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  1. Live service/MOBA games such as Fortnite, Destiny 2, Anthem, LoL, and Overwatch has no appeal to me. Fallout 4 is okay because of mods. The vanilla FO4 was a poor experience indeed.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing an editor like the one in Wargroove for Fire Emblem.
  3. I really want to believe that Nintendo and IS designed the 3 choices from a creative standpoint. However, the way the game was monetized indicates something too EA like to ignore.
  4. Yep, very witty and fun. It always reminds me of my own past campaigns.
  5. It is just Sega selling nostalgia to the casual masses. Retro is in these days so it is a good business manuever.
  6. Fallout 4: The game is fine as a shooter but Bethesda forgot about the RP part. It also doesn't help how the default dialogue is set up. Destiny: Bungie really could have brought something special with this by adding an epic tale but instead it ended up being a typical multiplayer loot shooter with nothing really special. Mass Effect Andromeda: I was really hoping Bioware wasn't dead but this proved me wrong. Diablo 3: I waited over a decade for this garbage? Fire Emblem Shadows of Valencia: I liked it but the poor map design and dumped down map sprites hampered the enjoyment.
  7. @Tolvir Xenonauts is practically the successor to Xcom UFO Defense. It's pretty good, too.
  8. I really wish Square would revive Vagrant Story.
  9. @Anacybele I also recommend Autodesk Sketchbook. Easy to use and likely compatible with your device. The other recommendation would be Pencil2d. https://www.pencil2d.org/ It is primarily an animation tool but I found sketching on it to be natural and enjoyable. It is also free, so nice resource to have if you decide to do more with it. If you have a Windows Tablet, this will work but won't work on android. If Pixelart is something you are interested in, https://www.pixilart.com/draw. Also, free and you can use this on pretty much anything.
  10. I would rather have an another 3DS Fire Emblem game instead of money and time spent on a spinoff game. Just saying the words spinoff brings up bile in my mouth and face turns hulk green.
  11. He really was the new heart of Nintendo but I think Mr Iwata's passing really affected him. He was a good guy. I hope he gets the retirement he wanted.
  12. It would be cool to see modern versions of Thracia 776 and Genealogy of the Holy War. Echoes turned out pretty well and that had a fairly short development time. I never imagined Fire Emblem Gaiden ever being remade til Echoes came out. Definitely a nice surprise after Fates.
  13. The influence should be dependent on if said criticism is valid.
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