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  1. If anything, it'd probably be better to remake FE6 or 7 in FE8
  2. I would love if this included a split similar to FE8 Green, where it split the units apart and made the player play through both Ephraim and Eirika's part. Nonethless, I plan on trying this out on my way home.
  3. Eirika route ONLY (don't plan on doing Ephraim route). Little to no story changes have been made yet, so just a pure gameplay patch right now.
  4. Apologies for the long gap again guys. Here's a early patch. [spoiler=Patch]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B01UlNqIwgfJUlR6Zl81MkdrWHc/view?usp=sharing [spoiler=Release Info]To-Do List -Story Changes -Palette fixes -More weapon balancing (debating on making it similar to FE14)
  5. Status Report! So far, all the animations and balancing has been done, all I need to finish up left is the script. College and work are all really doing a number on me, but hopefully I can try and squeeze in a couple of hours into this hack here and there to finish this damn thing. Sorry to everyone (if anyone) waiting on this but all I need left is the Script changes to release the first patch for this. Or if the demand is large enough, I could release it as is right now
  6. I'm sowwie senpai T-T Since I made Gale(Glen) and Brunya(Selena) playable in the main campaign, I'm trying to figure out how to edit their Creature Campaign counter parts ( if they are coded differently) so I can fit in more characters.
  7. Finished the characters to be included in this hack, I shall also update the main post of who's replaced [spoiler=Ayy gurl I heard you like FE6 characters using FE8 colors]
  8. Yup, now his allies won't get stunned by his glorious muskles I barely can splice, so I don't know if I can do that kind of fine tuning. Still, I think it looks much better than how Sue originally looked.
  9. @Celice: Recoloring animations? Yup! I'll probably start from scratch, since the FE6 palettes will probably be too dated. I may implement the FE6 weapon stats just to add another degree to difficulty (so at least Sacred Stones will be trickier before hitting an arena or tower of valni. Though I do want to implent the Midori's patch of difficulty that they added to those two.) @eclipse: I think I could find some left over character data (like Saleh's grandmother or Nate) just to squeeze in a couple of characters. I did add a couple of characters being evil or put in a situation where they have to fight against (ie. maybe having Gonzalez replacing the boss in the chapter where you get Wolt(Colm) and Sue(Neimi) ) [spoiler=More Progress] [spoiler=Rearranged/Replaced Characters] Gilliam -> Bors Trec Moulder -> Elphin Saul Colm -> Shin Wolt Artur -> Saul Lugh Lute -> Clarine Igrene Natasha -> Ellen Clarine Ewan -> Lugh Raigh Knoll -> Raigh Sophia [spoiler=Rearranged/Replaced Characters Explained and plot spoilers] Bors(Gilliam) -> Trec: Even with a new haircut, I just don't like Bors. Plus, now it makes more sense for Noah to show up with Trec. Shin(Colm) -> Wolt: Wolt is now Roy's most trusted spy. Sue was captured by bandits while fleeing from Jehanna Sacae, with Wolt informing Lilina then going ahead to recon the base. Sue was able to escape by the time Lilina's forces arrive, but caused a ruckus, making it hard for Wolt to escape and forcing Lilina's group to engage in battle.) Clarine(Lute) -> Igrene: Not sure how big her role was in the original FE6, but now she investigates monster Risen sightings, joining Lilina's forces to help stop the Risen's forces from growing. Ellen(Natasha) -> Clarine: I hate Ellen's design. Just ew. Raigh(Knoll) -> Sophia: Not sure what her role was in FE6 either, but she feels better in replacing Knoll rather then Raigh
