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  1. (Well, I can think of two things: One: the "Father" thing about Recif is very literally, and Recif sired Samiel [and maybe even tried to kill him, so Samiel can be a playable Manakete/Dragonkin character] Or two: It's a Yin Yang thing, and they're two sides of the same coin [you could have Recif have pure white eyes, and Samial have pitch black, just to keep with that theme] I'm sure I could think of more later, but that's all I can think of atm ^^")
  2. (Oooh can't wait to see what they do, if they're interested ^^)
  3. (Mmk then, so you going to try to pull in new people then?)
  4. (I'm assuming it's the same for me, right? You going to try to get other people in on this then?) (Yeah but Trey is much younger than his father :/) (I'm not telling you can't write or anything! I was just pointing some things out ^^" The banter between Sonya and Zeke was pretty good overall!)
  5. (Zeke seemed pretty stupid from the fact he couldn't make out simple battle tactics that a ten year old could understand Sonya to me just seem like she was done with everyone, but still cared about them to an extent. I didn't see Trey as "innocent" so much as naive and passionate. Ik innocent and naive sound like synonyms, but I meant less "I trust people everything is going to be okay" and more has no idea about the scale of the conflict, and things in black and white Wouldn't losing his parents make Makel a little bit more jaded? Idk that's kind of a big deal tbh :/ And he seemed pretty polite the way you wrote him)
  6. How about any Yarne support that isn't his parents, Yarne/Noire, Yarne/Nah, or Yarne/Cynthia, since they're all basically the same? (Take your pick on which on you tackle - I think Yarne/Lucina could be the most interesting)
  7. ( @Corrobin jiforsjhigofhsugif Thank you so much ;-; Though I think I should've added something eariler about Freki having a wyvern? Cause I was trying to imply that the wyvern tracked Strix, so I think I should edit it? I was also worried I was bleeding a little too hard into the mercenary's prompt, with the prince running away in pursuit of freedom? But yeah. Are you going to write a chapter, or is it one person per chapter? Also @This boi uses Nino, is the focal character for your chapter Tray or "the Kid"? Like who's the villager with no love for the empire who's one of the four major characters? I'm a bit confused on that o-o" Edit: added references to the wyvern, Lupa, so the rescue didn't feel out of nowhere, and cleaned up the script a tad and added a few other things)
  8. Prologue B: Demancia's Hier (The new characters here are Strix, the prince of Demancia. Geri [not pronounced like "Jerry"; GAE-ree] and Freki, Strix's retainers and closest friends. And Angelica, a bishop who usually oversees religious ceremonies within the Demancia Empire [legitimizing the execution of sinners, offerings to the Black Dragon, etc.] and makes sure the empire follows the word of their god.) Kestral: People of Demancia, the woman who stands before you, Evangeline Königsmann, noblewoman and heir to the Königsmann house, has been sentence to death. She is guilty of arson, manslaughter, treason to the throne, and heresy - crimes that deserve no less than for the perpetrator to rot in the bowels of hell. Strix: ... Kestral: With the grace of the Black Dragon Rucif, Father to us all, I ask for his blessing in the execution of the heretic. *Angelica steps forward.* Angelica: Children of the Black Dragon, on this day, I shall humbly be the vessel that the great Rucif will be speaking through. I am nothing more than his messenger, here to make his divine will heard. *After a moment's pause, Angelica turns to Evangeline, who has a noose tied tightly around her neck, and her hands bound.* Angelica: Evangeline, by rejecting the guidance of Rucif, by spreading corruption, destruction, and lies, you have committed an egregious sin. An unforgivable sin. You are outside of the Father's reach, and no matter what you do, you cannot be saved. But if you repent, you can ease the eternal suffering that awaits you; this is all you can ask for. Please, ask for forgiveness for all that you've done; this is all you have left. Please, repent. *Evangeline, who is beaten to a bloody pulp, had had a dulled, unfocused look in her eye, but when Angelica had told her to repent, she turns to her, her gaze burning with hatred, before looking to the masses.* Evangeline: ...You've replaced the Father. You all have! You worship the Emperor, the Archbishop, fucking mortals, instead of Him! You call me a heretic, you call me beyond forgiveness, but we are the only ones brave enough to act against this; this crime against God! All of you are blind! All of you! And yet you punish the people who simply try to remove the cloth covering your eyes? You are all spineless fucking cowards! *Angelica turns her eyes downcast.