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  1. Y'know, I still wanna believe that Assist Trophies deconfirm for DLC, since I don't think Sakurai would be okay with locking one as a fully playable character behind a paywall.
  2. Super Mario: Fire Bar Donkey Kong: Ghastly King The Legend of Zelda: Master Kohga Metroid: Crocomire Yoshi: Cloud N' Candy Kirby: Hypernova Kirby Star Fox: General Scales Pokémon: Blue Earthbound: Giegue F-ZERO:: Deathborn Fire Emblem: Alfonse Kid Icarus: Shemum Wario: Rudy the Clown Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis Sonic: Hard-Boiled Heavies Pikmin: Titan Dweevil R.O.B.: Professor Hector Animal Crossing: Marshall Mega Man: Harpuia Punch-Out: Aran Ryan PAC-MAN: Toc-Man Xenoblade: Malos Street Fighter: Dudley Final Fantasy: Chocobo Bayonetta: Jubileus, the Creator Splatoon: Chums Castlevania: John Morris Persona: Yu Narukami Dragon Quest: Dragonlord-> Dragonlord (Dragon) Banjo-Kazooie: Klungo Fatal Fury/SNK: Rock Howard ARMS: Lola Pop Misc. Nintendo: Mike Jones Misc. 3rd party: Heihachi For each series, rework a Classic Mode (only one character per series).
  3. Okay, here's how it's supposed to work: Mario: Super Bell Hill Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness Zelda: Tal Tal Heights Metroid: Skytown Yoshi's Island: Baby Bowser's Final Battle Kirby: Resolution Road Star Fox: Zoness (Star Fox Zero) Pokémon: Aether Paradise Earthbound: Saturn Valley F-ZERO: Phantom Road Ice Climber: Condor's Peak Fire Emblem: Temple of Mila Game & Watch: Octopus Kid Icarus: Underworld (NES) Wario: Golden Pyramid Metal Gear Solid: VR Mission Sonic: Studiopolis Zone Pikmin: Hocotate Freight Animal Crossing: Main Street Mega Man: Central Highway Punch-Out!!: Bicycle Jogging Xenoblade: New Los Angeles Street Fighter: Vega's Stage FINAL FANTASY: Insomnia Bayonetta: Noatun For each series, add an Assist Trophy.
  4. Anyone else having a blast with Min Min? I especially like her Classic Mode. Here's her route:
  5. Pretty self-explanatory. If I write "for each series, add one fighter", someone has to do that and then follow up with "for each series, add one ____". I grouped Ice Climbers, Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., Wii Fit, and Duck Hunt under "Misc. Nintendo", so you're allowed to add something from those series or any other series. You can also do "Misc. 3rd party" for 3rd party series with no current representation in any form. So, here we go: For each series, add a Spirit.
  6. Real talk; I genuinely support characters that most people would shut down because it's not Doomguy or Dante or Geno, etc. Nothing against the characters themselves or their fans, but I'm actually kind of sick seeing people consistently put these kinds of characters on their wishlists and being all aggro to other people when it's not that character. Henceforth, I support the idea of adding completely new franchises to each Challenger Pack so people can broaden their horizons to game genres beyond all the mainstream schlock. This doesn't mean I want NO big names (Sora and Crash are among my most wanted); I just gravitate more towards characters who simply have potential for a fun moveset, regardless of whether or not they're popular. It's like Sakurai said with Terry: fun gameplay is more important than how much of a superstar a character is.
  7. I can't believe I never once saw this. Was this possible in Brawl and Smash 4?
  8. I just realized; you know how there are Spirit Battles where hostile Assist Trophies appear? Why aren't there Spirits where friendly Assist Trophies pop put at the start of a Spirit Battle to help you?
  9. I actually find both Corrins' outfits somewhat cute.
  10. I made this rule assuming the Assist Trophies who debuted in Brawl wouldn't debut in Melee.
  11. Just as the title says, who's a character so big, you can't see them as anything other than a Fighter (be it an Assist Trophy, Spirit or Mii Costume)? You don't have to necessarily like any character in that frame. For me: -Sora (Kingdom Hearts) -Crash Bandicoot -Master Chief (Halo)
  12. Just as the title says. If Assist Trophies were in Melee, which characters do you think would be Assist Trophies? It can be a character who would debut in games after Melee, or it can be an NPC. Only rule is that it can't be an Assist Trophy that would debut in Brawl. That said, for me: -Diddy Kong: Flies around in his Rocketbarrel and shoots peanuts -King Dedede: Inhales opponents and spits them out near the blast zone -Pikmin: Run near the closest opponent, picks them up, and tosses them off the stage
  13. Just as the title says. Any game character you feel like is overhated? Then this thread needs no introduction. For me, it's Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I know people rag on him for plenty of reasons, but his positive attitude helped me shape myself into someone who sees the good over the bad wherever I can.
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