  10. @eclipse: 3. Those were just suggested changes I might make, now I'm playing around with simple splicing so characters may look closer to the class they're replacing. OH! And I fixed a Lyn's hair a while back (same color as Sue's) I guess I forgot to export it when showing the characters. @Anouleth: I've decided to use Eliwood's Lord class to replace the rogue animation (since it looks rather Trickstery) and Percival's mug kind of matches the change now. I want to try and find a place for Igrene (and Sophia) but we'll see. Trec might make it in if the rework I've done to Bors' hair is unsatisfactory (so gotta splice Trec to have armor) [spoiler=Bors got a new haircut, Sue looks like someone's daughter now, and Wolt replaces Shin(Colm)]
  11. I appreciate the critique! I probably might mess around with the pegasus hair colors (as i want to give both their mugs and battle sprites more uniqueness as to make sure we're not getting the same pegasus flier with 3 different stats). Lyn makes me mad, since a large majority of FE8 colors are too green or too blue. The hair problem, I wish I was skilled enough to properly fix those but I'll probably give it a go after the first patch. [spoiler=In response to your insects] 1. Pretty much a filler name for now, as reviving Desmond and having Zephiel be Roy and Lilina's BFF would be kinda weird. 2. Saul's a monk 3. Pretty much all of the characters will be adopting the person they replace's class (Elphin -> priest, Shin -> thief, etc.) with exception of Fir(Myrmidon) and Echidna(Hero). I probably might rearrange who replaces along the lines of (saul - moulder, lugh - artur, chad - colm, etc)
  12. Hello everybody, I present to you another FE8 hack to be added to the pile of reskins! This is a simple project I have done where I have ported most of the FE6 unto FE8. Why would I do this? Honestly this is just something I've been using to get use to hacking and to kill time whenever college gives me a little too much breathing space. Why should you play this? No real reason if reskins aren't in your particular neighborhood, otherwise maybe some of the changes I've mentioned in the Change log might pique your interest. Look forward to the first patch in the next week or two! Hope you all enjoy your pumpkin spice frappuccinos in the mean time [spoiler=Gameplay and Aesthetic Changes]-FE6/FE7 mugs are recolored to use FE8 colors! -Pegasus Trio hair colors now reference the three goddesses from the Legend of Zelda -Legendary Weapons have infinite uses now (but decreased power and increased weight, may also remove monster slaying properties) -Rogue is now Trickster (using Eli's lord animation, and an increase in movement) -Generals forgot how to use swords -Wyvern Riders trade Lances for Axes -Wyvern Lords trade Swords for Axes -Dancers use swords -Roy's promotion now uses Knight Lord animations (may also learn lances) -Several name changes among the classes -Hector(Fado), Eliwood(Hayden), and Lyn(Ismaire) use their FE7 portraits (and are described as einherharhabalajabala or however spell the name for those Duel Monsters cards) -Female myrmidons and female swordmasters now use Lyn's lord and blade lord animations. -No trainees -Dragonstone can easily be bought but Fa may be nerfed -Numerous renumbers for the uses of weapons -All weapons have descriptions! (Iron weapons need love) [spoiler=Story Changes SPOILERS] -Since it is reskinning FE8, FE6's story and world will try and fit in. Hopefully. -Eirika Lilina is getting more of the spotlight as the main lord (I guess good news due to the general consensus of Roy being a shit lord) -In addition, for now I'll only be balancing/rewriting Eirika Lilina Route Locale changes: -Jehanna Sacae has dried and become a dessert Character Changes: -Wade: A mercernary hired by Grado. Lott's most trusted friend. For a mercernary, justice comes to those with a price tag on their head. Sadly, Wade and Lott were called upon to enact the justice that had been placed upon Lilina's head. -Lott: A mercernary hired by Grado. Wade's most trusted friend. Word of Wade's death had traveled quickly to Lott, followed by news of his murderer coming to meet him next. He fights now not for the gold. -Gonzalez: Garrett's