* Angelica: ...Then you have chosen damnation. The Black Dragon Rucif, guardian and Father to us all, gives his blessing to you, Your Majesty - He can no longer call this child His own. Evangeline: Hey, look at this everyone: Manfred's mutt trying to sentence me to a dog's death; isn't that hilarious? Doesn't that just make you want to laugh? Kestral: We need not tarry longer then: with the Father's blessing, I hereby sentence you, Evangeline Königsmann, to death. *A heartbeat later, the executioner pulls the trapdoor's lever, killing Evangeline to the sound of jeers and cheers.* Angelica: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. Kestral: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. Strix: ...Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn. *The crowd prays too before they dissipate en mass, and we cut to twenty minutes later in Strix's private quarters.* Freki: Well, that was kind of fucked up. You doing alright, kid? Geri: Freki, I implore you stop referring to Milord Strix as "kid", it's demeaning. Freki: Oh, so you finally gave up on correcting my apparently shitty language? What, has Hell dried up or somethin'? Geri: Milord Strix, pray tell, is there something on your mind? If I can assist in anyway, do not hesitate: tell me what is troubling you. Freki: Don't you fuckin' ignore me. Strix: ...I don't have what it takes to lead this kingdom. Geri: Pardon? Milord, you're more than qualified - you've all but exhausted your lessons, your skill with a lance is unparalleled, and if you can't take my word for it, then your father's praise should be proof enough. Freki: Well I mean, when you aren't pussing out, yeah you're pretty alright. Strix: But the "pussing out" is exactly what I'm talking about. If today was any clearer example, being Emporer means being the judge, jury, and executioner, it means deciding the fate of people I barely know, and having the audacity to assume that my call is the right one. Freki: ...Kid, that woman was a criminal we've been perusing for weeks, you don't need to beat yourself up over it. Strix: Look, I know, alright? She was a threat to the greater good of our society and to the way of the Black Dragon; killing her was the only option: anything less would have been a disgrace to my title and place in this great kingdom. I've had that rhetoric shoved down my throat a thousand times: I know. But I'm not talking about her, or whatever revolution she was spearheading - I'm talking about her family, her friends, and the people we've executed before her for less; about every single person that will be at my mercy, since we're all but controlling the entire nation at this point. Freki: ...Kid, now is not that time for platitudes, a'ight? Words can only get you so far. Geri: Much as it pains me to say, Freki is right- Freki: I'm never going to let you forget you said that. Geri: ...Being Emperor means tending to your citizen and Empire; that means culling problematic members when they show their faces - you can't afford yourself the luxury of letting them roam uncontested. Strix: I know, okay?! I've known since the day I was born, and I'll still know the day I die! *Tears burn at the corners of Strix's eyes.* Freki: ... Geri: ...Forgive me, Milord, I spoke out of turn. Strix: No just-God, I'm sorry for snapping at you like that, Geri. I'm just...really, really tired, okay? Everyone, the entire empire, expects me to be able to protect and sustain them, but if I don't have the goddamn spine to make the hard calls, how am I supposed to lead anyone? Freki: Recif damn it, your such a pansy. C'mere. *Freki moves in and gives Strix a bear hug.* Strix: Mmph! Freki... Freki: If you keep fretting, you're going to give yourself more grey hairs than Geri has. Geri: Says the woman over the hill. *Geri moves in and gives Strix a somewhat awkward, but genuine pat on the shoulders.* Geri: ...No matter what happens, Strix, we'll stand by you. Always. Strix: ... Strix: Thank you, both - I think I just need some space right now, alright? I'm going to the courtyard to just...think, alright? *Geri and Freki move aside, Freki detaching from Strix* Geri: Of course Milord - we'll keep a vigilant eye, as always. Freki: Give the kid some space, man - he's got a lot on his mind. Geri: ...Hypocrisy, thy name is Freki. Freki: Admitting I'm right, thy name is Geri. Strix: Alright lovebirds, as cute as you are together, I think you need to calm down. Geri: Don't even humor such a repulsive idea, Milord - she is much too old for me to consider, anyway. Freki: And you're too much of a little bitch for anyone to consider, anyway. Geri: ...O merciful Father give me strength to not strangle this woman where she stands. Freki: That's implying you could even get your scrawny arms around my neck in the first place. Geri: Henceforth, I am no longer participating in this conversation. Strix: Go easy on him, alright Freki? I don't really want to see two corpses in one day. Freki: Yeah, a'ight - gotta feed my wyvern anyway, so he's getting off easy tonight. Geri: ... *Strix leaves, cutting to the courtyard, where he's sitting completely alone on marble steps in front of a field of organized, budding flowers.* Strix: ...God damn it. *Strix buries his head in his knees.