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  1. Hey, so I’ve decided to do something a bit broad. I’m giving my honest opinion on every character’s recovery (Except Jigglypuff because it’s not a recovery, it’s Sing). The thread is exactly what the title sounds like, so I’m gonna keep it simple. I’m also going to ignore recovery potential from side specials, as I figured they’d be too easy to talk about. 1. Mario’s Super Jump Punch: Definitely useful for sure, but only really when you’re closer to the stage. 2. DK’s Spinning Kong: More useful for horizontal recovery than vertical, so like Mario, better suited for being closer to the stage or above it. 3. Link’s Spin Attack: It’s alright for recovery, nothing more or less. 4. Samus’s/Dark Samus’s Screw Attack: Could go a bit higher for a recovery (considering you can Screw Attack infinitely in the 2D Metroid games). 5. Yoshi’s Egg Throw: This isn’t completely useless as a recovery, but probably better suited for offense. 6. Kirby’s Final Cutter: Great vertical recovery, and I’m glad you also move slightly forward, but there is the chance you’ll miss the ledge and die. 7. Fox and Falco’s Fire Fox: Insanely useful, especially given the fact that you can move in 8 directions! 8. Pikachu’s Quick Attack: Way more useful than it lets on; the only problem is figuring out which direction to go in such little time. 9. Luigi’s Super Jump Punch: Shoryuken jokes aside, not quite as high as Mario’s, so not exactly as useful. 10. Ness’s PK Thunder: Kinda situational. 11. Captain Falcon’s Falcon Dive: He can’t recover for Jack. Way better for going “YES” and launching opponents into oblivion. 12. Peach‘s Parasol: Probably better for floating across wide gaps. 13. Daisy’s Parasol: Same as Peach’s, but goes a bit higher. 14. Bowser’s Whirling Fortress: Like DK, better suited for offense and horizontal recovery. 15. Ice Climbers’ Belay: Only really useful with both Ice Climbers. Why can’t Popo throw his own rope? 16. Sheik’s Vanish: Surprisingly decent. I only wish Sheik jumped a bit higher. 17. Zelda’s Farore’s Wind: Trust me, this will be a LIFESAVER if you’re close to the blast zone. 18. Dr. Mario’s Super Jump Punch: Essentially Mario’s but worse. Even with Dr. Tornado. 19. Pichu’s Agility: Way more useful than Pikachu’s despite recoil damage. 20. Falco’s Fire Bird: Not as long as Fox’s, so it’s better to move in one of the 8 directions. 21. Marth’s and Lucina’s Dolphin Slash: Relatively useful, but probably better for being closer to the stage. I personally think Lucina should’ve gotten Dolphin Jump from Smash 4. 22. Young Link’s Spin Attack: Basically Link’s. In this case, I think YL should’ve gotten Link’s Whirling Leap from Smash 4. 23. Ganondorf’s Dark Dive: Bad like Falcon, but with the unimportant detail of BEING HEAVIER. 24. Mewtwo’s Teleport: Already useful on its own, but with a double jump? You’ll be going places. 25. Roy’s Blazer: A bit less risky than Marthcina due to the fact that the angle can be altered. 26. Chrom’s Soaring Slash: Ever wanted to see what would happen if Aether barely went forward? No? Well, too bad. 27. Mr. Game & Watch’s Fire: Useful as heck for both horizontal AND vertical recovery? Yes, please! 28. Meta Knight’s Shuttle Loop: A bit toned down in usefulness due to the removal of the glide mechanic, but it still gets the job done. 29. Pit’s and Dark Pit’s Power of Flight: Man, these two couldn’t be more awesome! Even without the glide mechanic, this recovery always puts a smile on my face. 30. ZSS’s Boost Kick: It’s just alright, I only wish she followed up with a jumping kick. 31. Wario’s Corkscrew: Nothing amazing. Never thought I’d say this, but it’s probably better following up from a fully charged Wario Waft. 32. Snake’s Cypher: This is one type of recovery I adore; the Hold-B-to-Float recovery. Man, those are some of the best recoveries in the whole game. Only drawback with Cypher is that it doesn’t go as far as K. Rool’s or Piranha Plant’s. 33. Ike’s Aether: Goes pretty high, but not much before Ike plummets to his doom. 34. Pokémon Trainer: Spoiler alert, they suck. Squirtle and Charizard barely go a few feet, and Ivysaur can’t jump for jack squat. Why couldn’t Charizard I heart Fly High from Smash 4? 35. Diddy Kong’s Rocketbarrel Boost: Not as good as Power of Flight, but far from useless. 36. Lucas’s PK Thunder: WAY more useful than Ness’s version. 37. Sonic’s Spring Jump: Almost heavenly for the fact you don’t enter freefall once you do it! 38. King Dedede’s Super Dedede Jump: When it comes to getting closer to stage when above it, better to tilt up to cancel the slamming down bit. 39. Olimar’s Winged Pikmin: Hope you’re willing to sacrifice innocent Pikmin, because they’ll weigh you down while you try to fly up. 40. Lucario’s ExtremeSpeed: Better when you’re higher on damage (just make sure you don’t accidentally fly off the stage). 