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  1. And so, like we should’ve expected literally anything else, Gen 8 is getting a Spirit event on Friday. Now, let’s not assume this means no Gen 8 rep, because there’s still a lot of options to choose from for a Gen 8 rep. Like Sirfetch’d, for example; in fact, I even made a Sirfetch’d moveset myself: On a separate note, YES YES THEY’RE FINALLY USING SUGIMORI POKÉMON ART IN A SMASH GAME
  2. I believe today should be day 3, for Link? Cause my immediate changes would be: Base his design off the Oraclr games, with an alt based on his Breath of the Wild appearance MAKE. HIM. LEFT. HANDED.
  3. Smash Ultimate just got nominated for GOTY, Best Fighting Game, and Best Family Game. Of course, knowing the Game Awards, it probably won't win much, if anything.
  4. Aesthetics: Change one of his victory animations to when he punches a goal barrel in Donkey Kong Country
  5. Hmmm…sure! Attacks Make Cappy Side-B (like how Vanguard suggested, but making it a hard press whereas the cape is a tap of Side-B) Have FLUDD be pointed downwards for recovery when in midair Make the ground pound D-Air Change F-Smash to a wind-up lunch (like in one of his victory animations) Aesthetics Import voice clips from Odyssey Change a victory animation to the iconic flag pole descent Have the Fireball look closer to 3D world, but with Ultimate’s cartoony fire effect Have the Super Jump sound effect be closer to 3D Land/World (aside from the purple coins of course) Have Cappy’s eyes appear during one of his idle animations
  6. https://smashboards.com/threads/the-charming-schemer-of-the-golden-deer-claude-von-reigan.491921/ I made a support thread for Claude von Riegan on SmashBoards. I now unapologetically want him in because I not only adore him as a character, but he’s got FANTASTIC moveset potential as well.
  7. Just as the title says. I’ll start!
  8. If the games are gonna send a hundred million reinforcements on the map, at least restrict it to the chapters where we only need to kill the bosses
  9. Not gonna happen. Sakurai specifically wants to make Smash video-games only, and I doubt Disney wouldn’t keep that in mind, since Sora is originated from a video game.
  10. HMK made a video regarding a hypothetical moveset he made for Sora. And here’s an earlier video regarding his arguments in favor of Sora:
  11. I'm not joking, another expo over half a year after the LAST one. That was quick.
  12. I think I misled some people. I never exactly took always facing the opponent or fighting game inputs in mind.
  13. Thanks to Terry's Crack Shoot, back specials are now possible. However, I don't want EVERY character to have this, since it was hard enough work for Terry. If this gets added to characters (newcomers and veterans are applicable), who would benefit from having one? My pick is Kirby having Hammer Flip changed to back special, and his new front special be the Beam.
  14. Wait…Astral Chain never got Spirits. I remember when the game first came out.
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