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  1. Hello person who exists! It is I - person who barely exists, but who is glad to meet you anyway ^^ Bow users are v good except in Awakening usually Well, welcome back! ^u^ You have great tastes :D Ooooh nice, I'm a Sinnoh fan myself, with my first game being Pokemon Pearl :D Y'know, I've never seen anyone's favorite region be anything but their starting region...Hmmmm... Majora's Mask is fantastic - I've only played the remake, but it's sooo well made, much tighter and with more care than OoT imo. Though my favorite is Twilight Princess (though BoW, WW, and even MM at times threaten TP's position sometimes), while not the hardest game, it's just a lot of fun, with it's bosses and dungeon design, and it's story and atmosphere are fantastic; Midna really pulls the whole thing together, and is one of my favorite characters of all time ^u^ Heyo Valesti! It's great to meet you - I don't really listen to K-Pop (at all), but it seems p cool! ^^ Never played 7 or Tellius, but they look super cool :o My favorite classes have to be Manaketes or Wyvern Riders; why do you like Shamans? Yyyyyyyyup that's probably my fault x.x" Hey there! Welcome to the forums even if you have been here for awhile *shot*! Awakening is veeeeeeeeeery good, so you came in at a good point ^^ I've kind of fallen out of playing Heroes - is it still good? Welcome!! :D I'm excited to have you swinging around the forums - I hope you enjoy! ^u^ Oooooh I'd love you see what you make with the roms - show me your progress sometime, I'd love to see it! It's nice to meet you too! Ah, that's all cool - there a ton of different gaming forums and just general forums around here, so don't sweat it ^^ Welcome! *raises hand* What Fire Emblem games have you played? I'm an Awakening baby, and I've played Fates (minus Revelations), Warriors, Valentia, and Heroes (and a little bit of that crossover game with Tokyo Mirage Sessions) - wbu? What games have you played? Welcome to the forums, Anne! ^^ Well, when it comes to forum lifespans, this forums still kind of new, so I don't blame you for not finding it ^^" And I think we're all nervous at least a little ouo Anyway, heyo! I hope you enjoy your stay here! And I hope I can learn to respond to this forum better x.x I'll Dm you ^^
  2. Chapter 3B: Angelica: On this day, you, child of Rucif, shall be brought further into His graces, take upon yourself the burden of becoming a vessel for his divine voice. By doing so, you are agreeing to abstain from all indulgences - intoxication, purposeless violence, sex, and all else that separates us from the Black Dragon's embrace. And, as a woman, this means you must abstain from bearing children - anything that would keep you from your duties as Rucif's vassal will only bring you closer to the White Dragon's domain. If I have made myself clear, only say so, and I shall go forth with the Rite of Ascension. Agnis: ...As clear as the Father's judgement. Angelica: Well said. Then on this day forth, you, Agnis Blumenthal, shall be declared Priest of the Lorbeer Church, and High Speaker of His will; Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. Agnis: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. Crowd: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. (A brief fade to black, before fading into a scene of Angelica by herself in Castle Church) Angelica: ... Angelica: ...Who's there? Manfred: Ah, do not be alarmed, Angelica, it's only me. Angelica: Oh, Manfred. Manfred: You don't seem to be particularly happy to see me - is something the matter? Angelica: Nothing of that sort - I was praying. Someone of such high rank such as yourself should understand these matters. Manfred: There is no need to be hostile, Angelica - we are all friends, nay, family, here. If something is on your mind, you are free to speak of it here. Manfred: ...Was it anything to do with your prayers? Angelica: What I speak of to the Black Dragon is between He and I - I respect you and your seniority, but you must, in turn, respect my privacy. Manfred: ...Very well, but know this - the Father's forgiveness only goes so far, Bishop Angelica. No matter how many duties you preform, you must keep that in mind. Angelica: Of course. *Manfred leaves the cathedral* Angelica: ...Then I must take responsibility for what I've done. - Strix: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but...we're out of food. No dinner tonight. Kaitlin: Out? Surely, we still have something to get us by? Strix: Nope. Nothing - even that wolf Julitta caught was used up last night. Geri: If I may, think 'strangled' is a more apt word than 'caught', given the actual events that took place. But by the by, Sir Leo, surely, even if our company didn't bring much in the way of supplies, surely Lady Kaitlin's...? Leo: I'm afraid not, Ignatius - we were expecting more hands to carry the additional supplies we initially brought, but... Mary: ... Leo: Well, worse came to worse, so we had to leave them behind early on. Kael: And we weren't exactly expecting to be lugging along such significant drains on our resources. Kaitlin: Kael! Freki: ... Kael: What? I'm only calling it for what it is. Kaitlin: They've done nothing but help us! They've gathered food for us, and even saved our lives! Kael, apologies to them at once! Kael: Kaitlin, please, they wouldn't have had to gather food for us if they had been on our own - and they wouldn't have had to leech off of ours. Not to mention, you were only ever in danger when you were around them! The bandits that attacked you when you split off with Amarok? Which was, might I add, Ignatius' idea? Geri: I was only suggesting it for your own sake, good sir. Kael: Don't you "good sir" me! Look how well it turned out: Kaitlin was nearly killed because of you lot! And what about the wyvern? An-and that girl? She wouldn't have caused so much damage if it weren't for that damned drago- *Freki draws her sword with a murderous glare, pointing it straight at Kael* Freki: Talk shit about Lupa, Ignatius, or Amarok again and I swear there won't be anything for your precious Kaitlin to fuck. Kaitlin: ...! Geri: F-Julitta stop! Shedding blood over something as trivial is this would be foolish. Lower your sword, collect your wits, and- Kael: Her safety is trivial?! *Kael draws his own weapon, rushing and taking a swing at the still-injured Geri, only for Freki to block* Freki: You fucking bastard... *With the other members of the group screaming their horror, Freki swipes under Kael's weapon, about to strike him in the gut, when something stops her blade* Freki: Ki-Kid...? Why did you...?! *Freki's blade is embedded into Strix's right forearm* Strix, still with the sword in his arm: Look...we're all tired, hungry, and pretty pissed off that we haven't arrived in Ely as quickly as we wanted to, but that isn't really a good reason to start trying to kill each other. I can go with Ignatius to hunt in the morning, we'll get our bearings, and be in Ely before tomorrow's end, all right? So just, Kael...you're really worrying Kaitlin right now. And Julitta...just for me, can you leave him be? You don't...heh, you don't need to like, fight for my honor or anything like that. Kael: ...Right. Frek, carefully extracting her blade: Oh Rucif fucking- Kid, I- Strix: Hey, hey, I'm okay!...I mean, it hurts like a bitch, but...I'm...yeah. Geri, moving in front of Freki: Amarok, please, are you well? Strix: Guys, guys, I'm fine, it just...yeah, I'm fine. Let's just all try to get some sleep tonight, okay? Freki: ...Kid... Kaitlin, embracing Kael, whispering: If there's something the matter, you tell me, you can always tell me... Kael: I know, I just...wish you never had to go on this damned venture for your sister. Kaitlin: ...I don't know. *Later, in the middle of night, Strix is wide awake, while Kaitlin is on watch* Strix: ...Dammit, I can't sleep. *Strix get up, careful not to wake those around him, and he approaches her from behind* Strix: Kaitlin. Kaitlin: Ah-! Amarok! You startled me... Strix: Oh, I'm sorry - I was just going to go wander for a bit - don't worry, I'm armed...Are you okay? You seem kind of...out of it. Kaitlin: If I were to not lie, then no - I'm worried about Kael. Strix: ...Is this not how he normally acts? Kaitlin: No! Of course not - he's usually sweet, if a little teasing, and a little...eager to fight? But he'd never call anyone a leech or anything of that sort! Not without good reason! Strix: Well, I wouldn't say his claim is entirely unfounded - we haven't exactly brought good luck, you know? Kaitlin: Don't say that! You've helped so much, you've saved my life! We're honored to have you with us. Strix: Well...shit, that's nice of you to say. Though, I'm not so sure if Kael shares that opinion. And Julitta...Oh, Kaitlin, I'm really sorry about Julitta - you know how she's been lately... Kaitlin: ...I can't say what she did didn't disturb me, but I know what it's like to lose someone you're close to. I mean, I wouldn't be here if Hope hadn't similarly... Kaitlin: ...*sigh* Strix: Oh, oh-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up. I should probably go, you know, before Kael gets jealous again. Just don't wake the others when you get back to him, alright? Kaitlin: Wait, huh? What are you- A-...Amarok! *Strix leaves, grinning, while Kaitlin stews in her own embarrassment* Strix, rubbing his bound arm: ...