41. R.O.B.’s Robo Thruster: As long as you don’t run out of jet fuel, you’re golden with this! 42. Toon Link’s Spin Attack: Link YL, I wish TL got his Flying Spin Attack from Smash 4. 43. Wolf’s Fire Wolf: Basically just a worse Fire Fox, and Wolf’s not even on fire. Why couldn’t he get a variation of Fox’s Flying Fox from Smash 4? 44. Villager’s Balloon Trip: Again, this is the kind of recovery that can be a lifesaver, and they’re my favorite. 45. Mega Man’s Rush Coil: Despite not going as high as Sonic, it’s bliss for the fact that you can move freely after using it. 46. Wii Fit Trainer’s Super Hoop: Like DK and Bowser, way more useful for horizontal recovery than vertical (an exercise trainer that thin shouldn’t weigh more than a pebble, much less a hole sack of rocks). 47. Rosalina’s Launch Star: Despite of horizontal movement, this move more than makes up for it with its VERTICAL movement. 48. Little Mac’s Rising Uppercut: Spoiler alert, it also sucks. Saved you the trouble of finding out (Even Sakurai said back in April 2014 that his recovery sucks). 49. Greninja’s Hydro Pump: Given the name of the move, I figured it would be single big shot. In this case, should’ve called it Water Jet, if you were going to make a slower version of Quick Attack. 50. Palutena’s Warp: Basically what I already said about Zelda’s recovery. 51. PAC-MAN’s Pac-Jump: You probably wanna jump on it until it turns red, as that is where the recovery is pushed to its limits. 52. Robin’s Elwind: Pretty useful, as long as you don’t run out of the tome’s energy. 53. Shulk’s Air Slash: Better used for when the Jump Art is active, as it goes WAY higher in that state. 54. Bowser Jr.‘s Abandon Ship: Only goes somewhat high, but in its place we can attack midair, dodge when we’re not close enough, and even use the Koopa Clown Car as a bomb! 55. Duck Hunt’s Duck Jump: Basically a Hold-B-to-Float move that goes up slower, so better suited for horizontal recovery. 56. Ryu’s and Ken’s Shoryuken: Goes up higher when you input the command, but I’m not good at Street Fighter command inputs. 57. Cloud’s Climhazzard: Better to wait for the Limit Gauge to fill up before you decide to brave it. 58. Corrin’s Dragon Ascent: When I first saw this in Corrin’s reveal, I imagined them soaring about as high as Power of Flight. Imagine my disappointment when their recovery turned out to be shorter than Fire Bird. 59. Bayonetta’s Witch Twist: It’s short as heck, but it’s meant to be used in conjunction with After Burner Kick, so I can forgive it on that front. 60. Inkling’s Super Jump: Basically Power of Flight, except it doesn‘t go as high. However, it’s still VERY useful. 61. Ridley’s Wing Blitz: Basically a slower Fire Fox, 8 directions and everything. Yet arguably more useful, because you have a shorter startup. 62. Simon and Richter’s Uppercut: Tied with Falcondorf for second-worst recovery in the game. Why couldn’t Simon at least get a cool spinning and rising whip attack that aims for ledges? 63. King K. Rool’s Propellerpack: Goes higher than Snake’s Cypher, PLUS it damages one hit at a time. 64. Isabelle’s Balloon Trip: Basically Villager’s, but with a cuter aesthetic. Nothing more or less. 65. Incineroar’s Cross Chop: Worst recovery ever. Couldn’t at least let us angle the drop after the vertical ascent, huh? 66. Piranha Plant’s Piranhacopter: Goes higher than K. Rool’s recovery, AND attacks faster? Yes, please! 67. Joker’s Grappling Hook/Wings of Rebellion: Basically Vine Whip for the former, but better in comparison. I say “in comparison” because the one drawback is that you can’t EXACTLY use it on the edge. Henceforth, I prefer Wings of Rebellion because you at least have a more direct recovery. 68. Hero’s Woosh/Swoosh/Kaswoosh: I like how each different tier is used for different heights, although I mainly use Kaswoosh just to be safe. 69. Banjo-Kazooie’s Shock Spring Jump: Like Sonic and Mega Man, but not as high. Thankfully, their triple jump more than makes up for it. 70. Terry’s Rising Tackle: Not as cool as a recovery as it could be, especially since you can only charge on the ground. 71. Byleth’s Sword of the Creator: Not only can grab ledges (wish you could grab the air, too. This sword can tear reality.), but you can also grab fighters and footstool off of them. I excluded the Mii’s as well, you’ll notice. Spoiler alert: they all suck, and I can’t be bothered to go into depth. Okay, so that’s my opinion on nearly every single recovery. Got any opinions of your own?