* Strix: I wish my siblings were still around...any of them - then I could just pass the crown and I wouldn't be in this mess. Strix: No, that's a selfish reason to want for them to still be around; you shouldn't be even be thinking these things. Strix: But still...how much better everything would be. *A shadow flits at the corner of Strix's vision.* Strix: Hm? Who's there? *A cloaked figure inches quietly behind Strix, and knocks him out with the flat of their blade. Cut to black.* *When Strix comes to, he's blind folded.* Strix: Nnng, w-where...? ??? (a female voice): Looks like our ticket out of the slums is finally up, boys! ??? (a male voice): Eh, 'e don't look like much ta' me. ??? (the female voice): It don't matter what he looks like - just how much the Emporer'll pay to get his little princey back. Strix: (...Shit, shit, shit! What am I supposed to do now? I don't have my weapon, I'm-yeah, I'm bound. Shit this-this is-) ??? (the male voice): Aw, c'mon! Is our little princeling shy? Now ain't that a riot - the spawn of the great Emporer Kestral, too mousey ta' spit back! Strix: (I don't have a weapon, I doubt anyone figured out I'm gone yet- Oh God how long have I been out? How far am I away from the castle? Shit shit shit shit-) ??? (a different male voice): You know, we could rough 'em up a bit, yeah? Have a little fun before we turn 'em over? Strix: (SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT) ??? (the female voice): Yeah...Yeah that sounds like it could hit the spot right 'bout now! Let's have some fun, gentlem- Strix: ...You've all made a terrible mistake. (What the hell am I doing I have no idea what I'm doing.) ??? (the female voice): Eh? What're you going on about? You're bluffin'. ??? (the first male voice): Yeh, yer bluffing! Strix: God, you wish - the castle is packed with guards, they've noticed my absence. (Fuck I have no idea if they've noticed this is the most unbelievable bluff they've probably ever heard what the hell am I doing.) ??? (the second male voice): Come on, we snuck in while you were having your little public execution - there's was enough of a distraction, stop trying to make a fool of yourself. Strix: You're so bold as to assume a castle with the emperor himself to ever not have guards patrolling it? That nobody noticed you blundering through the halls? (Father strike me down now I have no idea what I'm doing fuck.) ??? (the female voice): Oh yeah? Then why didn't they stop us if they "apparently" saw us, pretty boy? Strix: Simple: they wanted to burn down your entire base. Make you suffer for even attempting to lay a hand on a member of the royal family. (And I've just hammered the final nail in my own coffin now - there's no fucking way in Rucif's good graces that they'd ever fall for that.) ??? (the female voice): Really? Really? And you think I'd buy something as pathetic as tha- ??? (a third male voice): Trouble, guys! There's a wyvern heading right towards us, and I think it got royal colors! ??? (the female voice): ... ??? (the second male voice): ... ??? (the first male voice): ...He weren't bluffing. Strix: I know it's terrible rude of me to ask in this moment of crisis, but do any of you pray? You probably should right about now. (I have no idea what's going on, but thank the Father.) ??? (the female voice): Rrrg! Grab your weapons! We don't know how many of them noblemen there are, but be ready to lay down your lives for this, boys! We worked too hard to lose the prince now! *Cut to a battle screen with: Freki the Wyvern Rider, born in Aurelia, not a Jagen type (despite her age), but more of a tanky kind of flier with good attack, great defense, good speed, poor luck, poor resistance, and decent skill. Geri the Archer, squishy, but with high skill and speed. Acts much older than he really is (he's more Strix's age). and Strix, a lance lord who is a glass cannon, dealing very good damage and fairly fast with respectable skill, but cannot take a magical hit, and is on the lesser side of mediocre with physical damage. He is currently unable to battle - in order to retrieve him, you have to make it to the caravan he's being trapped in and free him (mechanically like entering a house more than interacting with a green unit) before it leaves the map, resulting in a game over.* *After the battle.* *Freki giving another bear hug to Strix.* Freki: God fucking damn it, kid, you had me worried there! Count your goddamn stars kid that Lupa has the nose of a hound, and the good will not to guzzle ya' where you stand. Strix: Freki~! Stop crushing me - you're hurting me more then they did! Freki: That's a good thing, Strix. Geri: Milord! Are you hurt?! Damn those ruffians to hell - if I ever see any of their lot again, I swear I'll- Strix: No, I'm fine! I'm just...yeah, I'm fine. Geri: A relief, Milord. If you believe you're in good enough health to make the trip back to the castle, we will depart at once; the emperor will certainty be hearing about this shameful breech of security - and of the frankly appalling increase in criminal activity. *Freki lets go of Strix.