(I wonder...how long we can stay with Kaitlin's group...I want to help her find her sister, but if shit like this keeps happening, maybe...) Strix: (No, you said you wanted to help, you can't just back out now.) Strix: (But...you have the freedom to - no one is telling you to do this but yourself - you can leave. It might be better to.) Strix: (Yeah, and I have the freedom to help these people. I-) Strix: (Someone's here! Is every forest in Demancia filled with brigands?!) Strix: ...! F-Father?! - *Cut to morning, in where the group has finally arrived in Ely, a surprisingly bustling village.* Strix: ... Geri: Amarok? Are you well? You've barely said a word all morning. Strix: ...What? Freki: Fucking...Amarok, you're acting so godsdamned mousy right now - are you alright? Strix: Uh- yeah! I'm just...thinking about all the stuff I've been hearing about around here. Geri: ...Yes, of course. Ely may be small, but it's a known gathering place for sellswords - of course tidings from across the land would surface here. Strix: Yeah, and none of it's good - have you heard? Samial worshipers raising hell around the country, and something about rampant cultists on the loose? By Rucif's graces, it sounds like a nightmare. Geri: Perhaps it's best if we make our way from here swiftly, then. Strix: Yeah... Kaitlin: What are you three doing all the way back there? We're waiting for you! Strix: R-right! *Geri hurries on ahead, but Freki pulls Strix aside for a moment before meeting up with Geri* Freki: You know, you're a terrible liar, right? Strix: ... Freki: When we get some privacy, you should tell me what's wrong. *Cut to Strix's group back with Kaitlin's* Kaitlin: Leo, Mary, and Kael and I have been asking around to see if anyone had heard if Hope had passed through here. Geri: And, pray tell? Leo: We actually might have a lead - someone described a woman of her appearance passing through here less than a week ago. Strix: Really?!...What's the catch? Kael: The catch is that we're going to need a boat. Freki: Fucking perfect - how do you suppose we get that? None of us have any money to buy food, let alone catch a ride, and unless one of you suddenly pulls one out of their ass, we're stuck. Kael: Well...*he gestures to a large board next to them* we could take a detour. *On the board is a collection of wanted posters that stretches - usually criminals, including rebels known as Sonya, Trey, and Zeke, heretics known as Randall and Gloria, a thief named Locke, and... A missing prince. Strix snatches the poster the moment he sees it, stuffing into his pockets, getting looks from everyone.* Kaitlin: ...Amarok? Strix: It's...It's kind of complicated - I can't really explain right now. Kaitlin: ...Right. Kaitlin: B-But either way, Kael, can we really turn to mercenary work? We're already being hunted - we shouldn't draw more attention. Mary: But do we have any other options? I'm with Kael on this - so long as we make it quick. Strix: I'm with Kaitlin - I don't want to spill anymore blood than necessary. *Kael gives Strix a hard look, before turning to Kaitlin* Kael: I know, I know, Kaitlin - but it shouldn't take too long; I can handle it. It won't be long at all. Leo: Then what bounty should we take? Hopefully something nearby... *Strix is trying to avoid eye contact with the other members of the group, when something catches his eye* Strix: Silver...Weapons? Wait - those clothes... Bandit: And you want us to find what now? Robe-Wearing Man: A young girl - small in frame, frail, blonde - almost white - hair, blue eyes. We'll swear we'll help you find your princess. *The Robe-Wearing Man shows off a sizable portion of gold to the bandit* Bandit: You're speaking my language - looks like another damsel for us to hunt down. Robe-Wearing Man: Thank you, and may the Father's blessings reach you. *the Bandit scoffs, but Strix turns to Freki* Strix, whispering: (Freki! Don't look, but over there - one of Kaitlin's hunters, with Divine Guard!) Freki: (What? Which sect?) Strix: (A little hard to tell but...it looks like Angelica's?) Freki: (What the hell does she have to do with any of this? Is she paying them off?) Strix: (Looks it - either way, we need to leave, now.) Strix: Ka-Kaitlin- Kael: What is it now? Kaitlin: Kael... Strix: Kael, we- (we aren't safe here! Kaitlin's not safe, she-) Kael: What?! What have you done now? Strix: I-I didn't do anything! Kael - this isn't about me, we just- Robe-Wearing Man: Hail! You folk seem to be getting awfully loud - I know it's none of my business, but is there something I can help with? Geri: ...No, my good sir, we're just having a disagreement, is all. Kael: Yeah, so you should be moving along, sir. Robe-Wearing Man: Perhaps I should, but... *He looks to the board* Robe-Wearing Man: ...Oh, it's nothing, it's just that your companion... *gestures at Strix* Robe-Wearing Man: He reminded me of someone... Strix: ... Freki: ... Geri: ... Kael: So? Move along! Robe-Wearing Man: Of course...Apologies for interrupting your day. Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. *With an eerily sincere smile, the man leaves* Leo: ...What was that about? Kael: Maybe about whatever Amarok is trying to hide from us? Strix: Look, I... Leo: Kael, squabbling about this isn't going to help - you, Mary and I? Let's take this bounty - it's nearby, and it shouldn't take too long. Geri: I can go as well. Kael: You'll just slow us down - Leo, you should stay with Kaitlin - we can't trust a near-leper, a madwoman, and a criminal to protect her. Leo: ...Right. Kaitlin: Kael, you can trust them, you don't have to-... *Kael and Mary have already turned their back on the group.* Kael: ...I love you, Kaitlin. Kaitlin: ...I love you too... *Cut to the party in an inn, their spirits raised somewhat* Kaitlin: Well, I'm glad you didn't get hurt at least, Kael. Kael: Hurt? The man was practically begging for his life before it had begun! I'm...alright Kaitlin, it's gonna be alright. *Kael and Kaitlin shamelessly embrace, while the other party members turn away* Mary: Couple a' witless lovebirds...*sigh* At least we got something to eat. Geri: Indeed, it's been awhile since my company and I have gotten anything decent to eat. Leo: Well, that buck you and Amarok felled this morning wasn't bad. Geri: It wasn't particularly impressive, either - practically dead already, the pitiful thing. Geri: ...But either way, we should turn in for the night - in the morning, we should head swiftly for the closest port town - hopefully we'll have scraped enough together to pay for a trip for the seven of us. Strix: ...Right, sleep well, guys. *Cut to when all of the lights are out, and Freki awakes* Freki: Mmm...? Is someone there? *Dead quiet, but she rises anyway, getting out of her bed and grabbing her sword* Freki: ...I'm just jumping at shadows, aren't I? Fuck I...Shit... *Freki turns to go back to bed, looking if she woke anyone up, but something creaks, and she moves, but not fast enough to avoid the knife thrown at her; it embeds itself into her shoulder* Freki: AAAGH! Strix: Wh-what? What's going on? Freki?! Freki: We're getting attacked, that's what! Grab your weapons, now. - Commence Battle! - ((Escape Mission - The room that the party is staying in is the battlefield - beds and furniture can provide cover, but they'll get swarmed if they don't escape through the windows. The enemies are a mix of Kaitlin's pursuers and Angelica's Divine Guard; boss is the Robe-Wearing Man, and he'll hunt down and go after Strix.)) Anyone Else vs. ??? ???: Apologies for deceiving you earlier, but this must be done. ???: May Rucif have mercy on your soul. Strix vs. ??? Strix: You...know who I am, don't you? ???: Of course - I wouldn't have approached you, if I didn't. Strix: Did...Angelica, order you to bring me in? ???: Oh no, I'm just doing my duty as a citizen of Demancia. Strix: By parading around with the Divine Guard, of all things? Strix: ...It doesn't matter. I can't, I can't go back. I'm, sorry...What's your name? ???: My name is Micha. Pleasure...pleasure to meet you in person, Prince Strix. Strix: Micha...Again, I'm really sorry for this...But I've made my choice. Micha Death Quote: Micha: ...A-ah, I'm...sorry...Ern-! - Battle End - Strix: We are safe here! We need to get off the road, out of town, now! - Strix: *panting* Kaitlin: *panting* Freki: *pant* I-I think we lost them. Kael: *pant* Wh-what the hell was that?! Strix: ...Divine Guard, Angelica's Sect, from...from Demancia. Kaitlin: B-but aren't they only guarding Bishops an-and-? Geri: And...And bringing heretics to justice. Kaitlin: But why were they with my pursuers? Kael: ...Who are you people? Answer me! Or I'll cut you down where you-where you stand! Freki: B-bold words, from someone who can hardly stand. *Drawing sword* Strix: Freki! I order you to halt. Freki: Ki-kid! You aren't- Strix: I know, but tellin-Oh god I'm so tired can we sit down? Please? I'm so fucking tired. Kaitlin: Y-yeah, that sounds good. *the group stops to rest, catching their breath* Strix: ...My name is Strix, and these are my retainers, Geri, and Freki. Freki: ... Geri: ... Kaitlin: Strix? You mean, Prince Strix? Demancia's heir that went