  2. Question: What would be the general consensus if Sigurd’s death was changed to him looking at the fireworks wondering where Deirdre is, only for Arvis to subtly hint at the whole brainwashing thing with Deirdre present? And then him forcing Sigurd to watch as his army gets slaughtered by Arvis’s on the balcony and then assassinating Sigurd personally with Valflame?
  3. Anyone hear that IGN are doing their own thing to fill the void of E3?
  4. Know what? (Sorry for the gray text) I think I’ll include a gene list of music I would’ve loved to see in Ultimate (bold means new remix, * means a new remix I’d love to see Yoko Shimomura do, amd ^ means a different version (remix or not) of a song already in the game) WARNING: VERY, VERY LONG LIST
  5. That is a bummer, I would’ve loved to see that. But for what we DO have; Pantsless Marth is now a thing in Heroes, and other young versions of FE1 characters are coming later down the line. This only makes me wonder what they can manage if they have something else planned for the next 2/3 of the year.
  6. I know Smash 4 has come and gone, but I think the 3DS version had some of the most unique stages in the whole series, and I only wish there were more unique stages. We all know the focus was handheld stages, so which returning stages would you replace with entirely new ones? This is for the 3DS version specifically. For me: -Repalce Jungle Japes with a level from Donkey Kong 94 (Game Boy; not to be confused with Donkey Kong Land for the same system) -Replace Brinstar with a level from Metroid II (Game Boy) -Replace Corneria with a level from Star Fox 64 3D (They did the same with Gerudo Valley because of OoT 3D, but eh…I can’t change that) -Replace Flat Zone 2 with a stage based on Game and Watch Gallery (Game Boy) -Replace Green Hill Zone with Water Palace from Sonic Rush (DS) -Replace Wily Castle with a stage based on Mega Man Battle Network (GBA)
  7. I feel like if DeMille was a fighter in Ultimate, he’d be plagued with “literally who” comments. And that wouldn’t be as surprising (at least not to me) as SNK, because DeMille is from a game that never even got localized.
  8. This topic is for stage ideas in general, so feel free to come up with whatever ideas you’d like. Example: Ramen Bowl Game of Origin: ARMS (2017) Description: The Ramen Bowl is an arena with a giant bowl in the middle. There is a gong in the background and tons of audience outside the arena. Other ARMS characters (such as Spring Man*, Twintelle, and Max Brass, just to name a few) make cameo appearances in the background. *The Spring Man Assist Trophy is disabled on this stage. Layout: The stage is basically one big downward half-circle with a large flat surface in the center. Platforms shaped like plates occasionally appear from opposite sides. Gimmicks and Hazards: The red center of the stage will sometimes break if fighters hit it enough times while fighting. The platforms appear a couple seconds before the center breaks, so there could be a more stable fight. When the center breaks, there’s a 50/50 chance it will reveal either a spider web trampoline (taken from the Mausoleum stage) or a bottomless pit. After 35 seconds, the gong bangs with green dragon aura around it, and the center is repaired. When the center is intact, drones will occasionally fly by and drop items. The items they drop are: -HP Juice: Functionally identical to the Healing Field, so THAT item is disabled. -Rush Juice: Increases the fighters’ attack and speed, but slightly lowers their defense. It also slowly fills up their Final Smash Meter, but only when it’s turned on. -Fire Bomb: A giant bomb that explodes in a huge radius, ignoring shields (35%, far knockback) -Shock Bomb: A giant bomb that explodes in the same radius as the fire bomb, but fighters caught in the explosion are stunned for a couple seconds (35%, medium knockback) Music: -Grand Prix (Main Theme)~New Remix -Spring Stadium~New Remix -Ribbon Ring -Ninja College~New Remix -Mausoleum~New Remix -Ramen Bowl~New Remix -Scrapyard -Cinema Deux~New Remix -Buster Beach -Snake Park -DNA Lab~New Remix -Sky Arena~New Remix -Via Dolce~New Remix -Temple Grounds -Sparring Ring -[NAME REDACTED] -Vs. Hedlok~New Remix
  10. I meant ARMS characters specifically, but even Dr. Mario could get away with at least not having F.L.U.D.D. Others, like Dark Samus, Dark Pit, and Lucina, could be made somewhat different by using some of their custom specials from Smash 4.
  11. So, anyone else think the idea of lumping multiple characters together in one is a stupid one? All of the characters play differently, plus have WAY too different body types to justify this.
  12. Okay, am I the only one who likes the designs? And doesn’t crucify Game Freak for making this DLC? You never HAD to buy both versions OR both their respective Expansion passes. Of I course, I myself CAN’T buy them due to poor timing, but that’s a different story.
  13. Don’t ask me why I made this, I don’t even know myself.
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