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  1. Thanks for saying so! Yeah they're great! (although I'm a rapscallion that likes to pair Saizo with her best friend instead mwahaha)
  2. Huh? I don't notice it unless you're referring to that strange sounding instrument, which is the Hichiriki. In some other pieces in Birthright that thing blasts quite a bit, so that was my intention to make it loud if so :) Thanks for the listen and comments, appreciate it!
  3. I wanted to share this 3-part orchestral suite I wrote with those that might be interested. Each movement features a different game (I. Birthright, II. Conquest, III. Revelation) and totals to around 27 minutes of orchestrated and arranged Fire Emblem music. Had a blast making these over the course of this last year, and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Given that, I appreciate comments as they are a good source of motivation and if you like my stuff, feel free to follow me! I plan to keep releasing Fire Emblem orchestral music over time (as well as a bunch of other Nintendo arrangements) :D
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