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  1. So I was thinking about how Fire Emblem Fates had cross-over characters from other titles, then I thought about how it would look if I could bring another character into my favorite Fire Emblem. If you could take any character from another Fire Emblem game and bring them into Echoes, plot be damned, who would it be? Personally I would choose Lon'qu but that's just me.
  2. I like to imagine Grima singing The Slumbering Labyrinth while he torches Ylisse
  3. So, I had a thought. If there were any character in fire emblem that would hum their own theme song as they went about their day, who would it be? Personally I would throw my hat in for Zephiel because he's so evil, but what do you think?
  4. The scene where Emmeryn falls off the cliff to save Chrom and the shepherds, she ends up hitting multiple rocks on the way down and the camera zooms in on Chroms face as he watches it go on for about 4 minutes.
  5. That's good that your enjoying Echoes. Just be aware that you won't get the full story without at least watching the dlc and playing the memory prisms. Also, be aware that you only get three pitchforks to throw characters into another class than their starting one, unlike Awakening and Fates.
  6. Can't wait to throw my Hector and Fallen Robin in a wedding dress and send them out into the battlefield...
  7. I lost it at Chroms time share and the whole map in general.
  8. Near the end of Thabes Labyrinth, you have to remove the sages shield from the door. And if you read the tablets coming up to the door, you knew that there was some evil stuff being sealed away by that shield. Did Alm/Celica unleash The Creation upon the world without even knowing it by removing the seal?
  9. Spoilers: At the end of Awakening when you fight Grima there should've just been an Anna trying to set up shop on his back.
  10. I paired Lissa with Gaius strictly for my favorite characters to become royalty. Also they look great together...
  11. Oh boy, I promised to be there for Chrom's birthday and failed for six straight years. He gonna be mad when I play the game again...
  12. From around the web I found; Gandhi run (Corrin is an unpromoted monk) No personal weapons, single unit run, single weapon run. My personal suggestion is a retainer only run. Good luck on your emotional murder spree!
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