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  1. Well Howdy! I'm apparently lacking in the head and can't figure out how to post a new thread on the introduction section, so I'll post this here. I've enjoyed Fire Emblem for awhile now, since Awakening really, (Has it really been 6 years?!) Played through the mainline games that came later and I've gone back to the GBA games, with Sacred Stones taking the cake as my favorite game in the series. I'm looking to get more involved with the community through either ROM hacking or Youtube and would welcome tips in either field. 

    1. SHSL Tryfing Combusken

      SHSL Tryfing Combusken

      1. I love Sacred Stones

      2. I have a Youtube channel, mostly run by my sister, but here are a few tips:

      • Make sure to Verify to both make 16+ min videos and Stream
      • Make sure to not get annoyed by Nintendo/IS copyright
      • Block all users that make fun of you or bully you(Too many people do that)
      • Send a link to your channel. I will sub. I will comment let you know. My Youtube name is Strink Family

      Hope I helped!

      Also I will be streaming a double route solo run of Seth on FE8 during the wknd

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