missing?! Strix: I mean...yeah. Surprise? I guess? Kaitlin: That...actually explains a lot - but what are you doing out here?! Your kingdom, your father is worried about you! Strix: ...Yeah. I know. He knows we're here. Kael: What?! Freki: Strix, what the...?! Geri: But...how?! Strix: I don't know how, but he...contacted me. I could hear his voice in my head- don't give me that look, I'm not crazy. He was...worried about me, and was asking where I was, and what happened. I tried not to give him anything, but I was...I wasn't thinking straight, and I let slip that I left on my own- Leo: You abandoned your people?! Strix: It's...not like that. But the Emperor of Demancia is furious with me, and...Look, just let me explain... *Strix explains everything that's going on, his reason for leaving, with occasional interjections from Geri, and Freki staying silent* Kaitlin: ...Then you're like my sister. Strix: H-huh? Kaitlin: ...No, never mind. I shouldn't have said anything. Kael: But, either way, that means your a threat, Strix - you'll just bring more unnecessary trouble. Strix: Right...But- Kael: But nothing - you should leave, all of you need to leave. Kaitlin: Kael- Kael. If Strix, Geri, and Freki- Freki: ... Kaitlin: -still wish to travel us - if they will still have us, then I'd be honored to have them with us. Strix: ...! Kael: Katlin, please - you just...risk yourself like that! If something-I couldn't- Kaitlin: Kael, it's alright. He's- He's my friend, I couldn't just leave him behind like that, anyway. Kael: ... Strix: Thank you...Kaitlin, just give me a moment, I need to...talk to my retainers, for a moment. Kaitlin: Of course. *Strix turns to them* Strix: I'm sorry that I let that slip, I just...didn't want you to kill yourself for me, Freki. And Geri, we were already getting looks, and I thought that- Geri: You need not say more - I've told you, I'm always by your side, no matter your decision...I don't entirely trust everyone of their group, I won't kid, nor do I think this is a well-thought out plan... Geri: If I were on my lonesome, I would split ways with this party - it would minimize the attention we draw to ourselves. However, I can see merit in staying with them - you could dissuade them from wagging their tongues. Geri: That is my council - I will stand by you, as always, no matter what you decide. Strix: ...Right, thank you Geri...Freki? Freki: ...Well, I think what you did was stupid - that we shouldn't have exposed ourselves like this. But what I think doesn't really matter, does it? I still come crawling back to you. Strix: ...Ah, I...see. Very well. *Strix, turns to Kaitlin* Strix: If you will have us, we will help you find your sister. - Hope: Ah, fuck, where the hell am I now? *A broken, run down temple surrounds her, the stone looks like it was once white, but no longer.* Hope: Mm...? Who's there? *A dragon snarls from the shadows* ???: You...need to stay away...I'll hurt you. But...can, can you help me? ((Not sure if we should limit ourselves Nino, to just nine chapters - I think we should end the story naturally))
  3. It is? But in the time of Awakening, almost all Manaketes have either moved from the continent or gone extinct (i.e., Chrom's surprise when he actually saw Nowi transform)
  4. Ah, okay wasn't sure, thank ye. I don't really venture that far outside of Nintendo when it comes to online store related things (excluding Steam, which is basically essential) Wow, that is a lot better than the switch's service - though you could argue that y'know...The Switch's subscription is cheaper. So I guess you're roughly getting your money's worth in the end? No matter what? *shrugs* I don't think I could ever pay that much for internet access though, even if it is overall the same value.
  5. Honestly, I'm surprised no one complained when Microsoft first pulled this stunt - maybe it just wasn't that bad to them? Idk honestly Is PS Plus that good? What's it...even do? I thought it nothing more than like...an Eshop-type service?
  6. I believe that, at least the online multiplayer, for the Playstation 3, was free? They had a subscription service, if I'm not wrong, but you could still play online for free. I'm not too perturbed by the NES thing either, since they aren't going to release Mother 3 are probably just going to release the same games over and over again, maybe porting semi-old 3DS or DS games. But unlikely to be anything worthwhile imo. oooooooooooooh that would really tick me off if they did that - they already made Pokemon Transfering a subscription thing, so that's not outside of the realm of possibility, as much as I really hope they'd have some dignity. "Blind loyalty" seems to be a defining thing about Nintendo fans - much as I identify as one myself - so I guess that would explain it; still pretty depressing though. Nintendo could, well, charge for Pokemon Trades and I guarantee there'd be some defenders. I...really hope it works out, as much as I am adverse to the whole idea. I can't actually play online games very well on my own internet, so if it ends up improving things, I'd be totally down for paying up. I'm just worried that it's going to be nothing more than giving Nintendo money for selling back initially free stuff to you. That's another thing - with how multiplayer focused some of these games are getting, it's gonna push people's wallets...or end up killing the online community; that's how I feel it's gonna go down, anyways.
  7. A'ight, wasn't trying to make you feel uncomfortable. It's just polls like this: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/05/reaction_what_are_your_thoughts_on_nintendo_switch_online that are confusing me a bit. Thank you for telling me.
  8. And that's totally fine - I'm just trying to understand why people seem to like this system so much, or at least are ambivalent to it. I'm really not trying to shame you, or anybody who buys into it, I just don't understand why some people seem to look forward to this? And this is how I'm voicing concerns - by getting a discussion going. Again, you're totally free to get the subscription and even prefer it over the standard model - I'm not criticizing you for that, I'm just trying to understand why this is better over it being free. That's all - I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable or feel bad at all, and I'm sorry for doing so. As for the family pack, I just think it's weird that it goes one to eight, with no in between options, is all. I don't think it would be all that hard to program either - just trick the game into thinking that online equals controllers in physical controller slots or something. Or if they really wanted to go crazy, just build the setting from the ground up? They're practically swimming in cash with Sun and Moon, Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and the still popular Pokemon Go, so I don't see why it would be that much of a money sink to just port these games, and maybe add multiplayer? It would be seriously cool if they did, that's for sure, instead of just porting the same games over and over again. It's cheap if we're just talking about the subscription, but if Nintendo starts making more and more multiplayer focused games, like Splatoon, the costs are going to add up... Actually, Splatoon's a good example of what I'm talking about - buy they base game when it comes out, and that's a solid 60 dollars to buy what is a essentially an upgrade of the first game. A very good, very fun upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. Then, in order to actually make the game worth it single player wise, that's another 18-20 bucks for the Octo Expansion, so we're at 80 bucks right now? And then the mandatory subscription kicks in, and now you've just payed 100+ dollars to actually get a complete game that's distinct from the first. Again, Splatoon 2 is very good, and the DLC is totally worth it, but eventually this is going to start really costing? Especially if they start releasing more DLC? I'm just saying, for the other multiplayer games, it's not so bad, but Splatoon lives and dies on it's multiplayer (especially if you forgo the DLC), so they've basically locked a huge portion of the game behind a paywall. I don't think it would be that hard to port N64 or Gamecube games tbh? It's not like they're as massive as Breath of the Wild, so it shouldn't be that bad Nintendo's p bad with their Virtual Console as a whole - just NES games clogging up the store as far as the eye can see - and they never seem to get bored of rereleasing the same games over and over again and never seem to consider translating their other NES/SNES games, like, Mother 3 or, as you mentioned any of the older FE games, especially those that didn't get localized. I'd totally be fine with this entire thing if they confirmed the subscriptions were to improve online play - but they haven't yet. To me, at the moment, it feels like trying to sell a chunk of your Switch back to you, which is part of the reason I take so much issue with this. 20 dollars is a very good price, but only if it goes to the right place. Oooh I hope that's the case - but I wouldn't hold my breath, since they won't even rerelease Yoshi's Island 1 or anything along those lines (y'know, stuff that would be incredibly easy to repackage).