* Freki: Well, if we can say anything, you got some real shit done there, kid. I'm proud of ya, you know? Strix: ... Freki: Kid? You doing okay? We're going home, alright? Strix: No, we aren't. Geri: What?! Freki: ...! Geri: Strix, you can't be serious! M-Milord, what you're proposing is treason! The entire empire will be hunting for you if you do this! Strix: I don't care - I can't go back. Freki: Is this about earlier this morning? God, look, I'm sorry if I wasn't taking what you were saying serious enough, Strix, but- Strix: Don't you understand, Freki? Geri? I'm free. I can choose here. I finally have a choice. I don't have to go back. Geri: Strix, please, consider what you're saying. This is madness! You're the emperor's only surviving heir: his bloodline is cursed, and your his only surviving child. You'd be condemning the entire nation. Strix: Didn't you say you'd stand by me, no matter what comes? Geri: ... Freki: Look, I don't think that's what he meant- Strix: So you want me to doom an entire nation by going back? I can't rule, Freki. I can barely bring myself to kill for survival, much less to keep the peace - I'd be condemning the entire nation by going back! The emperor can have another son - one that can better serve the people than I. Freki: ... Geri: ... Strix: Please, come with me - we can live our own lives, without any expectations. Please. Freki: ...You're such a fucking idiot, Strix. A naive, idealistic, daft idiot. Strix: ... Geri: A fucking idiot that I, for one, refuse to leave. Strix: Geri...! Freki: Hey, I wasn't done - my loyalty is to you first, Strix, even if I think you're throwing away your cushy life for no goddamn reason. Strix: ...Thank you, guys - I don't think I could have done this without you. Strix: We're free now.
  9. By content creator, I meant the person creating content with a copyright (so like a youtuber than a fanartist), and copyright holder as the person/people/company holding the original IP. Sorry if that got confusing; my point is that the person/people holding the original IP would have too much power over the person wanting to remix/change it in someway; particularly if the platform could get some benefit from it, but this thing has kind of blown over without the world exploding, so I will admit that I probably (but very accidentally) initially blew this topic out of proportion. But I think you have a good point - the copyright laws of the US are so warped, that even if they were to adopt a stricter policy, it would be a drop in the bucket really :/
  10. ...I'm still steamed over Fates (I'm petty like that), alright. Really? I guess I must have missed the memo - this is the first I've heard of it, and I didn't see anyone else bring it up. o-o" I will admit that they did do some good (like changing Leo's line adressing Elise's age so that she was actually an adult...otherwise it was really weird), but I'm still very worried overall. You bring up some good points, but Treehouse also exasperated Garon's cruelty to the point of making him into a joke, and deleted an entire support just to make a joke, so I'm not sure if Awakening is that bad in comparison, since while I admit that the Donnel and Olivia thing in particular bugs me, they also made Henry a more well-rounded character in the localization (him actually reacting to Olivia's concerns, and his whole pun thing coming from the localization, and making him a little less...grim? Like he was still a joking kind of character, but they played it up a bit and I think he actually benefited). I'm still worried, but I'm hoping for the best. Ehh, I still can't help but worry about them making the antagonists with any sort of dignity into genetic mustache-twirling Saturday morning cartoon characters. Awakening's did butcher quite a few things, but I think they generally hit home where it mattered most; Valentia's voice acting and translation was great though. Good point about the skinship and Soliel though - I'm sure the latter was particularly arduous. Let's just hope they give good voice direction/get good voice actors; overall they seem to be doing well based on the trailer, but I guess we can only hope for the best. Yeah the voice acting (as I said before) is really good so far, but I'm more worried about the translation of the story itself instead of little things like the accessory shop things (which were pretty superfluous to begin with); though I hadn't heard of the hotspring zoom feature...that's pretty creepy actually, and I'm glad they removed it. TREEHOUSES *shot*
  11. @nacho_chicken Oooh yeah that looks much better!! Good job! :D
  12. @nacho_chicken ...I actually don't have an emulator to try this on; could you just show me a screenshot please? Sorry for the hassle ^^"
