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  1. According to the chart in reddit, Brigand Boss is the Top 1 SoV character in CYL ranking not yet in heroes, even base Rinea ranked lower than him. The remaining cast has better chance to debut in mixed game banner (which imo should have been done since it would help other games too) or a seasonal banner.
  2. Oh my bad. She really does. That kinda changes things since it would be nice to have brave sword that can hit Res without relying on Sorcery blade.
  3. My hope of Cecil wielding Ladyblade is crushed. Palla comes with Atk/Res Rein and R Duel Flying 4 just feels like IS is blatantly pushing her to be skill fodder. I had to double check to make sure she wasn't dealing adaptive damage. And Tatiana of all people is a free reward. Seems like IS gave up on Valentia or something. Either way I only want Nott and Zeke, this is gonna be pure blue sniping for me.
  4. To be fair main FE games have 1 or 2 dancers in each game with RD being the exception at 3 Heron at once. They had the right idea with making them seasonal but not enough for each series (seriously we have 5 Azura and 5 RD dancers). 3H also bound to get entire Dancer seasonal banner since technically any student can be a dancer in the base game.
  5. Is Reyson under FE10? I remember using him in FE9. I don't understand what's the hold up with Dorothea either, worst case scenario they try to make her different like how Petra is flying dagger and make her academy form a tome user instead.
  6. Was deciding whether to spend orbs on Ashera banner, I guess Flora decided that for me. Gonna save orbs to summon as many of her as possible, since Karla definitely gonna might pitybreak me.
  7. I couldn't replicate my first clear with B!Lysithea and Fallen FMorgan, so I play around with Arthur and managed to clear it with perfection as Arthur proc Aether on Ashera, then I couldn't replicate it afterwards. In the end I have to give Arthur Water blessing for Legendary Azura's Res and HP buff. Even now I am still not sure how the heck Arthur managed to tank without the extra DF and Blessing Buff the first time around.
  8. Glad to help. Newtype skill users are generally late bloomer anyway so plenty of time to switch around and get that ace bonus. (at least for me). I am playing SRW X at the moment and unfortunately have to bench a certain someone that looks like him due to new toy syndrome (G-Self and Talgeese-II).
  9. Fallen Edelgard is in Pawn of Loki too. She is really starting to get on my nerves. This is the one mode that I actually enjoy a lot because I get use friends unit with cool set that I don't have access to. I know ppl probably use her to clear rival domain maps but it is enraging that I have to somehow find a way deal to with her in PoL too.
  10. Her art makes her looks like floating flier honestly, but 3 out of 4 astra mythic right now are fliers so it's probably for gameplay balance reason. Don't care for Ashera personally but that tome animation is really cool. I only want Corrin and Claude for collection purpose so maybe will do one round (if I still have orbs that is). Her C skill says panic status is still registered on allies but the effect will be nullified. Is there any shenanigans that can work with that or the opposite of the definition because I don't see why they need to make it so specific and increase the word counts in skill box.
  11. Does the current CYL4 banner expire before 1st of June? It says 4 days left and I am not sure does it means it ends on 1st June refresh or 2nd June .I need 6 more pulls to get spark on the CYL4 banner and out of orbs at the moment. Might be doing some last minute chain battles but I am already at mid Book 4 and I don't wanna use it all up before CYL5 banner.
  12. Brave-weapon TA melee units with Astra/galeforce + ruse units for all except Blue type enemies because I only have Cherche and she is only +1, then I would just use Brave Bow Lyn plus dancers. This round my team is Altina for reinforcement bait and attacking in one, Brave sword Cain, Shannan with Ninja katana and Leila for ruse. Does Galeforce outdamage Astra? My Shannan can fire off 2 Astra every other turn with Heavy Blade seal so I didn't think about switching to galeforce this time.
  13. Personally I don't see what's bad with them not being able to fit into the main narrative, but mostly because I focus more on gameplay and more characters for me to mess around with in each playthrough is a good thing. DLC is in the same vein as support convo, as they let side characters and side stories be the focus. Like FE4/5, their story is old-school edgy and cliche yet everyone spent so much time talking bout basically the same storyline. For example, that fire mage and the knight at prologue didn't add much, and iirc didn't do much in the main story afterwards either, but their entrance is hilarious enough that I might want to see more of their own interaction without seeing them in the main story. And then there is the young strategist boy in the beginning and Arden who I would not remember existed if not for FE Heroes, but Kellam who has similar trait is much more memorable because support existed. It helps the main story of Awakening because even though I don't really use him in battle, I still remember him as part of Shepard and Chrom is leading an army of elite fighters. Tellius also is an example of trying to cram too much in their main story. Most of characters I liked are on surface level based on how cool they look, like Stefan, Nailah and her wolf boy, and Illyana. I liked Zihark and Soren at first but the more they comment and talk in the main story the more I dislike them, and Ike went from annoying in PoR to become my least favorite character in the whole FE because IS try so hard to make him the hero of everybody including his enemy in the main story. If his support spread out a little bit far and outside of his comfort zone he might not look so bad to me. A similar example that come to mind is Valkyrie Chronicles 4, at first I though other the main 4, the rest is just unimportant faces with minimal exposure. However to my surprise most of them actually get their own paralogue and some are even required to unlock additional characters. I would say the gaming experience increased positively ever since paralogue unlocked because it makes playing with those units much more satisfying and wholesome. Granted I also skipped most of those dialogue in game so I can rewatched them on youtube at x2.0 speed instead. I might have liked Tellius story tad better had I realized I can do this at the time of playing, the narrator is just too slow and needlessly lengthen the exposition with so much words that basically means the same thing.