  9. I mean fair, Splatoon 1 isn't getting anymore support, but you have to admit - Splatoon 2 was, and arguably still is, just an upgrade of the first game. You aren't really missing out on a lot by going back to Splatoon 1. But I can't argue with internet connections, since I can't even play online at my home, and had an entire system of hauling my Wii U and a small tv to a library's children section (they were cool about it, so it was fine) in order just to play multiplayer. And I still have to use public wifi to play Splatoon 2, so I can completly understand not wanting to play it because of internet connections. And again, that makes sense, but it's still doesn't feel like the subscriptions really giving enough content to make it worth it in the long run. Again, for convenience, I get it, but as a person that hauls their systems around for aforementioned reasons, I'm a little more tolerant towards scattered content. That's...fine, but supporting people on Patreon and Kickstarting projects isn't related towards the topic whatsoever. You aren't supporting a struggling company or artist by paying for this online subscription. It's Nin-it-prints-money-tendo we're talking about. Adding more onto the dragon's hoard of money they have isn't exactly the same as helping a donation-to-donation artist out via Patreon. ...Wait, is there no in between options? Just buy one or buy eight for a discount? No two or three bundle packs to make it a little cheaper?...Jeez, that's weird. Look, I know Nintendo is a business - they're there to make money. They always have (for literally over a hundred years), but this doesn't make this whole subscription thing any less scummy - or cowardly; they didn't have the guts to do something like this until Sony and Microsoft dipped their toes into this whole thing. They basically just shrugged their shoulders and said "me too!" because it looked like a good way to further line their pockets. Again, they're a business, but that doesn't mean they have to hold online hostage too - just because other people are doing it, doesn't make it right.
  10. I more live off of Wii U than the Switch as well, but that's just because I have more games for it, and had no need for the ports (I got BoTW on Wii U, for example). I wish they would add GameCube related stuff too, as I never got the chance to get one myself or play any games on there (now imagine like, an online Melee, or Kirby's Air Ride, now that'd be worth the twenty bucks). But as it is, I agree with out that it just feels pointless (except to make me wish that they'd stop holding my Splatoon account hostage ;-;...Splatoon being the only thing I play online on there, so ^^") Yeah, but isn't it kind of sucky that you could (and still can, for the time being) play Splatoon 1, completely without charge, since you had to pay for the game upfront, and yet now you have to pay 80+ for multiplayer in a multiplayer focused game? And I wouldn't know if it's "more worth it" to have to play 20+ for the same games over and over again, when you could just pick and choose among the Eshop. Which is still up. And a better alternative in my opinion, since you only pay once for whatever game you want. And Leaderboards just...really don't feel worth it to me. It just seems like the lamest, most contrived way to justify the virtual console being locked to this subscription. The family pack...confused me - it just says "Buy more for more people!" But how many subscriptions are you buying??? I tried to look on the official site, and it had no info. Yeah, but better doesn't make it good. Honestly, I think not being to improve their servers without this subscriptions, them as a multi-billion corporation, is pretty bad. And as for circles, I just google about this, like "Nintendo Online Subscriptions" or "Nintendo Online Subscriptions Bad" when I'm desperate, and I just get praise or ambivalence, (though this is anecdotal, and I can't seem to find those comments again vv") and it's beyond confusing. Again, I know twenty bucks isn't much, but the two console generations before were free, and it feels like they're just bandwagoning onto Microsoft's and Sony's get-rich-quick schemes. Not interested in the Virtual Console, those NES games, or anything like that, it's just scummy that they have to rope in their online play for a multiplayer-focused game into it. Again, cheap isn't as good as free, and they never said they were going to use the subscriptions to improve the service, so it feels like a cheap cash grab. Yeah, they have to make profit, especially since Nintendo is so poor. (not trying to be patronizing towards you at all, I think you have a point, I just think Nintendo's being very very dumb)
  11. I mean that's fine, I just don't think it's fair to rope in online play (which historically has been free) into this whole thing - yes it's only really for 1st party Nintendo titles, but I don't think anyone buys Nintendo consoles for their 3rd party support. Yeah twenty bucks it's cheap, but free's better than twenty bucks. Again, I don't see a point in this whole subscription thing other than Nintendo being greedy.
  12. *TIPS FEDORA* O f c o u r s e Okay, but you can buy them individually for much cheaper - just want Mario 1 or Zelda 2? Eshop.
  13. I guess, but I would prefer not to sacrifice my Splatoon progress for something like this
  14. Yeah, but Nintendo never officially said that the money was going to improve servers, so there's no way to assume that they have the best of intentions. Seems to me like this would be a slice of pure profit, rather than anything used to actually make the service better.
  15. Well, I hope that you got past the content block, so you can post your ideas! And I'd love to hear about your characters sometime :o Welcome!! Okay, I'm starting to think I need to charge for Lurking Clan subscriptions >:3 Welcome! Fire Emblem's a big source of inspiration for me as well, though not always in the game's best...favor? That's a way to put it (trying to rewrite all of Fates because I'm bitter) I hope you enjoy your stay! ^u^ @Killgore5253 Prolly should move your message out of the post v late on pointing that out ;-; Ah come on, don't sell yourself short! Zelda and Pokemon are great <3 Which games of those two do you like? Anyway, welcome! ^o^ No worries about poor English - it's my first language I don't even have a good grasp on it Or any grasp what's english Anyway, that's really cool! I hope you make good progress on your translation (we could always use those, y'know) - Welcome aboard! :D I can't wait to see your ROM hack! If you have a forum about ROM updates, could you point me towards it? Also, I'm not sure if three people on the same account is allowed? It probably is, I would just double check, 'tis all Glad to meet you too, you three! It's okay exposure to Fire Emblem Fates can be lethal Heyo! I hope you enjoy your stay! \ ^w^ /
  16. https://bgr.com/2018/07/26/nintendo-switch-online-membership-subscription-preorder/ (Honestly the way they're listing off the features sounds like they were paid to say this, but I couldn't find any evidence of that, so eh) (Also I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I couldn't find any other place for it) I'm not sure if this is just me, but I don't understand why people are so excited about this? Paying for something that came initially for free (and is still free for the previous generation of consoles, for now) and getting very little in the form of bonuses (they re-release the same NES games every console generation, and cloud backup should be default) doesn't sound like something anyone would want? And I know this is anecdotal, but I haven't seen much in the way of backlash about this whole thing. How is paying for something that used to come by default anything worth getting excited over? If Nintendo said the money was going into making the service better, then I would understand, but that isn't the case, so I still don't get it. Not to mention, while it isn't likely to be the case forever, you can still play Mario Kart 8 online on the Wii U; Mario Kart 8 being one of the games that you can't play online without a subscription. So is anyone here excited for this, despite it being, to me, being forced to pay if you want to keep playing? If so, why?