  13. Jfc I'm so sorry for not responding, I got really busy and tired the past two days. Sorry for the wait! ;-; @BoltofThoron I am not worthy - I can't even get past chapter five of Lunatic :"D @TriforceP Hey there! Welcome; I'm a big fan of mythology too! Though as interesting as Fire Emblem is with their mythological elements, I'm not going to lie - I'd love to see a game that incorporates either Greek, Gaelic, or Japanese Myths more strongly. @Saplings Heyo!! I'd love to see that PME if you've got the time! ^u^ @-Primal- Welcome, and I can help you with the 3DS Fire Emblem games! If difficulty is an issue, I can help with that; as someone who has played and beaten all of the 3DS FE games, I'd rank them like this from easiest to hardest: Birthright -> Awakening -> Shadows of Valentia -> Conquest If story and characters is something you care about a lot, I'd go with Awakening or Valentia, as while Awakening's story can be typical at times, it's a very genuine, very emotion-driven story with phenomenal characters (most of them are, anyway, but they can't all be winners) and a good twist or two in there. Valentia's twists are more easy to spot, but the production value is at an all time high with full voice acting, beautiful art and spritework if you're really into that; the story is solid too, and has some powerful character moments and narrative themes. So both are good for story and character - though Awakening's gameplay can be a bit...easy to break, and Valentia, while very good with unique mechanics, has some of the worst map design of any FE games (take a shot every time you have to fight in an open field). If gameplay balance is something you care about, you'll find Awakening too easy, and Valentia very good, BUT Conquest is undeniably more solid on the gameplay front, with many different missions beyond just "capture the point" "kill the boss" or, most frequently, "rout the enemy". Which are all fine missions, but Conquest's strength is in it's variety. Conquest is the hardest of the games, and has some glaring faults in it's gameplay (weapons suck, I've found a lot of character's downright unusable), but it is the arguably most polished on the gameplay front. Birthright has the same polish, but with very basic map design and a surplus of units that have advantages against your Nohrian enemies, it can get dull at times. But Conquest is a very well-designed game in a lot of fronts, so you wouldn't do wrong picking that one up. However...the story. Conquest is a game I have a love-hate relationship with because there was a lot of potential in the game's story, but it just...doesn't live up to that. Putting it nicely, the story is a complete mess. Birthright is more competent on the story front, but it's also bland (it has some good moments, but still). Not to mention, to get the "canon" ending, you need to buy 20 dollar DLC to get the third and final path, Revelations. Oh, and you don't just buy one game and get to pick your side based on the events in the game or by your choice - which ever version of the game you pick determines which path you go down. That, or you have to buy a digital version of the game to be able to actually participate in the main selling point of the game - choosing your side based on your ideals. Personally, I would go with Awakening or Valentia as your first 3DS game, but, if you can tolerate (or revel in) bad stories, Fates isn't a terrible purchase - it's got a few good characters here or there. Also PME is pick my edits ^^ @AndrogynousBasil Great to have you! I'm a big fan of Awakening and Valentia too (if my earlier spiel didn't tip you off)! I'm looking forward to talking with you too! @Suzy_Trash ONLY five times? C'mon mate Hey there Suzy! Welcome to the forums! ^o^ @BurgerKnight714 Sorry for not getting to you earlier, welcome, and was your question answered? Again, very sorry for not getting to this sooner. Thank you so much @grinus for stepping up while I was away ;u; You are a saint. @iluvpho The Lurker Clan grows Heyo! If you have any questions, you can PM me; I don't bite for now! @Blavier Mor No you get back here *YOINK* Welcome to the forums! :3c So you into Conquest? @SagaNitens Ahh, don't worry about it - so long as you post enough in non-Introductory forums, you'll get to start topics! It's good to see ya! @Myrmidon I know right!? Are you new too? :oc @Maimishou Because Three Houses looks AMAZING Heyo and welcome! Can't wait to discuss FE stuff with you! ^^ @nacho_chicken The Lurker Clan will NEVER cease it's growth -waves- Hey there!! Can you show me the hack sometime? :o I love this kind of stuff so @CastlexRS New blood, always welcome >:3c Heyo, and ye we aren't dead! :D @Minty908 !!!!!:DDD You roleplay and romhack?! That's so cool!! I'd totally be up for a roleplay sometime soon if you wanted, and I'd love to see the progress on your hack! Welcome!! 'U' @GenricRunner Yeah sorry about the inactivity!! I'll PM you what you have to do, alright? Welcome! ^^' @undine's breath Welcome! If you need mod help, I'd recommend talking to eclipse - she's usually the authority on these types of things. @Goesbyrem Leave your stupid comments in your pocket. I'd love to see your art sometime; welcome! And yeah, big mood, except I don't have neighbors, so I just sort of spy on shapeless beings that wander outside my window. You know, nothing too crazy.
