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  1. Oh, well then. That does seem to be the better option overall.
  2. Thank you for the warning. I'll remember that in the future. I do apologize as I was not aware of this. Also thank you for telling about the weapon ranks. I was thinking I could improve them @[email protected] I have been checking up on guides every now and then because there are some absurdly obscure events in this game. It's actually kind of ridiculous. Thanks for the heads up on chapter 3 btw. I knew they left just didn't know when. And I'll be sure to plan my pairing's accordingly. Out of curiosity what does rezire do over aura?
  3. This actually really helps a lot. I have gotten Finn and Cuans convos as well as Lex's brave axe and Arden's pursuit ring. But the pairing advice really helps!
  4. I actually was aware of the Lachesis thing and the arena. But it's good to note anyhow
  5. All of this is really good to note. I'll be sure to keep it in mind
  6. Poor Tailtiu. I really really like her.
  7. I can agree with this. I'd really like to see more units in volume like we used to have. In addition, I'd say that due to the infinite ability to change classes someone not turning out good is entirely a non-issue at this point. Like if one character didn't round out properly you always had a decent alternative with generally good bases and lower growths.
  8. I am fully aware of the story for reference. Feel free to go at it with spoilers. I'm fully aware of all the first gen stuff. A little less with second gen but I don't mind. As well thank you for this info as well
  9. Makalov, and his quest to escape his crippling debt through abandoning family members with it and being a detriment overall to anyone who has the misfortune of working with him.
  10. I definitely appreciate casual for what it is. It offers new players a way into the series in a much easier sense. It also lets people experience the game without significant worries. Does it stop the game from being hard? In some instances yes. In some instances no. But it's a really good gateway to attempting higher difficulties or just moving on to classic. Of the concessions FE has made for newer players, this is probably one of the better ones.
  11. Hi, yes hello. I've recently started FE4 and it's really different from a lot of the other games in the series overall. Just hit chapter 2 and things are coming along decently. Any tips for a new player to help out with the specific mechanics or just in general for FE4?
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