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  1. I'm afraid not, it wasn't received too favorably, the 12th game didn't receive localization for a reason, it just wasn't great. None of the characters were really fleshed out, though really that's primarily due to a lack of supports that the game desperately needed. It was made too faithfully to the original and didn't expand as much as it should have. Honestly if somehow Shadow Dragon/New Mystery hadn't happened, I'd think it would deserve the Echoes treatment, as I think that kind of recreation would have really helped the game. Though since it's too recent I'm sure that's a long-shot at this point.
  2. Innes and Vanessa from SS get married, but then it ends in a violent divorce. I wish that Norne from Shadow Dragon was a popular character and was put in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  3. I don't imagine it'd be impossible to develop one for FE7 though it'd likely be best and save me time to simply use the one from FE8. So you'd likely be right in that regard. I'm still doing research on this overall, and how implementing this would go, but I do appreciate the feedback. (I also realize I might have been better served putting this in the half-baked ideas thread since obviously this one isn't fully idealized, and I'm far from tackling it quite yet.) But I'll leave this for now since I noticed that the ideas there don't always get feedback and I like hearing thoughts when I have these ideas.
  4. So I've been thinking for awhile now about a project I wanna work on, and I've been considering using either FE 7 or FE 8 (Not sure yet which I'd prefer as a base.) I've got much of the story and I've written up much of my plans for the units and class plans I have for them. I decided I wanted to have units use Personal Skills and I also wanted to do Class Skills one for the Base Class, one for Level 10 of that class, and one final skill for the promotion class. So I've been considering how I want the promotion system to work exactly, and I've been considering utilizing Second Seals for units to access alternate classes. However I was considering the feasibility of having Second Seal Classes utilizing slightly different Base Stats by incorporating a unit's base class. An example would be let's say you have a F!Mage which promotes to a Sage or Mage Knight normally. Let's say using a Second Seal the F!Mage could promote to a Harrier which is a hypothetical promotion of a Pegasus Knight that uses Anima Magic and Lances. Using the Base Stats from Sacred Stones for this example. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Pegasus Knight 65 35 / 5 40 40 35 15 35 Mage (F) 55 0 / 55 40 35 20 5 40 In my project I intend for Magic and Strength to be a separate growth rate. Pegasus Knights will have a 5 in Magic and Mage's will have a 0 in Strength. The hypothetical Harrier class has the following growth rates in this example. However below it is the average of the two above classes in the event that the F!Mage uses a Second Seal. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Harrier (Normal) 65 35 / 35 40 40 35 15 35 Harrier (Second Seal) 65 35 / 55 40 40 35 15 40 I always felt it strange that there wasn't much carry over of the growth rates from the origin class, and I felt like this would make for more interesting builds. In this example the Harrier has a better Magic Growth which makes more sense anyway since it'd be originating from a Magic Class rather than a Physical Class. So I guess I wonder what others would think of this as a mechanic, the Second Seal would be a somewhat rare item since obviously in most cases a Second Seal class would turn out better than a normal promotion into that class. It might be unbalanced or maybe it'd prove too difficult to implement, but I'd love other thoughts on this idea and concept. (Maybe something similar already exists.) I've also considered doing something similar with the Base Stats, but doing one or the other might be better, though perhaps both is the best scenario in that case too.
  5. C.) Try to Remember the last 24 hours. You try to recall previous events, you remember driving on your way to meet up with a friend, on your way you saw a strange flickering light... your mind clouds as you try to recall what happened next, you feel like you also remember being in some sort of crash, but that doesn't feel right as you surely would have sustained serious injuries if that were the case. Your head begins to hurt as you keep thinking about this, and decide you should probably do something else. A.) Yell for a nurse. B.) Get out of Bed. C.) Look for your belongings. D.) Wait for something to Happen.
  6. If you are more in it for the story I'd say Birthright feels more like your traditional Fire Emblem game in a sense. While I do think the gameplay is more compelling in Conquest, your not necessarily going to avoid the Japanese style playing it. (There will be less of it sure, but you're still gonna be fighting those Hoshidan Scum.) I think if you're planning on getting both Birthright is the right game to start. Just remember not to delve too deep into DLC since that'd spoil somethings (Generally I'd say DLC should come after playing all 3-routes, as it's all extra stuff.)