  14. Thanks. So that means I still need to field competent team to clear them.
  15. Thanks for the answer @Ice Dragon @Diovani Bressan @Rinco Another question though, is auto-start means they will automatically start the map continuously or immediate finish like in most mobile gacha. If it's former, what if the team lost? Is there discussion thread or FAQ page because the FEH website didn't have much info and I would like to take advantage of the function to do some HM farming.
  16. Like some already pointed out, it's because the main story is as bare bone as it is, and personally that is a good thing. If someone like me who just skim or outright skip all the pre-battle dialogue in FE games, only chance for me to know the character better is through supports, especially side characters who barely has any presence in the main story I am not too keen on storytelling aspect in games, especially FE. But 3ds and 3 Houses supports make the side characters more memorable (except SoV I guess unless you are Alm and Celica lol). There are definitely some bad supports here and there in each games, but I think the good one outshines the bad one. For example, in my 1st playthrough of Conquest I benched Arthur as soon as possible because he wasn't good in my gameplay, but in my second Hard Mode playthrough I used him in the starting few chapters and unlocked his C support with Effie and Corrin, from there he went on to become one of my favorite characters in FE. 2nd gen in both Awakening and Fates also shows a lot of personality which would be impossible to do it all in main story, some are even better than their parents in their support convo. Like Asugi, he supposed to be Gaius clone but his beef with Saizo made him stands out, and that's why he was my favorite FE character of all time. Personally I think with addition of group convo like in Tellius games plus 3H support time-gated system would be perfect for FE. Whether romance should be involved though, that would be another matter.
  17. So if I want Chrom and whoever next 2 resplendents are, but not Nino, should I wait til the day Resplendent Chrom comes out to buy FEH pass?
  18. I faced similar team like this a while ago. I could bait all the tome users barring duo lif on turn one by hiding my res tank behind tactic room and your fortress would actually helped me blocked Seiros even if she get danced by Mirabilis. Maybe switch the position of fortress and black eagle banner, or move all the structures on leftmost row up one space. If you create an open space for fallen Edelgard to move when rest of your team starts fighting, she will start to move and puts more pressure on attacking player. I'd probably put her under Duo's hindrance, that way they can't snipe FEdel without falling into range of your duo lif like you predicted, better yet, they might focus on sniping FEdel and forgot to calculate the threat range.
  19. Is Astram or Ena a good investment for arena core team. My +10 Athena can maintain the scores but combat wise she can barely keep up, so I don't want to waste anymore premium skills on her.
  20. I am picking it blindly without looking at condition to recruit so I don't spoil myself (this game still in my wishlist) 1. Kincade Nau 2. Black Mightgaine
  21. How are you guys faring against L!Sigurd in Aether Raid Offense? So far I lose to team with him on it far more often than winning, one guy paired him up with far save Henriette and therefore couldn't snipe him, one team has DC on him so either initiating or tanking results in losing.
  22. Sandbox. I am cool with open world but the label sandbox just means there is nothing much to do unless you really try to find it in game. 1st person view, No matter what genre, shooting or action, 1st person view makes me dizzy, literally, with all the spinning and turning of scenery. classic/nostalgic, I only started gaming around 2010s, my first pokemon was gen 5, there is nothing nostalgic for me in FF7 or Zelda, I never even heard of Smash bros and kirby series til I go to fire emblem reddit and found the memes. There are way too many indie games try to made their look so old and vintage, even octopath traveler gave me the boring feels with its music and visual style. Dungeon crawling/ Loot based games. It's just not my cup of tea. Bonus negative points if the description has "next diablo" in its name because I really don't like Diablo 3.
  23. I would say RE2 and 3 are my favorite kind of remake. That being said most of these remakes are totally new game to me because I never played or even heard of the original games. I would say that these developers sometimes get that casual gamers are on the rise and not all of us wants to spend hours cracking down brain juice just to figure out puzzles and mazes. RE3 has dlc that unlocks all the rewards and it made my gaming experience much better. So I think a remake should follow modern gaming standard if their intention is to get ppl to know the series with a fresh perspective. FF7 is also best example of "how the game would be if it was a new game made with today's technology", I never liked or played Final Fantasy games much but I like what they have done with it, and FF7 is the only one that doesn't bored me out too fast(other than the online game). My first and favorite FE is still New Mystey. In terms of remake though, I only played OG Gaiden and SoV, never played FE1 & 3. Personally I would say my experience with Gaiden and SoV aren't much different. Gameplay wise, map is still annoying, teleporting witches are annoying, desert maps and all that. Sure there are "few" QoL changes but not nearly enough. Even the enemies spawn is still there and softlocked me in between the cemetery and village in both games. A lot of praise went into visual design and voice acting, but I played the game without music and skipped most of the dialogue because they don't affect gameplay or major plotline at all, and I remembered what must I do to recruit certain missable characters. So gameplay wise it is definitely too faithful, there are differences sure, but the annoying similarities are also there.
  24. I see. So the fallen state isafter the incident. Other than Risen King Chrom or Fallen Wrys I really can't think of anything that would be more hyped up. I think Orson being free unit means they are running out of fallen candidates, on top of my mind I can only think of Rampage Kana like Fallen Corrin in the Fates DLC and all the phantom royal parents in it. Next year probably gonna get Witch Sonya from SoV as the female star of fallen banner.
  25. Very happy with both Morgan here. Dimitri's weapon design looks ugly for me, not scary ugly, just straight up ugly. I think he definitely belongs to Fallen or Dark category of his OG self, but I can see why people are upset with his inclusion. Fallen Edelgard is mighty broken as usual. I don't even bother to read the description in the video. Can't wait for the one unit that I don't want ended up being my pitybreaker. Potential Spoiler about Orson from Sacred Stone
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