  17. Chapter 2B: A New Dusk *With a heavy thunk, Lupa lands in the center of the ashen town, the only sounds for miles being a hollow, echoing wind that sweeps through the desolate Hejm* Strix: ... Geri: Strix, if I may be so bold, I don't believe it's best to dwell on what happened here, or on the villagers - we had very little to do with their plight, and there is even less we can do to ease it. Strix: ...Yeah. Freki: ... Geri: ... Geri: We need to find shelter - if not to sleep, then at least to have some protection against the elements. *The wind howls and spits, almost if on cue* Strix: Right - Any one of these abandoned houses should do for now, I guess. Geri: ...Of course. *Cut to the party resting in one of the burnt, but mostly together houses, with a chunk of the roof open to the sky. Lupa is inside, sleeping. Geri is attempting, at the very least, to sleep, while Strix and Freki are sitting by the door, Freki looking at Strix, and Strix looking at the star.* Strix: ...Freki. Freki: Mm? What's up, kid? Strix: It's not...It's nothing with me - I'm worried about you. Freki: Me? What, I'm not hurt or nothin'. If anything, you got more banged up during that scrap for trying to not hurt anybody than I did. Strix: That's not what I meant - you've been really quiet. I mean, really quiet and it's starting to scare me. Freki: Is that-is that it? Aw, c'mon, you don't need to sprout gray hairs over me, I'm just...thinking. I do that. Strix: You didn't squabble with Geri at all since we left our first camp - if that doesn't mean something's wrong then I don't know what is. Freki: Eh, yeah, I guess that is pretty concerning. Strix: So there is something on your mind? *Freki's tired, but light-hearted expression melts into a solemn one as she looks away from Strix* Freki: I have...a lot of shit that I don't need to burden you with, let's just leave it at that. You don't need to listen to me prattle on about every little tragedy in my life, but I guess what I'm saying is that it's only because of that shit I had to go through that I'm seeing you going down the same path I did. Strix: ... Freki: I'm not going to try to convince you to go back - I'm not that much of a bitch, I know how much this means to you - but if you really want to keep wandering aimlessly like this, you can't be Strix anymore. Strix: Huh? What do you mean? Freki: Exactly what I said - I'm not going to let the world chew you up and spit you out because of a title. You're going to have to pick another name, lie low, let the name "Strix" die, at least for awhile. Strix: ...Oh. I see. Freki: We're all going to have to pick new names, y'know, if we don't want to get skewered by every angry farmer. I was going to suggest this in the morning, but, eh, you did kind of tip my hand. What do you think of Julitta? Strix: For yourself, right? Freki: No, I will fucking commit suicide if you don't introduce yourself with that name-Of course I meant myself, you dummy! *"Dummy" being said in the most loving way possible. A hearty laugh slips out of Freki, her smile returning, and Strix awkwardly chuckles in turn* Strix: Yeah yeah, I'm stupid. Anyway, why that name? I mean, it's pretty and really suits you, but why? Someone you knew? Freki: Agh, stop trying to butter me up ya' snot. And nah, just a name I remember hearing once. It's smarter to do that anyway - less connections, the better. Strix: Oh, yeah, that makes sense - I guess I shouldn't go with "Hati" then. *Freki goes dead quiet, her breathing even going hushed* Strix: Freki? Freki, did I say something wrong? What did I do wrong? What did I do? Freki?! Freki: ...Julitta. Strix: Huh? Freki: You're supposed to be calling me Julitta, remember? And you're going to wake up Geri. Strix: ...R-right, I'm sorry, Julitta. Freki: Just don't go with Hati, alright? I...don't know what kind of relationship you had with him, but you should choose a name that can't be traced back to you in any way, alright? Strix: Alright. I won't. Freki: Good. I-...I'm going to go try to catch some sleep before the sun rises. Don't be afraid to wake me up or, uh, some shit like that, when you think you can sleep too. Okay, Strix? Strix: ...Right. Sleep well...Julitta. Freki: I'll try. *Freki walks away slowly and slumps down onto a sleeping Lupa, stroking his hide, and closes her eyes, clearly still awake despite appearances* Strix, quietly, to himself: ...Why are you trying to lie to me, Freki? *Cut to morning, Strix managed to doze off without waking Freki, and they've both been up before Strix. Freki grabs Strix's shoulder and shakes him a little; she's shed her imperial armor in favor of a ramshackle leather set.* Strix: Errnnn...Stooop, it's too early. Freki: Kid, it's nearly noon. Strix: It doesn't matter when it is, it's still too early. Freki: Yeah? Well, me and Ignatius already busted our asses gathering water, hunting, procuring a safe route, gathering new clothes- Strix: "Ignatius"? Freki: Er, Geri. That's the name he went with; typical of the little shit had to go with something so over dramatic. Already gave him the long and short of it - another thing I did while you were sleeping the fucking day away. Strix: Right, right - I'm up. *Strix stands, stretching his sore legs* Strix: What's with you today, Fr-...Julitta? You seem...well, impatient would be putting it lightly, I'll just say that. Freki: Good morning to you too. Strix: S-sorry. Freki: Ah, I'm just teasing ya, you pansy. Lighten up! We got a whole day of travel ahead of us! Strix: *incoherent groaning* Freki: You're a fucking inspiration to us all. *Strix reflexively brushes his clothes off.* Strix: I'm just saying, you aren't usually this...strict? With morning routines? I thought that was Ger...Ignatius' thing. Freki: Well, yeah, that was before you decided it was a good to go running off into Rucif knows where, throwing caution and reasonable sleep schedules to the fucking wind. Strix: Fiiine, I get it. Where is...Ignatius, anyway? *Strix looks around, but he doesn't seem to be in the house - Lupa is there with him either* Freki: Oh he's fine, just said he wanted to "check something out" and took Lupa in case they run into something; they'll both be fine. Oh, and Ignatius told me to wake you, so... Strix: And suddenly everything makes sense. Freki: But enough of that - we need to doll you up in the fancy new rags we found. *Strix stares at the patchy, half-burned clothes and crumbling leather armor* Strix: Um. Freki: You don't think you can go running around in royal armor like that, and not get fucking pounded for it, do you? Strix: ...What am I supposed to do with my armor, then? Freki: Leave it behind, obviously. The blood on it will hopefully make anyone who finds it assume the worst. Strix: Mm, that...makes sense. Freki: What, don't like the idea of the entire world thinking you're dead? Strix: No. Strix: I think I prefer this. *Cut to black, and Strix has shed his armor as well, replacing it with a thin, flowing, hooded cloak, cloth that covers his face below his nose, and leather armor; his thick, shoulder-length, black-bluish hair cut short, most of the locks on the ground by his feet.* Freki: Think whoever finds this'll assume this was some kind of really kinky torture? Strix: ...*His eyes go wide* Freki: Kid? Kid?...Strix? Shit, I didn't break you, did I? Kid? Strix: ...I'm just...imagining...what that would possibly...look like. And I don't like it. Freki: I broke you. Strix: I don't like it at all. Freki: Hey, hey, don't worry yourself, kid. I wouldn't anyone lay a finger on you, much less kidnap you and torture you to death - I mean, it wouldn't be the first time. Strix: ...That's weirdly reassuring. Thanks...Julitta. Freki: Speaking of which, you still haven't picked a new name, have you? Strix: Erh, not yet. I've been thinking though, and how does- *The sound of the door creaking open silences the conversation, Freki quickly pulling her sword in response and Strix his lance. Limping through is an injured Geri, being supported by a woman they don't recognize...