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  1. GG This was a fun, intense game. This setup feels a bit wonky to me with scum getting so many extra kills, but still having the number of players that you'd expect for a single-kill setup. Scum team could have been 4 members and Town would have still had trouble with this one unless they got lucky and lynched/vigged the arsonist early in the game. Scum played a very solid game and I don't know if we could have caught them anyway without burning through a couple more mislynches, but Town needed basically a perfect game to win this.
  2. Ichigo and Evan had the tonereads on him. Not really keen on moving to Mello at the moment since MI is already on that wagon. His content D3 is passable; I think he'll be sortable later. If I were to move my vote at this point, it would probably be back to Shattiel.
  3. @weinerboy: Can you give me the two sentence case on Mello? I skimmed through his ISO and nothing stands out to me as immediately problematic.
  4. I wasn't specifically thinking of Red Ryu when I was writing that, no. I don't recall anything in his ISO that really stood out to me as being very oblivious, but I'd have to go back to check. I do remember him mentioning that he didn't know scum were using Discord, which I thought was very weird at the time since I was specifically asked about whether I used Discord prior to game start.
  5. A) As others have noted, 4/5 people on your wagon were either dead townies or claimed PRs. Only questionable person is Orihime. It's definitely a wagon that we know is predominantly Town-motivated. What's interesting about this is mostly the wagon dynamics. Given that four (maybe five) townies were sitting on your wagon, it's surprising that no one else was willing to jump on to your wagon in the case where you are Town. There was a scum wagon in play at the time, so there was at least some incentive for scum to push your wagon a bit harder. If you're scum, one possible reason that this may have been the case is that you're more valuable--and likely easier to save--than AM. B) It's not even that you weren't pushed to be lynched. There was no movement on your wagon at all. A group jumped on, then they jumped off. Most of the other wagons persisted for longer and their membership changed more organically.
  6. While I'll concede that this might not be the most insightful thing I've said this game, it's hardly something that anyone should be surprised by. This is a game that's supposed to be full of crafty and clever players from a variety of sites with different metas. I doubt all lurk as scum and are busy as Town. So I am expecting that there are probably a least a few wolves among the active players who are getting a pass just for being active, and a couple of Townies among the lurkers. This is just common sense. For example, Shattiel, manti, and Ryanyb seem to have been completely oblivious to the game state today, not knowing who claimed what or was wagoned or whatever. Wolves are probably more likely than not to know this information since they would presumably be getting at least some of it through wolf chat and would have discussed who to target during the night. It's possible that one or more of them are faking a dumb tell (Shattiel), but it wouldn't surprise me all that much if all three ended up being useless lynchbait Townies.
  7. I agree with this. I expect we probably have at least 1-2 wolves among the active players.
  8. At the time you said this, these were the votals: Why are you singling out Orihime here in particular? What about Shattiel/Ryan? Or why not somebody else if your read there is stronger?
  9. Probably Town. You're engaged, but also independently-minded and just doing your own thing trying to figure things out, which I find townie. I also like your contributions to the AM lynch.
  10. These three wagons are interesting. The former is one of the few wagons where AM was fairly decisively leading the votals pre-slip. manti's vote here is completely unsupported. In their reads later, in fact, Naana isn't even on there. AM is lumped in with Evan as a "probably not together" read. Three VCs later (about 5 pages), Elemina has also voted Naana and we suddenly have three tied wagons. Both manti and Elemina looking good as wolves here. This wagon is probably the towniest wagon of the game based on confirmed flips and claimed PRs so far. The lack of movement here by anyone else, leading to this wagon eventually dissipating, makes me think probably scum, and if scum, probably scum PR that they didn't want to bus. Representative wagons from Omega D1 and D2. Interesting to me that the D1 Omega wagon is pretty townie (Shattiel notwithstanding), whereas the D2 wagon by Omega is almost entirely people that we don't have info on, except for SB. Also interesting that Trump is the only person in this group who was a persistent AM voter. Elemina and Shattiel again looking bad here. Along with Oriheme, the three of them also stayed on this wagon much past its best-before date. SB wagon was likely Town-driven. Ryu wagon is much more ambiguous. Ryan and weinerboy were on for a very long time. MI vote opportunistic again. I think this is probably the best play today, actually. ##Vote: @Magnificence Incarnate
  11. Shattiel, Evan, manti, Elemina. Working through the vote analysis and will see if anyone else pops out at me.
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