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  1. Frank West Classic Mode: I've covered wars, you know
  2. A new poster popped up at 7/11 JP, and it's up until Oct. 4th. Whenever something like this happens, a new fighter is inbound. Maybe we'll something like...I dunno, a double reveal for FP7 and FP8? Maybe the former will release before or on Oct. 4th and the latter will release in early 2021 or something? I'm not saying a double reveal is definitely going to happen. Just a thought.
  3. Okay, so here's a character I've been considering recently; Frank West from Dead Rising. However, I imagined him more as a bonus character with his UMvC3 theme and a coupe Spirits of Chuck Greene and Nick Ramos.
  4. It's no secret that gambling is pretty controversial with video games (especially in the age of loot boxes). Opinions on the matter are usually negative once real life money gets involved. What's your opinion on this? In my honest opinion, should be reduced to in-game currency, and ONLY in-game currency (and even then, it'd be best to avoid displaying it as a real-life slot machine).
  5. Now hear me out: Bionicle vs. Capcom. I was thinking this could be released during the height of Bionicle's popularity. Bionicle Tahu (Toa Nuva) Kopaka (Toa Nuva) Lewa (Toa Mata) Onua (Toa Mata) Pohatu (Toa Nuva) Takanuva (Toa of Light) Vakama (Toa Metru) Matau (Toa Hordika) Jaller (Toa Inika) Hahli (Toa Mahri) Makuta Teridax Rahkshi Bohrak-Kal Nidhiki Roodaka Visorak Keetongu Vezok Reidak Axonn Vezon (arcade mode boss) Capcom Ryu Chun-Li Dudley Akuma Tron Bonne Zero Leon S. Kennedy Nemesis Dante Trish Vergil Morrigan Felicia Hsien-Ko Arthur Firebrand Frank West Pheonix Wright Mike Haggar Strider Hiryu
  6. I’m sorry, indie? You don’t have to like Ring Fit Adventure, but it’s anything but indie.
  7. That's weird. When the RFA Spirit Event got announced, I thought I saw someone say something along the lines of "oh, thank fuck".
  8. Oh....I moreso meant as a game. Being hard to find with everything going on is completely understandable.
  9. An FE Warriors game that focuses on the TH timeskip.
  10. Just curious; what’s everyone’s beef with Ring Fit Adventure? I genuinely love the game, and I’ve played it a lot since I got it for Christmas.
  11. Look at the heart in the picture's background. Also, no. We're talking about KH1's opening.
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