secondhand man in his raider crew, Phantom. Gonzalez was always ridiculed for his low intellect and ugly demeanor, but Garrett -Wolt: Roy's most trusted spy and milk brother. Wolt was requested by Roy to inform Lord Hector on his assault on TotallyNotRenvall, but on his way back he witnessed Sue get abducted by bandits, knowing Sue's status, he believed he could trust in himself to sneak her out of the Bandit Stronghold so Lilina would not have to put her or the rest of her squad in danger. [spoiler=To-do List] - Write up the Story Changes -Clean up mugs whose colors didn't transition well (Echidna's shirt, Shin and Sue's Shoulder pads, etc.) -Blinking Frames -Make the script seem less of a carbon copy of FE8's story -Indepth balancing for at least Lilina's route [spoiler=Characters Replaced]Eirika - Lilina Seth - Zealot Gilliam - Bors Trec Franz - Noah Moulder - Elphin Saul Vanessa - Thany Ross - Fir Neimi - Sue Colm - Shin Wolt Garcia - Bartre Innes - Klein Lute - Clarine Igrene Natasha - Ellen Clarine Cormag - Miledy Ephraim - Roy Forde - Allen Kyle - Lance Amelia - Wendy Artur - Saul Lugh Gerick - Deker Tethys - Lalum Marisa - Echidna Saleh - Hugh Ewan - Lugh Raigh Larchel - Cecilia Dozla - Douglas Rennac - Percival Duessel - Murdock Myrh - Fa Knoll - Raigh Sophia Joshua - Rutger Syrene - Juno Tana - Tate Selena - Brunya Valter - Narshen Riev - Nergal Glen - Gale Hayden - Eliwood Fado - Hector Ishmaire - Lyndis Supply - Merlinus Oneil - Wade Breguet - Lott Bone - Gonzalez Bazba - Garret Zonta - Ogier Tirado - Leygance Carlyle - Rath [spoiler=Vigarde]Zephiel [spoiler=Caellach]Karel [spoiler=Orson]Marcus [spoiler=Lyon]Zpehyr (Zephiel's son) [spoiler=Morva]Idoun [spoiler=Reskins and Recolors] [spoiler=Credits] Tools: -Hextator's FEditor -Nightmare and it's module developers Animations: -Hero w/ Coat Armor (Creator unknown) -Hawkzerker (The Blind Archer) -Wyvern Ride w/ Axe (eCut and Kitty of Time) -Wyvern Lord w/ Axe (The Blind Archer) -Eliwood Slash Sword Attack (Princess Kilvas/Ninja Pichu/Mizuti for sprite, Spud for animation in FEditor) -FE 7/8 Zephiel (shadowofchaos, bonestorm, Lawliet) EDIT: First patch that still needs a lot work, but playable to an extent. [spoiler=DL Link]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B01UlNqIwgfJUlR6Zl81MkdrWHc/view?usp=sharing
  13. I don't know if Rodge is still working on this, but I'm actually doing this same thing xD Mostly as something to play around with to get use to using FEditor and Nightmare, alongside numerous other tools. So far, I've replaced most (if not, all) characters, recolored FE6/7 portraits to use FE8 colors. If Rodge gave up on this project and people actually want to see a glorified FE8 reskin I could make a new thread featuring it. Other gameplay stuff I had changed [spoiler=] -The three pegasus riders have had their hair recolored to red, blue, and green. A small reference to three creation goddesses. -Lyn's lord and bladelord sprites replaces the female myrmidon and swordmaster. -All thief classes don't lockpick and can unlock for free. -Rogue is now Trickster (and now uses Eliwood's lord sprite) [skill: Movement +3] -Generals can't use swords. -Wyvern riders use axes instead of lances -Wyven lords use axes and lances instead of swords and lances -No trainee units -Nomad Troopers replace Rangers -Legendary weapons have unlimited uses but will be balanced accordingly -All weapons will have descriptions (nitpicky)
  14. I was thinking that probably the color does represent durability. Not the traditional it will break after a certain amount of times, but it will just gradually get weaker. And for the colors red, green, blue? They kind of reminded me of how the units health bars are: where around 20ish makes it yellow, 40ish green, 60ish is blue. Oh, looking again at the screenshots, there's no real clear-cut color pattern. Still maybe the gradually getting weaker idea might be a mechanic. Then again: filthy casual mode.
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