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  1. Tearing through heaven on that note i really wish it played more often during the main story
  2. iirc, its never fully said that seteth's wife was a dragonkin at all, hell considering they met at a church in pre serios embarr i'd say his wife was just a regular human being
  3. i honestly just want kris to be added just to get another shot at an archanea banner because i really want xane in this game so bad, but im somewhat neutral-positive on kris so if he does get into the game without xane id guess id be okay with it
  4. another case of three houses vage/up-to-interpretation writing. methinks he was a bit of a cruel ruler at first, but getting experimented on made him more meek and forgiving
  5. if every route had blue lions quality 3 houses would be an easy 10/10 BL is just that good
  6. fyi, the games set in the year 1180 and 1185, not 1860. also just a quick question, have you played black eagles/church route?
  7. i'm very biased with my choices but Blue lions > Black eagles > Golden deer/Church > Church/Golden deer i feel like going with Blue lions first heavily impacts the first part of the game since each student is involved in someway, unlike BE and GD, and also it reveals the least about the lore of Fodlan so it can be explored in other routes. Black eagles as the second choice works because you can see why edelgard did what she did and get some glimpses of TWSITD and what they're up to. Golden deer as last because it reveals a lot of lore that frankly really does feel like something you should experience last.
  8. fyi lorenz is in his post timeskip look but his portrait is still pre timeskip so im assuming that only some character here are in their post timeskip look, i think due to some new game + costume option
  9. i don't have enough money for it yet but i hope i do when the game comes out otherwise i am screwed
  10. the models and animations are pretty good imo, its just the lack of anti aliasing that makes the models look rough
  11. game looks fine to me, although playing xbc2 alot probaly did change my judgement on what a good looking game should look like
  12. after looking at the video itself again, i swear i can clearly make out what appears to be some kind of dragon
  13. to be fair that's not something i would associate with a pure, good hearted character but hey im just shooting in the dark
  14. damn, its too blurry to make all those pictures out. e3 cant come soon enough
  15. S tier: Lorenz A tier Raphael Garbage tier: Everyone else
  16. apparently they had some info which was later revealed in a famitsu article so they are credible
  17. this combined with the calender in hubert's video it really does seem like they're going for persona emblem here
  18. lorenz radiates incel energy and thats so funny to me if he doesnt go on a rant about how woman suck im sueing
  19. all depends on how the execution is tbh. it byleth ends up being something along the likes of MegaTen's Joker or Devil Survivor 2 protag then we're good
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