* Strix: Ignatius! What happened? Who-? Freki: Lady, if you have any will to live, I suggest you drop the dumbass and step the fuck away from us. Kaitlin: N-no! Please, my name is Kaitlin - I don't mean any harm! Truly! Ignatius told me I could get help here, and I require your aid! Geri: She...she speaks the truth. *Strix lowers his lance, but Freki doesn't budge and moves forward towards Kaitlin, sword pointed at her throat* Freki: Kid, tend to Ignatius. I'll take care our little friend. Strix: Right. *Strix slips in front of Freki, and grabs Geri by the waist. At first, Kaitlin looks hesitant to let go, but Geri softly coaxes her too, and Strix carries Geri behind Freki* Freki: Right, now, what the hell are you trying to pull? Kaitlin: N-nothing! I really, truly require your help! Please, you must listen to me! Strix: Julitta, she sounds desperate - we should help her. Freki: Kid, just patch up Ignatius, and let me take care of this, okay? Kaitlin: They have your wyvern! Freki: ...What. Kaitlin: Lupa? I believe? A young sorcerer stole him, and she- Freki: Say no fucking more. Kid? Stay with Ignatius, I have a goddamn wizard to skewer. Kaitlin: Wait, but-! *Freki's already gone.* Kaitlin: But...Kael... *Kaitlin runs after Freki* *Cut to a battle screen, in where a seventeen-looking-year-old Dark Mage is on the other side of the map. She has Lupa, who is a Feral Dragon class. And beside her, is Kael* Before the battle starts: ???: I told you to stay away from me! This is what happens when you don't listen to me! Kaitlin: Julitta! Freki: Hm? Kaitlin: Please, I beg of you, do not hurt Kael! He's under some kind of spell and he can't think straight! Let me speak with him! It might...I think I can help him. Please, just don't hurt Kael! Freki: ...I'll do the best I can. *The party is Freki (who is a mercenary right now), Kaitlin, Mary, and Leo, as Kael is being puppeted by the young dark mage. Every turn, she can summon fake soldiers to slow down the group. Lupa will not hurt Freki, and will try to retreat if Freki encounters him. If Kael is killed, it's game over.* Kael vs. Anyone else: Kael: ...Leave... Kael vs. Kaitlin: Kaitlin: Kael! Thank the gods I found you - I'm so, so sorry I let this happen to you. If you can-If you can hear me, please, say something to me. I know you're in there. Kael: ...Leave... Kaitlin: Kael, it's me! Kaitlin! Don't you...don't you remember? Did she make you forget? What did she do to you? Can you tell me? What can I do? Talk to me, please! Kael: ...It...hurts...I can't... Kaitlin: What hurts?! I can help you! Kael: ...Leave...please... Kaitlin: Kael...! Lupa vs. Anyone else: Lupa: *Snarls* Lupa vs. Freki: Freki: Lupa, Lupa! Are you alright? What did that bitch do to you?! I swear when I get my hands around her throat- Lupa: *soft whining* Freki: Lupa what- what are you...? Lupa: ... Freki: She didn't...control you, like Kael? Lupa: ... Freki: Didn't she? Did...she? Lupa: *hollow moaning* Freki: ...Then there's no reason for you to not get back here you stupid lizard! ??? vs. Anyone else: ???: Leave me alone! Leave! ??? vs. Freki: Freki: What in the fresh hell did you do to my dragon, you little bitch?! ???: ...I didn't do anything - Lupa wanted to help me. Freki: Oh, and that Kael guy just wanted to help you, too? And the whole disjointed speech thing is just how he talks? ???: I don't have to prove anything to you. Freki: No, but you can pay for trying to take my best fucking friend away from me! ???: Stay...away! ??? vs. Kaitlin: Kaitlin: Why did you do this? We were only trying to help you! ???: I tried to tell you - people get hurt when they don't listen. Kaitlin: "Get hurt"? You attacked us, only for the crime of not wanting to leave you by yourself! You were- no, you still are, injured! ???: ... Kaitlin: This doesn't have to end in blood - please, just stay your hand. Please, release Kael from whatever spell you have him under, and- ???: I don't need your help! Get away from me! ???'s defeat quote: Nrrgh, Lupa...help... *After the battle* *With a panicked cry, Lupa grabs the injured, platinum blonde, almost white haired girl in his talons, and flies off, something that catches the light falling from her pockets* Freki: Lupa! Lupa!! Get the fuck back here you stupid fucking lizard! Get-! Get-get back...here...Fuck... *Freki slumps to the ground, her breathing heavy as she chokes back tears* Kaitlin: Kael! Kael, are you okay?! *Kael stumbles back, grabbing his head and moaning* Kael: K-Kaitlin? Wait, what-ack! *Kaitlin flings herself onto him, wrapping her arms tightly around Kael and burying her face into the crook of his arm* Kaitlin: You sc-scared me, really badly. Next time warn me if you're going to do something like that. Kael: W-warn you?! What did I do? Kaitlin: I'll explain later, let me just...*she buries her face deeper, and Kael, though still confused, gently puts a hand on her head and comfortingly strokes* Leo: Look, I'm glad and all that everything for us, worked out, but I hope you didn't forget about- Strix: Julitta! Julitta, are you okay? What happened?! *Strix comes hobbling in, supporting a slightly more together Geri* Kaitlin: ...We owe the two of them an explanation. *Cut to the seven people sitting on the grass, Freki looking ready to kill someone, Geri, frustrated, but more together than Freki, and Strix just looks confused, upset, and just unhappy and concerned* Kaitlin: We know as little of that girl as you three do, unfortunately, but, Julitta, and...Um, I didn't catch your name? Strix: ...Amarok. My name is Amarok. Freki: ... Kaitlin: Right, Amarok. Julitta, Amarok, you weren't with us when we encountered her. As we entered what was left of Hejm, we heard a muttering, something along the lines of "the temple, I need to get to the temple". We weren't sure what she was going on about, but that wasn't our concern - we had been attacked several times during our journey, and we wanted to make sure whoever was left here was not a threat. Geri: I had a...similar thought process. I saw something - I can quite describe it, a shadow? I suppose? - move across the corner of my vision. I didn't want to leave Amarok alone for much longer, which is why I sent you away Julitta. Freki: And took Lupa. Geri: ...I deeply regret what happened today, Juillta - I only wanted him for tracking purposes and self defense, in the likely event that our target didn't have the best of intentions... Freki: ... Geri: I'm...I'm so sorry... Kaitlin: ... Leo: Well, we were cautiously tracking the girl, when we had run into Ignatius here - needless to say, we were all surprised. Kael: Oh yeah...I remember this...Yeah, that wyvern got...really mad. Mary: Yeah, and it would have all of us to burned a crisp, if it weren't Ignatius. Geri: ...I...managed to calm Lupa down - I knew M-...I knew Amarok wouldn't be pleased to here that four innocent strangers were killed due to my own ineptitude. Kael: ... Strix: Yeah, thanks, Ignatius - don't need that on weighing any of our conciseness'. Kaitlin: We were all pretty tense, to say the least. Especially after that...incident, with Lupa. But when we explained ourselves, and what we were looking for, Ignatius calmed down, and offered to help us, as - in case they had "male intent" - he didn't want us to go alone. Which was very sweet of you, Ignatius! Geri: 'tis only what anyone would do, milday. Geri: But despite our increased forces, we still underestimated who we were after. When we cornered her, she began to panic, and aimed to attack us - but whatever had put her in her infirm state had taken it's toll on her. The very moment she had attempted magic, she passed out. Kaitlin: And we couldn't just leave her there! So we decided to try to nurse her back to health. We fed her, tended to her wounds (as best as we could), and did everything in our power to try to help her. Geri: A poor decision, it turned out. I had left a moment to fetch water, only to return to a grisly scene - Lupa all but raising hell back at where we had been stationed, and the others trying everything in their power to keep him down. Freki: ...Why didn't I here this? Geri: We were far away from where you and Amarok were resting, and the wind would have concealed any trace of the matter from where you were. Freki: ...Right... Kaitlin: Oh but, that's not all that happened - Lupa didn't just get up and start attacking people - the girl woke first. Geri: Did she? Kaitlin: Yes, you