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  1. I have a really crazy idea: make a kind of promotion or Secondary Seal to get character alts of characters. For example, if you get an extra Lyn, you could "promote" her to a Brave Lyn. Also if you got a Brave Lyn, you could promote her to an original Lyn. I guess it's not happening but anyone can dream.
  2. It's still too early to think about it happening. We could even wait for a September Direct. While it's not released, it can be delayed. Anyways, I honestly think that we will see something about FE16. Smash can't be the only big first party of autumn, and Pokemon and Metroid are 99% sure released next year. Besides, I think Smash would help FE16 if the protagonist appears on Smash. Also, the thing that Cipher hasn't shown anything about wave 14 at this point is a little suspicious...
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