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  1. Okay, I think we need to stop this side conversation to avoid derailing the thread.
  2. Just as the title says. For me, in no particular order: Crash Bandicoot Dr. Eggman* Phoenix Wright Bandana Waddle Dee Shadow the Hedgehog (as a Sonic Echo)* Alph (as an Olimar Echo) There are others, so I put them on a Google Doc I made *I started supporting Eggman when Shadow missed the train to be an Echo Fighter
  3. Yoshimitsu (Tekken): Confuses opponents with many strange moves. Roxas (Kingdom Hearts): Goes full ham on opponents, unleashing his Limit Break when low on health.
  4. Here's a little thing I thought of; who's your most wanted for CP11, and who do you wish was playable in the base game (not including fighters who are DLC)? My most wanted for CP11: Sora Character I wish was playable in base: Shadow
  5. I'd take the leak in question with a grain of salt, but I'd still cry tears of joy if Sora was the last fighter.
  6. All I have to say about the Mario movie cast is this: Other than that, a solid Direct.
  7. I only hope for the following: Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Switch ports Whatever the next Kirby game is CP11 reveal at some point
  8. Oh, trust me, I've read those arguments before. I've also seen people say that if you included Sora and only used KH-original content, you weren't including a character from a Disney crossover anymore. And they'd be right, because that would be including a character who's been established on his own and can stand on his own two legs if he were to be in a crossover appearance. Mickey's emblem on his Keyblade's keychain, on the other hand? That's more if whether or not Sakurai thinks it's a small enough detail that he can brush it off and include the Kingdom Key as is.
  9. Just as the title says. What are some newcomer requests you think get way too much hate, regardless of whether you personally agree with them or not? For me, it's the idea of a Gen 8 Pokemon. I know Sword and Shield are...touchy subjects, to put it lightly, but I still enjoyed them and would like to see one in Smash at some point (be it Cinderace or Toxtricity or Zacian).
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