  7. So I realized I was a little late on doing this, and my first topic wasn't my introduction despite intending it to be... Phew. Anyway, I'm excited to be here and excited to introduce myself officially to the Community, I'm Rook. I'm a giant Fire Emblem Nerd, and a long-time lurker of the forums, I love most things Fire Emblem, and I appreciate both the New and Older Games. (Though if I were told to have a preference the Older Games still have my heart a bit for the sake of nostalgia.) I love music, anime, and brewing ideas for Fire Emblem (What kind of Game I'd make, changes I'd want to a game to make it better for me, etc.) as well as discussion topics that border on the controversial such as differences in localization to features and their (un)necessary addition to the games in which they appear. I'm also a giant Survivor TV show nerd but I don't expect to talk much about that on these forums. Anyway, I'm a generally nice guy (at least I try to be), I'm a member of the US Air Force (though that's also not too relevant), and I'm excited to be here and talk with all of you. (If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask feel free, I'm an open book.) I'm very hype for the new Fire Emblem for the Switch, albeit a little quizzical of some of the features. (I'll definitely need more gameplay and another trailer to decide if it's likely to be a good game for me though. Since it's Fire Emblem though, I'm likely to get it anyway.) Nice to be here, and meet you all.
  8. Testing the latest patch provided. So far things seem to be working normally. However when you say it's Norne on the map for chapter one, it's always Marth in the position that I assume is her intended spawn point.
  9. Art evolves and changes, I can understand being offput because it is somewhat different, but we haven't had a Fire Emblem on a console in YEARS. So it's only expected that they try a couple things to try and make things, more realistic I suppose. Though I don't know how it's not something recognizable as Fire Emblem, the Grid-style gameplay was there, the Different Weapon Types, Magic, I think I see durability in there but I'd have to watch again to make sure I saw it right. The only thing differences I can see is a different art-style, and that there are generics following a lead character (Which is more realistic because wars would never be won by a gang of 20-40 people, considering often times there are only 4-5 impressive people and everyone else is a loyal soldier to our lord character.) Other than the small issue of the title making me just think of Game of Thrones, I'm reasonably excited, but it's also too early for me to know how I'll feel. Having a date is good, and hopefully we'll see more before release that will really help cement how I feel about the game.
  10. I think it's easy for me to say, that I am excited but I'm also reasonably aware and ready for disappointment if things happen the way they could. The way I see it E3 has a few possibilities in relation to Fire Emblem. The Game is Given a Full Blown Trailer and spot at E3, Hype ensues, and we speculate on our newest Blue-Haired Mystery Maiden. The Game is given a trailer, but it's more of a spin-off type ala Warriors, so people are somewhat disappoint. The Game is given a subtle nod and a date. (Likely to get a trailer down the road at a Nintendo Direct of some kind.) The Game is given a subtle nod and a Delayed Date. (This feels really likely to me and I won't be too torn up about it given that a later date means, hopefully, more care is given to the final product.) The Game and Series is not at all mentioned at E3. Hopefully we're given something in the upper 2-3 bullets, but we'll see. I'm trying to remain optimistic without going to far in to heading into E3 with guaranteed disappointment. (Ideally there will be some sort of sure-fire leak that will get me super hyped, but who knows, 4 days is a long time for leaks.)
  11. Alright so I did some extensive testing and I determined that her spawn is the same regardless of if Frey or anyone else is the sacrifice. (While I haven't tested where she spawns if you kill basically everyone each chapter, though that might be a bit excessive) I was able to determine, that she does indeed cease spawning inbetween Chapters as I tested by killing her off in Chapter 2 and she didn't spawn in Chapter 3. I also tested if her levels carried over inbetween chapters she gained 1 level in Chapter 1 with a +1 HP boost (with a remainder of 20 EXP) her inventory, EXP and stats all carried over just fine. I've attached screenshots to show my testing. (All images with a J in the name are where I used Jagen as a decoy instead of Frey.)
  12. To clarify, Norne WAS recruitable without killing anyone besides the decoy. I have attached the SAV file to this post. (I also wanted to ask how difficult it was to add an additional spawn point to the chapters? I mostly am wondering because there is a method to get through the prologue without killing anyone via the Decoy or by Killing Gordin, albeit via Cheats. I was mostly curious for if I ever decided to attempt this myself as it seemed pointless since currently if you were to perform the Method Caeda disappears in Chapter 1 and only reappears if you don't pick up a character. Which would happen Chapter 2 if you skipped Wrys, or Chapter 3 since you Can't Get Castor without her.) Anyway I noticed no issues, and I tested a couple different difficulties and I got all the way to Chapter 4 in each run, no problems. (Though Chapter 3 definitely feels more full than I remember when you add in Norne.) I haven't tested killing her off yet and seeing how that effects subsequent maps so that'll be what I look into next. Norne Test Save.sav
  13. Alright third time does seem to work in a sense. I immediately loaded up H5 and started in Chapter 1 not the prologue (Not sure if that was intentional or not, if you perhaps removed the Hard-Prologue patch for testing purposes.) Anyway, I found Norne chilling next to Draug, so all was well in that regard. In Normal mode you of course start on the prologue, so all is fine there, and Norne was recruit able just fine. (Gonna test the later chapters in Normal mode later, but for now I see no issues other than the not starting on prologue in harder modes thing.) Though in hindsight, I did notice the unit placement was different when I reached normal mode versus when I started it through Hard. Not sure if that really matters, but I thought it might be a point of interest to you.
