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  1. Here's an interesting tidbit: "Sora" (sky) Limited, so I guess that means "the sky's the limit" according to Sakurai. I dunno if that was intentional, but that's still kinda cool. But whatever the case, think he'd be over the moon if he was told Sora was A-OK for Smash?
  2. If you could make a Fighters Pass but had to stick to a theme, what theme would you go with and what characters would you pick? For me, the theme is the generic "character whose game and/or series has yet to have any content in Smash". Sora Crash Bandicoot Cinderace Euden
  3. https://www.polygon.com/22369630/e3-2021-date-announced-nintendo-xbox-capcom-ubisoft E3's confirmed to be a digital event this year, and Nintendo's among the participants. Which tells me we'll most likely see the next Fighter there. Who're you hoping for? I'm placing my bets on Cash Banooca.
  4. Apparently, we may or may not be getting a bonus fighter to go along with Vol. 2. I'm gonna wait until further developments before I jump the gun on anything.
  5. I don’t even have joke for this. This was from the official FEH Twitter.
  6. Now I’m disappointed that Edelgard didn’t turn into a giant black and crimson eagle monster at the end of Azure Moon.
  7. Gaming companies: "Piracy is a huge problem in the industry" Also gaming companies:
  8. Welp, time to update mine: 64 Melee Brawl Sm4sh (Base) Sm4sh (DLC) Ultimate (Base) Ultimate (DLC)
  9. Oh, believe me; this game has problems. I just figured the flashing light should be the more important problem to talk about.
  10. You know Balan Wonderworld? You know how the demo came out and it turned out to be horrible? You know how it's released today, the same day as MH Rise, and SE refused to delay it? Well, if you didn't think it could get much worse, the final boss might just be the nail in the coffin. WARNING: The following video contains spoilers of the final boss itself, yes, but also contains strong flashing lights. Don't watch either way if you're epileptic by any means. Luckily, the official Balan Wonderworld Twitter account has addressed this concern, and a Day 1 Patch for the game is going to be released to fix this. While this helps, it's telling of how apparent it is that the game was rushed when things like this happen in the first place.
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