  14. https://mynintendonews.com/2018/06/17/8-4-confirms-that-they-arent-working-on-the-localisation-of-fire-emblem-three-houses/ Welp I swear if we get Treehouse again all of my faith and good will in this game is going straight out the window.
  15. A little off topic, but I actually really don't think fanfics deserve the reps they got - sure, they can be filled to the brim with wish fulfillment, and poorly implemented wish fulfillment at that, but that doesn't mean there aren't good fanfics out there. Personally, I like to look at fanfics like...folklore? Or mythology. Ik that sounds weird, but it's taking a story you heard, and adding your own spin on it defines folklore and mythology. So I think people should look at it more like that - people's own spins on a story that they heard, and making it into something of there own (sometimes it doens't fit, but hey, natural selection exists within fanworks too, so) More on topic, @thecrimsonflash brings up a good point that the lady figure might not be a goddess - I at least made that assumption due to her design similarities to Valentia Mila and Awakening Naga. However, it's possible that she, while likely having an association with the goddess, may not be her herself? With the design similarities @The_antithesis brought up, I'm going to propose that she could be the Queen of Eldegard's kingdom (since Edelgard is likely to be a princess). So, Edelgard's mother. No way to confirm this outside of design similarities, but it could be very interesting from a story standpoint, since if this woman has faith in the gods and the church, that would put her in direct opposition of Edelgard, and I don't think we've really seen political in fighting in a Fire Emblem game - or at least, nothing really outside of war flavoring (FE6) and as far as I know, nothing within your character's own kingdom (Excluding Zofia, since Alm is more of the main character than Celica is, and he had no idea what was going on in the political sphere; and even then with Celica as a protagonist, she never got involved politically either until like...the end of the game). So a game focusing on religious headbutting with a family that shares different opinions would be fascinating since it could lead into flatout civil war. And maybe Edelgard could get one of the other two houses to side with her, try to get the other, and find out it's already on her mother's side. This is p farfetched, and only really going off of the designs of the two characters and Edelgard's seemingly radical ideas, so it's not likely, but I still think it could be a really interesting turn of events.
  16. That, or maybe IS is doing the thing where Edelgard and the goddess are related? Probably Mother/Daughter, but I always thought that twist in Fates was interesting, just poorly executed (since you had the whole "choose your side because of family" dynamic going on, and then it turns out you aren't related to any of them, but I digress), so if they are going with this angle, I'd be tentatively excited. Edelgard causing more problems than solving by killing a god(dess) would be VERY interesting though, since the impression I got from the trailer is that she was going to be kind of dangerously motivated? And maybe even a radical thinking in-universe, since she wholeheartedly believes that these crests that everyone seems to put a lot of stock into should be destroyed; that sounds like a really good way to set up conflict. However, looking at how they designed the Goddess, and looking back at how Fire Emblem usually treats gods and goddesses, it's more likely that this goddess is going to be a Naga/Mila sort of figure, and that bone-whip-fire guy is going to warship the War God of Evil Darkness (trademarked) because that's IS' comfort zone. STILL if we got IS breaking their habits and tropes, that would make for a really good story. I still think though that, with all the ironies you mentioned, that Edelgard could very well likely fall into the same traps as that goddess, and it would be a "following in her mother's footsteps" sort of angle if they were related. Also, I don't think the probably dragon lady sleeping on the chair is the same person as the goddess figure holding the Falchion-like blade - more likely, the girl sleeping on the chair is a Tiki-like figure.
  17. MAG Growth, Sword, Dark Magic, No Reclass, and Military: mostly to fill in a specialized glass-cannon-y roll (with the SPD/SKL plus Dark Magic), contrasting the usually bulkier Lord character. Quick question though - in this context, does CON exist? Or are we going by Awakening rules?
