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  1. Because it makes it hard to breathe out of your nose and if you have one nostril clogged it is the worst feeling in the world Ravioli ravioli, what's in the pocketoli?
  2. But...I loved Thracia 776... also the "close to the forest" are threads like the code of conduct and introductions What happened to Dorcas?
  3. Gwendolyn outclasses him in almost every way besides a slight difference in health growth rates and he has a pretty boring personality. At least to me. why hasn't the pugi made a return?
  4. Idk why but it's probably better then the current pop scene of just about anywhere. why don't I see any love for Fredrick?
  5. 100% butter, 0% egg yolk. Butter will not be substituted. do dogs think you bark when you cough?
  6. Yo momma why does Nintendo still port games to the 3ds when the switch is out
  7. Usually a panning shot to the sky in almost every damm shojo anime do you know the muffin man?
  8. Depends on the clothing. But personally I'm fine with none at all. Why is roys promotion so late in fe6?
  9. My favorite lord is Ephram because he has insane bases and growths making him easily one of if not the best character in sacred stones. Plus he basically just goes into enemy territory nearly soloing everything he can. Including entire castles. He's a badass
  10. Because kids love furries and bunnies (specifically the Easter bunny) is Jesus' fursona What if you dab on the haters...but the haters dab back? ???
  11. Sometimes I wish that Pokémon would have a leveling system like fire emblem where each pokemon had their own growth rates instead of level ups being based around things like effort values and individual values. But that would lead to a lot more grinding to get a perfect level 100.

  12. Throh, when I played my second pokemon game which was white. I caught it intending to use it only as a Pokémon to be Lenora with. It just kept crushing things until it leveled up so much that it caused me to think samurott was trash because it wasn't as good as the throh I had. I get why it's not competitively viable, but it goes unnoticed by people who also just want to play Pokémon for fun...sorry for rambling
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