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  1. Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) Classic Mode: Ye Olde NES Days (fights characters from infamously hard NES games, with Arthut and his opposition each having two lives)
  2. I'm gonna sound insane, but I think Azura should've been the de-facto main character of Fates and Corrin just not be in the game at all.
  3. Ver. 11.0 is coming out soon. So I guess this means Pyra/Mythra is coming the same day as their presentation?
  4. I'm disappointed we still only have one Namco character as a fighter in Smash Bros. I'm mainly rooting for Chosen Undead, but I'll take any at this point.
  5. Guys, there's a Twitter account that makes recipes themed around Smash characters! The recipes I saw include: New York-Style Pizza with Fennel Italian Sausage (Little Mac) Spicy Ribeye Steak with Blue Cheese Butter (Ike) "Hungry Wolf" Torta Cubana-inspired Club Sandwich (Terry) Garreg Mach Tea Party (Fódlan Tea Blend & Sweet Bun Trio (Byleth) And tons more.
  6. Okay, so here's my predictions/hopes for the last 2 fighters, any two of: -Bandana Dee -Crash Bandicoot -Sora -Dr. Eggman
  7. Here’s the thing; Poppi’s hair color is usually blue, but the Mythra alt shown here has purple hair.
  8. Sakurai finally showed some alts. As far as I can tell, Mythra seems to be recolored after T-ELOS from Xenosaga.
  9. Presentation date for the Aegis girls. No further fighters will be announced here (as per usual).
  10. To be fair, nothing on the list says anything related to story, so I'm not expecting much.
  11. I still say Sora would be okay without the Disney imagery; he's got plently of moves that could provide a Disney-less moveset, and KH has plenty of other original content that could supply a Disney-less Challenger Pack.
  12. Who are you hoping are the last 2 fighters? For me, it's any two of: Crash Bandicoot Bandana Dee Sora Dr. Eggman
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