  18. I don't know if this is technically necroposting since it hasn't been commented on in awhile but it's also not on the second page so...? But I got busy, and I still wanted to respond to this; I wasn't trying to drop it. But I'm sorry in advance if this counts as necroposting - I'll drop this topic immediately if it does. So with that out of the way: I changed a lot of my original title/post since I did admittedly have a kneejerk reaction to the proposal. I made a huge mistake, but I still want to talk about this for the fact that I still don't believe that this policy is in the best interests of content creators...or at least, it can be interpreted to rightholders' advantage. "'Stakeholder dialogue' means that all groups involved or affected (EU nations/citizens, platforms like Youtube, rightholders such as artists/songwriters/Nintendo, etc) have a right to be at the table for the discussion on what the platforms (Youtube, etc) have to do. 'Member States shall facilitate [...] stakeholder dialogue' means the EU nations are responsible for heading these discussions, to which everyone affected or involved has a right to be part of." While the "taking into account the nature of the services" thing is reassuring, I feel if, both whatever representative for that particular EU nation, the platform holder, and the copyright holder wanted to, they could put the content creator at their mercy. Unlikely, probably, but it kind of ties into my biggest concern with this whole thing: not that the EU is implementing something like this, more that other nations (such as the US) could very easily implement a similar, but worse system. If something that, as I see it, puts a lot of power into the hands of these three people (the EU rep, the internet platform rep, and the copyright holder), gets put into place without more protections put in place to protect the rights of the person wanting to use the copyright, even if it works out perfectly fine for the EU and nothing bad happens, other governments will put in a more abusive system. Because if one government could get away with it (not saying that the EU is getting away with anything in particular, just that they are putting a lot of trust into these people), why can't they? And then that other government (*cough cough* US *cough cough*) implements that aforementioned similar but worse system, and then someone else does it, until mistranslations and interpretations morphs this into something else entirely; something awful. You could argue that this could happen for any law, I'm just voicing my concerns; one copyright holder could easily pay off the platform holder/EU rep (or vice versa) to do something that isn't in the best interests of the content creator. Idk, it's not my country, so I can't possibly know everything that's going on, but that's just my view on things. It probably is, but I just can't help but be concerned with the likes of SOPA and PIPA having at one point existed and were almost implemented. I'd love to get more EU people in on it, since I definitely don't have the whole story on it. Also apologies for that - those were the original links in the Youtube Video's description, and I was just posting those for convince if people didn't want to go to the original page to look at them (and so the original video didn't look unsourced - but that really isn't an issue anymore).
  19. Can you do Lunatic without grinding and eugenics, or is it one or the other? Magic Triangle and an Anima Triangle? Certainly sounds like something that would be fun to play around with! I personally have mixed feelings on the Avatar character, since I like Robin, but I could see the weaknesses with it (how did Lucina in the Future Past DLC not recognize Chrom's most trusted tactician, at the very least, at worst, her mom). Corrin exacerbated those shortcomings (why didn't Nohrians change your name when they kidnapped you, the other characters can't get as much time in the sun, I could do on), but I could how it could work. You could make the Avatar more like something from Mass Effect, where you have a generally set (if I recalled correctly) name, and personality, but you still had freedom with like play style and who you interact with. So like, if you wanted to make the avatar a more prominent character in the story (like Corrin), you could do something like that. Or you could sideline them like Kris from the Shadow Dragon remake, but that sort of makes a useless character in my eyes - what's the point of having an avatar at all if they're just vestigial and could be taken out of the final product without anything changing? I think if they're going to do an avatar, they should be involved with the story, even the main character, but they should have a more set personality and role in the story, like in Mass Effect (but leave the backstory ambiguous enough, like in Skyrim, in order to be able to see it as your character) imo. If not, they aren't even necessary at all and should be removed. Welcome!! Don't worry about it, my knowledge of anything before Awakening comes strictly from wikis, so I'm no expert either ^^"" TheLurkerClangrows. Glad to see you too!! Welcome!
  20. Thank you for the link. While I'll admit that it possible might not be as bad as I thought (probably no link tax [yet] like I first thought; I may reword my first post to give a better idea of what's going on), the lines "rightholders through stakeholder dialogues to define best practices, such as appropriate and proportionate content recognition technologies" and "The service providers shall provide rightholders with adequate information on the functioning and the deployment of the measures, as well as, when relevant, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of the works and other subject-matter." Worries me with how vague and open with what "appropriate" and "proportionate" is to any given right holder. I wasn't worried about "the memes", what I was worried about is censor ship of news, especially independent news outlets. Though, if a company like Nintendo heard about this, they could easily kick their copyright take down craze into hyper gear. It may have been made with the best of intentions, but I think the possibilities rightholders have with these are...a little to lenient. But thank you for making me aware of that. I'm still not a fan of this law as a whole, even if I can't do anything to immediately change it, it's nice to get second opinions on it. It sounded a lot like SOPA to me, with all the vague language on how much a rightholder could do to the person who wanted to use the rights; this is part of the reason I started this topic in the first place. I think if they were to tweak the law a bit and give a limit on what the rightholder could do, and describe what's "appropriate and proportional" then I wouldn't have as much issue. @Dragoncat Apologies for my initial description of Article 13, it was a bit exaggerated, but it is an example of what could happen if this went out of hand. That's the whole reason I'm worried in the first place, independent news and opinions get shut out. If something with this level of interpretation got out, it could get as bad as the guy in the video described it (though, I'm not vouching for his character, just the actual, relevant content). Even if I can't do anything major to change it, I wouldn't want the idea of it spreading to other places, especially if what little protection to the people who want to use the rights have erodes.
