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  1. I think the ideal remake should cross a fine line between keeping what people like about the original game while also reimagining it for today's audiences. In this case, Shadows of Valentia and Samus Returns come to mind.
  2. You know, I would've loved to see House of the Dead represented in Smash in some way. Maybe with the Magician as a boss and/or Assist Trophy (maybe both, a la Rathalos)
  3. A CP11 hopes surevey just released yesterday. Here are the characters in order: Sora (hell yeah!) Bandana Waddle Dee (hell yeah!) 2B Reimu Hakurei Arle Nadja Crash Bandicoor Monster Hunter Cinderace The Imposter (yes, really) Masahiro Sakurai (yes, really)
  4. Made a stage concept for Planet Wisp: Smash Stage Concept: Planet Wisp - Google Docs Honestly, we should've gotten this in the Wii U version instead of Windy Hill.
  5. Assuming Crash is the last fighter, I don’t think he would be scrapped because of the lawsuit, as all the fighters were locked in back in 2019.
  6. Man, Shadows of Valentia was done dirty in Smash Ultimate. It didn't even need a fighter from that game; it just needed better musical and Spirit representation, IMO (especially the latter) The only Spirits of Valentian characters are Alm and Celica, and they're in a pair! What about Spirits of the characters from the OG Gaiden? Gray, Tobin, Clair, Clive, Mycen, Mae and Boey, Saber, Sonya, Rudolf, Jedah...just to name a few. And that's not even going into the Echoes OC's; Faye, Fernand, Berkut and the Masked Knight.
  7. Actually, we do have Garreg Mach in Smash, but that and Ferox is only 2 FE stages based on actual locations out of the 4 we have in Smash.
  8. It's no secret that FF's Smash representation has...been kinda minimal, to put it lightly. Sephiroth's inclusion did fix this, but not by much as most of his Challenger Pack consisted of content from FFVII (which makes sense). So, assuming copyright wasn't a meanie FF had more base game content in Smash, what would you have loved to see? For me: Music Spirits Possible Assist Trophy ideas
  9. Pokemon I don't think Nintendo's necessarily aiming for that target range, but assuming we do go by that logic, it's honestly hard to say either way. There are plausible options in this range that aren't just Cash Banooca, just...not much. Assuming veteran franchises are on the table, please ignore my bad joke from earlier I think Eggman might fit in this category
  10. Hi, I've been wanting to make this topic for a while. It's...no secret that Corrin's garnered a lot of hate when he/she was revealed for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U back in December 2015 as one of the last two DLC fighters. In turn, this caused a lot of hate towards Fire Emblem characters in Smash in general (especially when Byleth was the last character of Ultimate's Fighters Pass Vol. 1, but that's another story). Bottom line; Corrin is, at the very least, mostly unique from other FE characters with their moveset. But I've been wondering something for a while...what if Azura, another important character in Fates, was the rep for that game instead of Corrin? Azura is currently a Spirit in Ultimate, but this topic is more of a what-if scenario where Azura chooses to dance on the battlefield. Note: My inspiration came from an article Source Gaming posted back in 2016. A lot of what I say here is more or less word-for-word from the article. What Azura would bring to the table Actual moveset (the one I did, anyways) With this, I deviated from Source Gaming's version a bit Stage: Opera House (Here's where I got the idea) Alright, now I'm gonna be getting into more Ultimate-specific stuff. Palutena's Guidance (well, I say Palutena's, but...you'll see in a sec.) Classic Mode: Song of the Fight (fights characters to vocal songs) Possible Spirit Battles against Azura I don't think Azura would've mitigated hate by any means, since she'd still be another FE character, but I wanted to peep into what would be if Azura was fated for Smash.
  11. Updated the list to include characters from the Tekken series.
  12. A bit late, but at this point: Crash Dr. Eggman Bandana Waddle Dee
  13. Every day, I wish i could fire an imagination beam and make the Smash however I want it to be, roster or otherwise.
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