  14. The things you say are things I also hope to say. (If they actually do an Avatar with Dialogue options I'd be fine, so long as they have even the mildest of impact, and not just immediate dialogue change.) I want more choices in the game so that things can have more replay ability. In SoV we got portraits of characters looking directly at the screen (Alm) so they could do the same for supports with the Avatar, and then sideview portraits when they are talking to other units. If we do multiple versions again I might cry. (Though I wouldn't mind multiple routes/parties ala FE: SOV and FE: Sacred Stones, just don't peddle it as another game.) I'm confident that all 3 of those things will be said about the switch though, dark dragon god. Though I'm gonna actually deviate, it'll be a dead father character that we deeply respect, as well as the mysterious blue haired girl will actually be the mysterious pink haired girl. (Obviously there will be 3 focus characters of the avatar, lord-type, and mysterious-princess type.)
  15. Hmm, well given Nintendo's history of Spin-Offs, I think there IS one spin-off nobody has considered yet... FIRE EMBLEM MYSTERY DUNGEON!!! (I have no idea how it would work, and honestly when I think about it, I'm not sure I wanna know how it'd work.) Beyond my absurd thoughts, I am beyond hype for E3, and I pray for some news if any.
  16. I wanna love the Nino alt. Truly I do. But Giga Excalibur has me all kinds of disappointed overall. Depending on her statline I can see it's use and practicality, but at the same my brain also tells me that she'll probably just want a Gronnblade if she's in a flier team. (She's obviously gonna be speedy, but will she be nukey?) Like Giga could also be good... assuming Nino survives a single hit from an enemy, which if she can, she probably OK-O's them anyway. Karla could be interesting but again, sword in a game with a lot of strong sword units it's tough competition. (Though another unit with Wrath is nice.) The dagger seems very... niche so I've got my reservations on that too for now. Hopefully it isn't AS niche as I expect it to be. Overall until I know the statlines for absolue sure, I'll probably keep saving my Orbs. (Went too far in for Bridal Ninian so I have to be careful in case CYL2 ever happens.)
  17. That and she has her adoring fans that await for the day you finally conquer FE11's absurd system of locking content behind death. (I'd have been fine with Gaiden if they just had alternate requirements like leveling specific characters or recruiting a specific unit, etc.) Anyway another great patch Cirosan. (All this game is missing is that Norne patch and supports that would be nigh impossible to add to the game.)
  18. Hmm for me I think I can keep the list relatively contained. Norne and Frey from FE11/12. Kliff and Tatiana from FE2/14. Quan FE4 Ewan and Ross FE8 (We've got Amelia, give me my other two Trainee Units...) I think I'd like an Elincia Princess Alt Flying Staff unit, as well as a Micaiah possessed by Yune alt. Gharnef the OG FE Villain, how is he not in this. (Gangrel and Aversa are also villians I'm missing.) Lilith FE13 Cipher OCs. (Cipher Banner of Emma, Yuzu, Shade, and Randolf when???) Also naturally we need to get all the Beast/Laguz units from throughout the series. As well as an introduction for the rest of the Dancer/Bard units (Nils come home...) I guess my wishlist is still pretty high, someday it'll be trimmed down probably.
  19. Now... I hate to be the bearer of bad news... But it still doesn't work. I've tried multiple difficulties and I doublechecked with the Read Me to make sure my source ROM matched exactly. Everything else in the patch works as far as I'm aware. The higher difficulties all load me in the Prologue of course. (Only the Norne recruiting part doesn't happen.) I even make sure to wait for Chapter 1 to start, and the cute little pink haired archer is no where to be seen. (The troubles we go through for the game's best unit...)