were away, you just said. She woke up, and stared at us, frightened, looking as if we were going to hurt her. She didn't say a word to any of us, she just...stared. Until she laid her eyes on Lupa. When she saw him, she immediately began speaking with him; as if he were a person, no less! We couldn't get a word out of her that wasn't directed at the dragon, no matter how hard we tried to coax her attention away from him...We didn't know exactly what they were "talking" about, either. At least, until she said "you'll help me, right? I need them gone, now." Mary: That's when that stupid animal started attacking us. Kael: Right...right! I tried everything I could to protect all of you from it, but it was fighting like a mad beast. Leo: And that's when Ignatius returned - dropping his bucket, he rushed to calm the dragon again. Mary: You remember that he dropped the bucket? Seriously? While we were all fighting for our lives?! Really?! Leo: I'm just relaying what I saw, Mary, you don't need to throw a tantrum over it. Geri: Either way, I did all in my power to keep Lupa from hurting the others, but, in my attempt, Lupa... Freki: Lupa attacked you, didn't he? Mary: That animal nearly ripped his arm off! *Freki gives Mary a dark glare* Kaitlin: But that's when Kael raced in! Kael: I don't...really remember a lot after this point, Kaitlin? Kaitlin: Right, I was getting to that. Kael attacked Lupa, which was enough to unhinge the dragon's jaws, and free Ignatius. The damage to his shoulder was severe, but the girl didn't think it was enough, apparently. Kaitlin: That's when she...put a spell on Kael. I don't know what she did...exactly, but I can hazard that it wasn't...pleasant. Kaitlin: Kael started screaming, screaming as if he was in pain, and then he was-he was. Geri: He was attacking us, as if he were possessed. Kael: I-I did...what? Kaitlin, shit, Kaitlin...I didn't...I didn't hurt you? Or anyone? Did I? Kaitlin: No, no!...Not...really? Geri: Not to her, at least. You certainly made your skill with the blade clear to the rest of us. Kael: ... Kaitlin: Kael, it's fine, none of our dead - it wasn't your fault. Leo: But we did have to retreat because of him - Mary and I led the girl and her little army away from Kaitlin while she and Geri retreated back to you. And I think you know the rest. Strix: ...Wow...I don't know what to say. Freki: There isn't much to say, really... Kaitlin: I know you three have suffered because of our...no, my desire to help the girl, and for that, I sincerely apologize. I wish there was something I could offer you, anything I can do... Strix: Well, I'll admit - we three are just kind of...wandering around, you know? And without Lupa, we're kind of...we're kind of stuck. Freki: ... Strix: And I owe you - you saved my...my friend's life. Both of them. Tell me, what are you doing out here? Even...even before Hejm got needless put to the torch, there wasn't much to find out here, if I'm right. Kaitlin: ...I'm trying to find my sister. Her name is Hope, and she...ran away from home, and I'm...worried - worried for her. *Strix is quiet for a moment, before slowly nodding* Strix: Alright. I'm not sure how much I, or my companions can help, but if you would have us...? Geri: ...! Freki: ...Amarok... Kaitlin: You would help us? Strix: I mean, an eye for an eye, right? Geri: ...Amarok, that's not how that expression works. Strix: Oh...er, I think you get my point, right? Kaitlin: Of-of course! I would be honored to have you among our ranks! Welcome aboard, Amarok and company! *Cut to them a little later, packing up there stuff, with Kaitlin's party of by themselves, discussing things that Strix and Geri, who are off by themselves. Freki is by herself, and you can see her pocketing a glimmering, translucent white stone, small enough to fit in your hand.* Geri, in a hushed voice: M-...Amarok, I don't mean to dog every decision you make, every step of the journey, but is this really wise? Strix: Joining them? I understand your concerns, Ignatius. *Freki returns to them, quietly, without a word. Strix wordlessly, concerned, acknowledges her.* Strix: But...I didn't leave my home because I didn't want any ties with anyone. I left because I wanted to be able to make my own choices. I didn't...Well, you know - I didn't really plan on doing anything when I left; I didn't have any big plans what to do with my freedom once I got it. And this is what I want to do with my freedom - I want to help these people. It may seem kind of...trivial, but this is my choice. Maybe...maybe when I get the courage to, I can actually start making a bit of a difference, you know? Just...helping people when they need it. I'm still figuring it out, but I think that's what I want to do with my freedom. Geri: ...A noble pursuit, Amarok. I am ever by your side, as always. Strix: Thank you, Igna-Mmph! *Freki suddenly is smothering Strix in a tight, almost suffocating hug* Strix: Ermmmph! Ju-Julitta?! Wha-I can't breathe! Freki: ...I don't care what you do with your life. Strix: H-huh...? Freki:I don't care at all, just, I'm not going to let anything, anything, happen to you. Freki: I'm not going to lose anyone else. Strix: ...I wouldn't do that to you, Freki. Don't worry - I'm not leaving anytime soon. Strix: C'mon. Let's catch up with the others. ((Strix, Freki, and Geri will be going as Amarok, Julitta, and Ignatius, respectively, from now on. I hope I did your gang justice, Rose! ^u^'))
  18. Oh the hivemind trope is just like...my name for when like a twin finishes the other's sentence perfectly, they dress the same, act the same, and are only defined by the fact that are two of them - basically like the "(always) identical creepy twins" thing, if you know what I'm talking about. It does work better, but it's not not good imo - mainstream should put more effort into kid designs instead of just falling back on the "mix-n-match" or "iz just a clone" tropes. That definitely sounds much better though - the incomplete dominance kind of reminds of stuff they do in B/MHA (which is also a show that actually has kid-in-relation-to-parents designs). You can pm me if you want (and if you want criticism, I'll give it), but word of warning - I don't know the first thing about Xenoblade, so *shrugs*
  19. I think the "children are clones of their parents" is a trope that runs through anime-styled (and far beyond) media as a whole; for a few examples: Luna, Noctis, and their kids (note: the first picture is actually Noct and Luna as kids, and in the second picture, the two kids ARE their kids): http://071bc3d04e2671665c74-5a267f839fbe60d0845a37698418bb02.r26.cf5.rackcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/final-fantasy-xv-child-noctis-and-luna-playing-with-dog-artwork-xbox-one-ps4-official.jpg http://s.newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/styles/full/public/2018/04/06/ffxv-picnic-art.jpg Amelia and Doppler (admittedly infants and aliens, but still): https://78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrhedoCizN1qkdj60.png https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/4/43/Treasure-planet-disneyscreencaps.com-10529.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160715000019 Lady and Tramp (kind of low-hanging fruit, but this is one of the worst one's I've seen): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/8/89/Lady-And-The-Tramp-Wallpaper-classic-disney-7326007-1024-768.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111029010913 It's not just twins, and I can appreciate that Fire Emblem didn't at least fall to the "twins are identical clones of each other/their identity is only defined by the fact that their basically a hivemind" trope (but it probably wouldn't have worked for the story to be fair); though personally, if Julia and Julius had their designs reworked, I think it would be better to actually make them look like siblings? Swapping their hair colors would just make them weird hybrids of their parents instead, which isn't that much better tbh (especially when you get cases of kids looking more like, say, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. instead of their parents - you can get creative with a kid's design, but most people don't seem to? Idk).
