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  1. So assuming the next DLC focuses on 1sr parties, here's something of an insight I had on Sonic Stadium.
  2. I’m trying to delete my attachments to clear up some space for more. How do I do that?
  3. Personally, I don't know why Smash hasn't done personalized entrances yet. After thinking about it for a bit, here were some ideas I got: -Ken tossing Terry's hat to him like in Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Mario does this too, Odyssey style) -Marth and Meta Knight clashing blades past each other, kinda like how they first met in SSE. Anyone else got ideas?
  4. Ooooh, okay. I guess we should just....close this thread, then, just to make sure it doesn't spiral into a debate?
  5. I got this idea after thinking about if 3H was a gameplay crossover between Fire Emblem and Persona (for the lack of a better term). What Personas would the characters who bear Crests have (and only those who bear Crests)? EDIT: Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I didn’t mean Personas that already exist. I meant original Personas that match each character.
  6. Time Crisis. A whole game revolving around a cover system? Sign me up!
  7. I think that one would be more interesting if Fernand was fighting separate from your army (meaning a yellow unit army, like in Three Houses).
  8. Just as @Jotari posted in the NDS Shadow Dragon sub-forum, I was wondering what kind 3H style paralogues the characters would have (as in side stories focusing on those characters). What kind of ideas do you guys have?
  9. I'm not particularly upset about the boss lineup (far from it). I'm simply just curious as to what other unique bosses would've been in the game, so here's my take on a boss lineup, with the characters who fight the bosses listed below them: Light Realm Master Hand -Donkey Kong (w/ Diddy Kong) -Pikachu -Jigglypuff (Final Destination (64)) -Ice Climbers (w/Crazy Hand) -Pichu -Chrom (w/Crazy Hand) -Pokémon Trainer -Diddy Kong (w/Crazy Hand) -Lucario -Wii Fit Trainer -Little Mac -Ryu (M. Bison Type A) -Corrin -Ridley -Isabelle -Joker (Round 1; Aria of the Soul) -Terry Bogard Giga Bowser (Giga Bowser) -Mario (King Bowser-Super Mario Bros. 3) -Captain Falcon -Mewtwo (Lorekeeper Zinnia) -Zero Suit Samus -Rosalina and Luma (Round 6 w/Mario; Fated Battle) -Incineroar (w/ Greninja) Queen Sectonia (Moonstruck Blossom) -Kirby -Daisy -Dr. Mario -Roy -Meta Knight -King Dedede Galleom (Boss Battle Song 1) -Sheik -Dark Pit -Snake -R.O.B. -Wolf -Mega Man (Guts Man Stage) -Shulk (Mechanical Rhythm) -Cloud -King K. Rool Perfect Chaos (Open Your Heart) -Samus -Zelda -Lucina -Pit (w/Dark Pit) -Sonic -Joker (Our Beginning) Galeem (WoL only) Dark Realm Crazy Hand -Dark Samus -Villager -Ken Ganon (Ganondorf Second Half (Twilight Princess)) -Link -Bowser -Young Link -Toon Link -Palutena -Banjo-Kazooie Nightmare (Vs. Nightmare (Kirby's Adventure)) -Fox -Ness -Lucas -Olimar -Rosalina and Luma (Final Round w/Mario) -Inkling (Calamari Inkantation) Medeus (Medeus, Shadow Dragon) -Yoshi -Peach -Marth -Greninja -Robin -Bowser Jr. (Round 6; Fortess Boss-Super Mario Bros. 3) -Duck Hunt -Hero (Battle for the Glory) Dracula (Nothing to Lose/Black Night) -Luigi -Wario -Ike (Dark Emperor Hardin) -PAC-MAN (Dwelling of Doom) -Simon -Richter (Dance of Illusions) Dharkon (WoL only)
  10. Farm boy finds himself going to church with his dad, but then his dad slips and falls on a knife and the farm boy is so pissed he decides to become a bishop and dye his hair.
  11. I had an old thread like this back in Forum Games, bit it just kinda...died. Anyways, I got this idea after a contest of this nature ended on Smashboards. Here's the template: Boss: Game of Origin: What does the boss do? Strategy: Setting: Intro/Defeat: Who fights this boss in Classic Mode? Where would this boss be in World of Light?
  12. Your Final Smash Meter. If you can survive long enough, it’ll be full enough to use a Final Smash.
  13. Just bring your strongest Spirit possible (preferably with one that grants poison immunity) and attack without hesitation; use a Final Smash ASAP if you have to. This certainly makes the battle easier compared to other Legend Spirits.
  14. When TH came out, I was expecting Spirits and Mii Costumes at best, since it wasn't confirmed at the time that DLC would go beyond the Fighter's Pass. However, what we got instead was a Spirit event for Mother's 30th anniversary; no TH-related content anywhere. This leads me to believe that a TH character is going to be part of the post-pass DLC. Who do you think is more likely? Byleth, Edelgard or neither? Personally, I'm placing my bets on Byleth, since he's not only the most unique avatar in the series, but also a general candidate for a unique FE rep, what with Brawling, Faith magic, the Crest of Flames, Battalions, and the Sword of the goddamn CREATOR! (Please forgive my fanboying)
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