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  1. You know we are interviewing Von too. You wouldn’t ban someone for doing their job.
  2. This was a test. You will be contacted with the outcome within 5 business days.
  3. This is a democracy, Von. Like I said, the people have spoken. I am not insistent on crashing our interview period, I am however insistent on being granted the people’s choice. I welcome further input.
  4. Von, Rule 1, subsection 2, darling. The people have spoken and I am here. I would recommend you back off if you don’t wish to be pereceived as a dictator.
  5. Hi Von. thanks for your opinion but I didn’t grant you permission to share it. if I want to be interviewed, I will be. That simple. Have a great day.
  6. JohnCarter, JonCarter, JC, John, Jon, Carter, and myself. hbu?
  7. alright, gl today, if we don't lynch evan we should see everyone tomorrow
  8. Ok, if we lynch a wolf today, GL to shinori and please don't forget about who we don't lynch in ori/manti/duk3. most if not all of them are wolves. after that, depending on who they've killed off, then start working elsewhere, by that time there should hopefully be only one wolf left in a world of 4
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