  20. Np! ^^ Iloveyouriconokayhisohfudoishgfuodhgiuo Welcome! I see you have an excellent taste in characters, Chrom is the best and I will fight anyone on this, but it's great to met you no matter what ^^ Well then, welcome back! I'm hoping Four Seasons/Three Houses is great too - it looks fantastic from the trailer alone :D Awakening was very good ^^ - Chrom voice - WE'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU, FREDERICK - waves - Wb!! It's nice to meet you - I wish you luck on your various hellish runs! :D What'sP.Scoopsupposedtomeano-o That's okay - welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay anyway, and I'll always be up for a chat regardless ^u^ Roleplay group? Oooh, what kind (like OCs, established characters, etc.)? I'd be interested in joining, if you'll have me :o Welcome! It's great to meet you ^o^ Is...is everyone in your group gonna have Octoling icons? Because that would be PERFECT Welcome! Tbh, complaining about the things you love is a big mood okay I'd love to see some of your art sometime! So at least Splatoon mmk I can roll with this Heyo! Welcome to the forums! Always nice to have fresh blood :3 I love how all three of you seem to have the BEST taste in games - me, excluding FE because that's obvious, I'm a big fan of Pokemon, Zelda, Kid Icarus (y'know, when it's not dead), Splatoon's p great, among other things. And don't worry, you're fine ^^ Those. Look. REALLY GOOD so far - I love the desolate, eerie vibe coming from them - I'd love to see an FE hack from you!! Welcome! I can't wait to see more content from you :D ...So much for the Splatoon Themes *flushes all of my conspiracy notes down the drain* annnnnnnnyway, hey there! There's no need to be shy - there are a lot of friendly people on this forum! (Ik it's anecdotal, by it's what I've seen on these forum so far ^^) And hey! I'm an age too!!! :DDD Oml this entire group is great :D Welcome! How are we supposed to know you aren't actually Bill Cipher? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? And you're okay - you're introduction is better that mine (in where I bugged people on other introduction forums until someone noticed me *shot*) Don't worry about it! P sure I did give you the information you were looking for, but no matter; I wish you good luck on the project! Welcome!! ^u^ Yeeeeeeeah the audio cut out entirely o-o No idea - but hey there; before it all sort of imploded, I thought the video was really funny! (A TALE THAT IS OLD, AND DATED) ...Most of us Heyo! If you have any questions about stuff, you can either hit me up, or as Eclipse (who kinda has to know this stuff) - I'll TRY not to bite :33 At the time of writing, I was very dead and was bad at replying. I will most certainty still be both of those in the future. Hey there! Good choice in the career path, and I wish you good luck! ^^ It's my personal theory that we're all just kind of upgraded lurkers tbh. Hi! Happy to have you :D
  21. Chapter 1B: Old Habits Freki: Kid, we're going to have to land soon - Lupa can't take much more of hauling both of your fat asses around like this. Strix: Or...maybe he's just finally giving out? I mean, I can't blame him, with having to carry such a heavy load for what...twenty-ish years? Freki: ...! Geri: Milord, disregarding your appalling language, that was an ill-conceived comment towards the woman who has dominion over our very well-being. Strix: Oh- oh gosh, I thought we were all just joking around! I didn't think- I didn't- Freki: BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh...Oh kid, you're developing a fine sense of humor, I'll give ya that. Strix: Oh thank God, I thought you were mad. Geri: (Certainly one thing you can say about her.) Freki: Nah, nah, you're cool - let's just land this baby and handle the grub situation. *There's the sound of a thud, before the screen briefly fades to black* Strix: So...any luck, Freki? Freki: Yeaaah, no - I got fuck all; Geri? Geri: Without being so crass, I failed to find food as well - it's almost as if the area has been...stripped. Freki: Rucif damn it Geri, I really thought we were making progress earlier with that stick up your ass, y'know? But you're right- Geri: I'm not going to let you forget that you said that. Freki: ...But Geri has a point for once - I couldn't even find any like...roots 'n shit. Strix: And it's not like we can just scavenge somewhere else - sun's setting, poor Lupa's pooped, and the next town is almost a day away...Well guys, looks like we're stuck here for the night. Time to get comfortable. Freki: Shit kid, I thought you at least had a plan when you told us to abandon everything we had. Strix: I do- or I...look, I just knew I had to get out of there when I could- Freki: Rucif fucking...*sigh* Let's just...turn in for the night, alright kid? I can keep first watch so we don't get eaten by wolves or some shit. Strix: ...Yeah, alright. We'll head for the town in the morning; Hejm, I believe? Geri: You'd be correct, my liege - a simple, but pleasant folk, so I've heard. So long as we keep our heads low, we should pass through without trouble. Freki: And hopefully, we can get something to eat there too. Strix: ... *Cut to a scene of Freki keeping watch, while Strix, Geri, and Lupa sleep* Freki: ...(I suppose I signed up for this - I mean, I couldn't say no to those puppy dog eyes - but the kid has no idea what he's getting himself into.) Freki: (If we don't get him off the continent or something, he's going to regret even thinking of running away...That's giving him the credit that he even thought this through in the first place.) Freki: *sigh*...(Can't fault him though - it'd be...kind of hypocritical if I did.) *Something rustles in the bushes.* Freki: Hm? (What was that?) *She draws her sword* Freki: If there's someone there, I'd suggest you show yourself - I am not in the fucking mood for games tonight. *Slowly, a young boy, clad in makeshift leather armor leaves the bushes, hands held up* ???: Whoa, whoa - Heeeey, lady, clam down. I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just passing through. *Freki doesn't lower her sword.* Freki: Really? I suggest you cut the crap and give me a name before I have to get nasty. Váli: Okay! Okay - the name's Váli, I swear I don't mean any harm, I just need to get ooooooover there. *He points past the makeshift camp, where Geri and Lupa are stirring, and flinches back when he sees the wyvern, who is slowly waking with a low snarl.* Freki: Ya like him? Lupa? I can introduce him to you if you don't disarm yourself. Váli: Mmmmmmmmm, you make a convincing argument. I'll just leave my rinky little knife here, next to my ramshackle pitchfork- Freki: Pitchfork? Váli: I mean, what else is a lowly villager like myself going to defend himself with? Freki: ...What are ya' doing all the way out here anyway? Váli: I mean...Wellm I can't exactly tell you, since you aren't a part of our cause 'n all. Don't know where you stand, y'know? Freki: "Our cause"? So there's more of you? Váli: (Shit!)...Not...necessarily. Freki: Kid, how old are you? Where are your parents? Váli: Don't patronize me. And don't you- don't you-! Freki: Don't I, what? Váli: ...Nothin'. Geri: Mmmm...? Freki, what's going on? Is there-Is there someone there? Why didn't you wake us? Freki: Just-just hold on, okay dear? *Freki turns make to Váli, who looks thoroughly uncomfortable.* Freki: Váli, you from Hejm? Váli: ...It was my hometown, yes. Freki: Was? Váli: God damn imperials - we...refused to pony up, so they burned our village. A lot of us...a lot of us didn't make it. Freki: ... Freki: Including your parents? Váli: ...*sniff* Freki: Kid...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry - I know the world's a shitty place, and I didn't need to go and make it shittier for you by dredging that up. I'd...I'd offer you something, anything, but I know that there's nothing I could give to fill that void...I suppose the best I can do is just get of your way - I would just not recommend getting to close. You know, because- *Lupa hisses on cue.* Freki: That. Geri: (Freki, this isn't the best course of action to take at this moment, I implore you to rethink this course of action.) Freki: (It's fine - they're just passing through - we don't need to kill each other over this.) Váli: ...Yeah...yeah I guess. Thank-thank you. For talking to me. I know I was kind of an ass, but I hope we can part as friends, you know? Váli: H-hey guys, it's clear. *More rustling through the bushes, and a double digit number of leather-armored clad villagers appear from the bushes, carrying something Váli wasn't - torches. The light hits Freki and Geri, illuminating their imperial armor.* Female Villager: Váli, what the hell are you doing?! You've just exposed us to the imperial dogs, you idiot! Freki: No, stop! We aren't with them anymore, we just- Older Villager: Hold your tongue, cur! You're kind spits nothing but lies! *Váli just stares in horror at Freki for a long second, his face twisting into a mix of sorrow and unbridled anger as tears flow down his eyes.* Váli: ...Everyone, everyone! To arms, now! We told ourselves we'd show the Empire's dogs what it feels like to have everything taken from you, so let's finally show them what it feels like! Geri: They aren't going to listen, Freki you need to fall back! Váli, aiming for Freki: HAAAA- *Suddenly, Váli's voice dies as a loud THUNK is heard, and Strix is shown wielding a lance plunged into Váli's side." Váli: Nnrgh...I-Is that? Male Villager: It's Prince Strix! The Tyrant Emporer's son; kill him! *Strix removes his lance, Váli crumpling onto his knees.* Strix: Shit, I'm so sorry...Freki, Geri! We need to leave, NOW. Geri: R-right! We'll clear ourselves of this rabble if we must. Freki: ...Right, Milord. Váli: We can't-we can't let them get away! Everyone, we have to stand tall and fight! For everyone the Empire has taken from us! *Escape mission commence, with young Váli as the boss (though with halved HP at first, however, he can be healed during the battle if he's not taken out or you don't escape fast enough)* Váli: Damn you! Damn all of you! Get back here and pay for what you've done to us! Strix: ... Váli: You killed my mother and father! You've killed my friends and everyone I've ever cared about! Get back here you spineless fucking cowards! *Lupa takes to the skies with Geri, Freki, and Strix all atop him.* Strix: I don't think...I don't think I can sleep tonight. Geri: Milord, I know how much it...troubles you to get blood on your hands, but you did the right thing. They were bent on killing us for our status alone, and didn't care to ask our situation, even when we tried to explain. You did the right thing, Strix. Freki: ... *Lupa lets out a soft, low moan, as the party heads for the ashes of Hejm.* Geri: You did the right thing.
  22. ( @Rose482 I'll DM you so we don't needlessly clog the forum ^^)
  23. ( @Rose482 AHHHHHHHHHH you referenced the execution!!! ^u^ I really didn't expect that, that was cool!! I think this was overall solid, though I did notice at least one grammatical error: "*A big group of people are gathering around something, but Kael and Kaitlin we're too far away to see what it was all about*" I could give some more pointers, but only if you want it - I like Kaitlin, it feels like she a touch snooty and doesn't understand the magnitude of everything that's going on - I like that ^^ So Corro, are we going to do a structured order until other people get in on the game? For example, the order of posts would go you -> Nino -> me -> Rose, then repeat?)
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