  21. Could you link me to the article or source you have that's saying otherwise? I'm not finding anything along those lines where I'm looking.
  22. That's why I wanted to discuss this: news isn't ever really certain, so I just wanted to know that people think; even if I can't help but believe it, since again, this stuff has happened before. The potential consequences worry me too much to ignore it. Even if a few sites are a bit...let's go with misguided, with how they try to reach out to people (as trivial as "threatening the sharing of memes" sounds, it's no less true that if this is serious, it will affect the Internet in nasty ways), that doesn't mean they aren't supporting a good cause. I still think you should check it out.
  23. No idea honestly - a thought is that it's really just trying to counter piracy. But for my money, I'd say it's just greedy people finding a new thing to slap taxes on, or it's to be able to control more favorable news outlets while keeping quiet independent ones (also while being able to silence bad opinions) EDIT: It's not "link tax" bad yet, but the vague language still leads me to think this could be abused pretty easily. SOPA and it's cousin, PIPA, from what I understand, were meant to stop piracy by having the ability to shut down sites and certain content that "infringed on copyright" - I could be wrong on that, I don't know a lot about SOPA or PIPA (I saw one video on them after the fact), but this is doing something completely different. Basically, this policy will force you to pay a tax if you link to something that doesn't belong to you. Link taxes. This means only big news outlets will be able to report or even source anything because they're the only ones who will be able to pay the bill. You'll need to get a "Link Permit" from whatever company or entity that holds the information you're looking to link to. This also means you won't be able to even use seconds of a copyrighted property in say, a Youtube video, or even a screen shot for things like discussion, news, parody, nothing. You have to get permits for every bit of copyrighted material if you want to be able to even just link to it. It's censorship at it's textbook definition. EDIT: I messed up here ignore me. I've never watched any of this guy's other videos, but the sources seem to check out from what I'm looking at. But that's completely fair - I'd like to believe it's not true, but I can't be sure, seeing as we've seen stuff like this before in other places (Dragoncat brought up SOPA, Net Neutrality repeal, etc...), I'd put my money on it being legitimate. Thank you so much. I live in America, so I wish I could help more, but I suppose the best I can do is give attention and discuss the ramifications.
  24. So, this was the video that started this topic in the first place. This video is full of hyperbole and biased opinions, and his main sources are news articles with the same opinions as him, so take his view on it with a mountain of salt. Article 13 is a proposal in the EU to enhance copyright protection for the modern era; you can find the rest of the proposal here. To me, the vague language sounds like this could out of hand very quickly and turn into a worse version of SOPA and PIPA. Personally, I think this doesn't just affect the EU, since if this gets through, other places could pick up on it and create similar laws (they could fix the loose language, though) that could just inflate the issue. Not to mention the general effect an increased copyright protection would have on the internet as a whole (not just in the EU, as it would impact everyone). But this is only if it turns out to be as bad as I think it would. But what do you guys think? Again, I'm not a fan, but it might not be that bad. (Note: I'll admit I had a very knee-jerk reaction to this because of the likes of SOPA and PIPA, so this topic is heavily edited compared to what it initially was) Verbatim, this is the proposal: “Article 13Use of protected content by information society service providers storing and giving access to large amounts of works and other subject-matter uploaded by their users.1. Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers. Those measures, such as the use of effective content recognition technologies, shall be appropriate and proportionate. The service providers shall provide rightholders with adequate information on the functioning and the deployment of the measures, as well as, when relevant, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of the works and other subject-matter. 2. Member States shall ensure that the service providers referred to in paragraph 1 put in place complaints and redress mechanisms that are available to users in case of disputes over the application of the measures referred to in paragraph 1. 3. Member States shall facilitate, where appropriate, the cooperation between the information society service providers and rightholders through stakeholder dialogues to define best practices, such as appropriate and proportionate content recognition technologies, taking into account, among others, the nature of the services, the availability of the technologies and their effectiveness in light of technological developments.”
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