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  1. i'm butthurt for making this thread, only to then get ridiculed
  2. in my defense, i did not know this was a meme. and cmon, this game has just came out in europe. sorry if i'm out of the loop on these things.
  3. i swear i always get the most butthurt people posting in my threads. then again, it can't be helped when serenes forest is full of these kinds of people
  4. There's so many waifus to choose from that I'm spoilt for choice. There's also a bit of combat here and there but that doesn't matter. It's called fire emblem fates in case anyone is interested.
  5. So they'd rather make movies instead of re releasing gamecube games on the virtual console. Lame
  6. If i struggle to survive on the first 3 days i'd probably kill myself. Get it over and done with.
  7. cut grass when the rain touches the ground for the first time
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