  20. Well seeing this makes me have my own doubts... But I am certainly glad for this Mod if it does in fact do as it claims, as I've always wanted to be able to have Norne and the choice of Decoy in harder difficulties (Get out of here Gaggles! As much as I'd love to sacrifice Jagen he's literally a necessity in H5...) I hope this is still being worked on, as this is something I've wanted for ages... xD EDIT: Well just gave it a try, and I can confirm that Norne is not recruited automatically like I had hoped. She is of course still recruitable if you lost a unit aside from the Decoy of course, but just the Decoy/Killing Gordin for EXP doesn't do it. But I also have faith Cirosan will end up getting this patch working as he's given us much quality in the past. :D
  21. Neither would I, I'd very much bet on our character discovering he's actually descended from a high diety and through an ensemble of Warriors and Waifus overcoming the Evil Lord of Darkness and at the end we never recover our memories, but we're fine without them.
  22. That's a good question... There we go. For the most part mentioning my project was my way of introducing the topic of discussion that made it feel more natural to me. Though perhaps I could have worded/formed the topic better as some people mentioned reclassing characters rather than focusing on the redundency part. I was mostly looking to see what others thought which the general consensus seems to be that Bord/Cord, Dolph/Macellan, Radd/Caesar, Roshea/Vyland, are all characters that could be fused together to trim the cast or reduce the number of background/redundant characters. Additionally Bantu, apparently would have been better as a support character. Which interestingly I don't know why Tiki couldn't just be recruited with Marth and Bantu is a support. Perhaps to simply make the task harder? Can't say for certain.
  23. So I'm working on a personal project of mine where I'm recreating this game through FE7. At the moment I'm working on diversifying the cast a bit more through changing classes further extending differences in growth rates, as well as simply removing/combining characters and changing their roles. For example Roshea and Vyland of Hardin's Wolfguard. I can understand wanting 4 units there as 3 is a small number for an "elite guard" but as far as characters go, Vyland basically lacks anything that really represents much of a personality, and he doesn't have anything going for him that shows him as a real character or unit. Meanwhile there is SOME backstory for Roshea as he was in Archanea BS, and as well as having more material on him if you do the research (Though in SD he was equally irrelevant as Vyland.) So I decided to combine the characters into Royland so as to reduce the numbers in the cast as well as trim down Cavalier Emblem. However enough about that project, it's still on the backburner, however it did make me think of an interesting topic of discussion that I'd be interested in the opinions of others. There are probably other characters that overall are redundant to the setting of FE11 even when considering if they had a larger/more significant role in the sequel. So I thought I'd ask others, who in this game either as a unit or for the sake of plot, was a pointless character that the game didn't REALLY need or who's role is shared by another character and could have just been shoved together. Are there characters that should have had a purely support role in the story a la Nyna? I'd love to hear thoughts on this.
  24. I'm currently working on the concept of a Fire Emblem SD Remake through FE7. Since as far as I'm aware Burning Legacy is a cancelled project so the "market" of re/demaking FE11 is still there, and I came up with many ideas of my own to bring the idea to life. The main thing I'm doing at the moment is writing/editing support conversations especially for the characters I created by combining characters that I felt were redundant. For example I combined the characters Roshea and Vyland into Royland who basically serves the role of the bottom of the Wolfguard and essentially has most of Roshea's personality with a few details I could apply from Vyland to create a more fleshed out character. (Similarly Dolph and Macellan into Dollan who again is more fleshed out or at least unique by combining the two character's characteristics.) Still trying to figure out how/and/or/if I need to shove Bord and Cord together as I can't remember if they really were significant outside serving as the Axe Trio alongside Barst. (Even if I did combine them, there is no catchy name for them... Cobord?) Other characters I'm bringing to life by essentially giving them unique classes or classes different from their own. For example Minerva and Michalis are Wyvern Lords and the only ones in the games. (All other enemies are Wyvern Knights and Caeda + Whitewings all promote to Falco Knights.) Hardin is given exclusive access to the Great Knight class as I feel that accurate reflects his Emperor class to come in FE12. Maria is made a Troubadour to give her more variation from the other healers rather than just being a lesser Lena replacement if you lose her. Other characters are given similar treatment, and growths are altered for other characters to help promote their differences (Or create differences in case they weren't anything special to begin with.) I'm still working out ideas to breath life into the game while also trying to minimize the requirement to really CREATE something outside of the resources and maps. (I'm not a master editor, so the idea of making custom classes and other features is a bit daunting, but I may tackle it... we'll see.)
  25. At the end of SoV Alm tells Celica that he loves her, but he also loves his other potential love interests and will only rule alongside her if she allows him to rule as a Harem King, giving Faye and Clair a happy ending alongside Celica as his 3 consorts. At the end of any S-Support with Cordelia she tells her spouse she can just pretend they are Chrom when she needs to. (Also applies with Tharja only replace Chrom with Robin.)
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