this route, you stop Claude, you stop Edelgard from discovering out too much info, and you stop Dimitri from attempting to stop you. After the war, Rhea is able to rule for many more years and people are miserable, but are masking it well. Seteth and Flayn also ask you why you sided with Rhea and why you didn't stop her. This is when Rhea taps Byleth on the shoulders, and gives Byleth the Church and full power, mentioning that she/he's not the failure that she originally thought. Just like Claude, she's using the Slithers, to make them out to be these "evil, horrid, underground people ", when in reality, they are just puppets of Rhea and Claude. Rhea is using them out of fear, and Claude "promises to help them from Rhea", which are lies.
  17. When he goes from "Teehee, I'm going to use you Byleth for me dreams !" to calling them a friend, to put it shortly.
  18. Flayn is adorable but I personally I wouldn't marry her because I hate how she's also the "It's okay, I'm actually 100 yrs old !" trope, but that's just me. Annette is cute too, and Ingrid is underrated. I vote either Ingrid or Annette !
  19. Male ! Byleth creeps me the f out. It's got that whole emotionless look down perfectly, but too perfectly. F ! Byleth seems to show some emotion. It's subtle, but it's there, but M! Byleth makes me miss Corrin a bit. Hate him or like him, at least he wasn't creepy.
  20. It feels like Edelgard invited Rhea, Claude and Dimitri around for some Mario Kart to try and prove that Rhea was cheating but it just turns into Edelgard and Dimitri having a heated argument over blue shell-ing each other and Claude just wants to go the frick home.
  21. Maybe if you spare Claude in CF ? I can't imagine him being a good mental state after losing his dreams, his classmates and Hilda.
  22. That's true. That would've been clever. Though it would've been OOC for Rhea, maybe ? As she's always a bit on edge and well, weird.
  23. No not fucking with you at all, why would I do that ? ....I think I get what you are saying now.
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