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  1. Hey, I'm sure everyone has done it at least once. I know I did at first. Good people in here so relax and discuss!
  2. I made this modification for me and I'm pretty happy with the changes made. I decided to share it. You are welcome to try it like I said before. It does make the game more reasonable in the intro stages. As I explained in the description, As for this modification, it is complete. I thought I would share this with like-minded folks who felt Meg, Aran, Edward, Leonardo, Lethe, Lyre, Vika, Nealuchi, Laura, and Kyza difficult to implement into their gameplay.
  3. @Interdimensional Observer Berwick should run just fine on your PC. I run it on a Haswell based Acer Chromebook using Linux. Dual core 1.4 GB Intel processor with 2 gigabytes of ram.
  4. Thank you so much for all of your diligence and hard work translating this gem.
  5. All the changes are not listed here but Tormod did get altered, well as the other characters that are absent for many scenarios. I'll add more details at some point. I made this for myself so it won't be going through a lot of changes unless someone is using the mod and would like some changes. I've played through three times to test for stability and balancing. I may adjust more if I see something on the next playthrough but I'm pretty happy with where it's at.
  6. I'm not sure why you are not using the latest development version 5.0 v.10910 but you should. Also, once you've installed that, set CPU override to 72%. Use DirectX11, and set your resolution to 720P fullscreen. Audio will have a new function called audio stretching. Turn it on and set it to 85ms buffer size. Under the graphics setting, there is a section called shader compilation. Set it to synchronous and checkmark Compile shaders before starting. Also, turn per-pixel lighting on, well as Force 24 bit color. Those will improve your visual a bit without losing performance. The settings I told you to adjust here will work for 99% of your titles, not just Fire Emblem games. I hope this helps.
  7. @NinjaMonkey Quite aware of her poor availability. I didn't focus on her growth as I didn't see the need for improvement but her stat additions were changed which gives her a much better base which should translate to actual usability when you get her back in Act 4. The adjustments were made with consideration for availability on those altered. My main gripe was with Meg, and Fiona so all of the main testing has been focused on that thus far. Thanks for pointing out the autocorrect mistake BTW. The Grammarly tool can be pretty overzealous about changing words it doesn't know.
  8. I imagine after Ike defeats him with Ragnell, that armor is a complete heap of scrap metal. It probably also could be only repaired by powerful magical means which would require someone like Sephiran.
  9. Fire Emblem Dawn Brigade Remix The main goal of this mod is to make Meg, Aran, Edward, Fiona, Leonardo, Lethe, Lyre, Viki, Nealuchi, Laura, Kyza more usable in normal, and hard difficulty modes by altering their stat additions and growth rates. I consider the mod complete now with revision 5 released. There may be more changes however later on if I feel it needs more changes. Even though I found the Redux mod to be interesting and highly entertaining, it didn't address what this mod specifically was designed for. The changes are meant to not stand out and your experience should stay feeling vanilla while adjusting the above. I am using the Nightmare editor to adjust these and requires the Wii Scrubber tool to utilize this modification for your ISO. This mod is only for use in the Dolphin emulator and the U.S.A version. Instructions are below. Edward I'll use Edward, Leonardo, and Micaiah as an example of what has been altered. (Adjusted Stats) HP:21 STR:9 MAG:0 SKL:12 SPD:13 LCK:9 DEF:7 RES:2 Leonardo (Adjusted Stats) HP:19 STR:10 MAG:0 SKL:12 SPD:11 LCK:6 DEF:7 RES:5 Micaiah (Adjusted Stats) HP:15 STR:2 MAG:7 SKL:8 SPD:7 LCK:10 DEF:2 RES:4 Base stats were not altered for Micaiah but her growth rate has been raised where I found them appropriate. You should see better level-ups. Leonardo and Edward also received a similar growth rate change. I'm currently learning hex editing so I have some plans to alter other things but not as to change the game flow or as broad as the Redux mod changes but alterations that should balance out the game in a more positive manner. Due to computer problems, I'm currently experiencing, hex edits may come much later. As for this modification, it is complete. I thought I would share this with like-minded folks who felt Meg, Aran, Edward, Leonardo, Lethe, Lyre, Vika, Nealuchi, Laura, and Kyza difficult to implement into their gameplay. Here is the Recompressed FE10data.cms file needed for using this mod. Revision 4 - Mostly overhaul of stat additions and growth rates for members of the Dawn Brigade and a number of Laguz. Revision 5 - Complete rebalance of all stat adds and growth rates for all playable characters. Revision 5.1 - Complete rebalance with further adjustments to Meg, Aran, Janaki, and Edward. Instructions for applying the mod to your ISO using Wii Scrubber. 0. Backup your original FE RD ISO before proceeding. 1. Download Wii Scrubber and extract/unzip to a folder of your choosing. 2. Go to the directory, double click on MakeKeyBin executable. Let it create the key.bin file. 3. Double click Wii scrubber executable. Click on load ISO button. Find your Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ISO and open. 4. Click the + on partition 1 and scroll down until you see fe10data.cms. Highlight and right-click using your mouse and choose to replace. 5. Navigate to recompressed fe10data.cms file. Open and let Wii Scrubber do its thing. 6. Once finished, take the newly modified ISO and place into Dolphin game directory. Choose a new ISO in Dolphin and play. You are welcome to leave constructive feedback. If you don't agree with my sentiments on what has been altered, be free to ignore this topic and move on.
  10. Live service/MOBA games such as Fortnite, Destiny 2, Anthem, LoL, and Overwatch has no appeal to me. Fallout 4 is okay because of mods. The vanilla FO4 was a poor experience indeed.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing an editor like the one in Wargroove for Fire Emblem.
  12. I really want to believe that Nintendo and IS designed the 3 choices from a creative standpoint. However, the way the game was monetized indicates something too EA like to ignore.
  13. Yep, very witty and fun. It always reminds me of my own past campaigns.
  14. It is just Sega selling nostalgia to the casual masses. Retro is in these days so it is a good business manuever.
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