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  1. Probably, but that necessarily isn't a bad thing, looking at how lackluster story mode was in FE Warriors...I mean, I can't be the only one who thinks that the game only really starts when you get History mode. *shrugs* Though, if you can throw Velezark in every History mode map, I don't see why you can't throw in saaaaay Duma or the FE7 Dragon in other stages, but that's just me ^^
  2. I'd actually love to see more giant bosses! Yeah, Velezark was handled pretty poorly with how repetitive he could get, but that problem could actually be elevated with the addition of more dig bosses. Imagine: Grima: A boss so large that he creates a new platform in the center of the stage that you have to climb on to get up to him (or use a teleport or something), and once you're on him, it's a gauntlet of Risen until you finally get to his head, where you have to fight both the draconic head and the possessed Vessel of Robin. Anankos: He's split into five parts like he is in Fates, so in order to get to his heart, you have to whittle him down like Ganon from Hyrule Warriors, but unlike Ganon, his heart (the humanoid form) can fight back. Duma: A laser-firing, stomping, surprisingly mobile monstrosity that can only be dealt the final blow with an anti-dragon weapon (the map would make you select at least one Falchion/anti-dragon weapon wielder before you start), and who summons Witches and other magical units to aid him in battle. The Dragon from FE7: Something other than a dark dragon, so they should emphasize the fire aspect of him. Idunn: She's surprisingly easy when you get to her, but she's more of a supporting cannon for Jahn, who's more of the tanky fighter, and won't let you get to Idunn without killing him. Fomortiis: Something that isn't a dragon, so he should definitely go in there. Those are just a few ideas I have, but I think they could be really interesting if they were further fleshed out - I think big bosses have potential in FE Warriors, they just needed more variety (and maybe to be broken up by some more human-sized bosses...Where's Berkut when you need him ;n;) Edit: I suck at spelling ;-;
  3. Those are actually...really good points for the side of Nohr. My main point against this is if Nohr doesn't capture steady ground, and they go straight for the capital like they do in Conquest, they would get slaughtered because they wouldn't be able to survive their own sieges or long treks through enemy territory. But the brutality thing is a very good point. Though I'm in the opposite camp for the headcanon territory - Hoshido has way more soldiers, but Nohr has the more viscous, brutal ones, hence the reputation. Hoshido is pampered, whilst Nohrians were raised on hardship, which probably makes this war less one-sided than I first thought. But I still think Hoshido would be able to scrap a victory if they played their cards right, since they still have the loyalty of their soldiers and the reliability of resources. Not to mention, there isn't in fighting within their territories, so they don't have to split their focus away from the war at hand to stop some rebels. Yeah the rebels are kind of on Nohr's side (probably forced to give resources), but their desire for freedom leads them towards working with the Hoshidians, even allowing them secret passage into the kingdom and giving them a precious resource - safe resting places in enemy territory. Sure, Mokushu exists, and they want to be independent from Hoshido as much as Cheve wants to be of Nohr, but Kotaro makes it clear that he's only interested in helping Nohr if they give him land, and would betray them if he thought they would get in his way: Kotaro: Is that so? Tell it to King Garon, you filthy mutt. When Nohr prevails, he has promised me a huge piece of land to expand my kingdom. No one will get in the way of Mokushu's future glory—not even a Nohrian princess! Kotaro: I won't waste any more breath on you. In death, you shall keep my secrets! We'll tell King Garon his darling children died fighting the Hoshidans, heh heh. If you had just kept your mouths shut, you could have lived. Such a shame. Instead you will all be sacrifices on the altar of my grand ambition! Soooooo yeah he wouldn't have helped Nohrians if it didn't suit him...And in Conquest, you kill him, so there's that. Though again, preparedness is very important, so while I still think that Hoshido would beat out Nohr, those are some very good points in favor of the latter. These are my thoughts exactly, though I'd like to point out that the Ice Tribe was making a stir too, which would only further distract Nohr from the war effort, and give Hoshido another potential ally (the Ice Tribe really didn't want to fight Hoshido in Birthright, but did it out of fear). Like @Etrurian emperor, these are some great points in favor of Nohr, though I'm not sure if Hoshido would be allowed to trade with Nohr? You'd think a war would put a prohibition on exchanging goods with the enemy, so if Nohr was relying at all on Hoshido for food (maybe some independent traders here or there), they would be completely cut off, or forced to do deals in secret (because prohibition creates demand, so). Not to mention your argument with the political side of things - the same applies to Hoshido. With a catchy insult like "Nohrian Scum" floating around, you can bet that political opinion of Nohr over in the eastern side of the continent is in the toilet, so it isn't likely that Nohr would be able to get many precious food traders with a reputation like that. Sure, you might get a smuggler here or there, but nothing that you could fund a war on. The Bottomless Canyon is described to be hard to cross, with lightning that strikes at fliers and winds that threaten to knock terrestrial units off the cliffs. Sure, it's not often explored in game, but you do see Lillith nearly getting struck by lightning in the start of the game; the Canyon is described as cursed for a reason. Yes but so does flying pony. It matters too. Ninja are very deadly, it's just that we see them being used more as shock troops than the assassins that they really are. And what the heck is a horsebird??? Nohr doesn't have pegasi, if that's what you mean. No they really don't - Faceless have heavy costs, since they don't usually listen to their summoners, even and often killing the people who summon them. So Faceless often cost more than they're really worth. You have a point about the gaps, buuuuuuuuuut Hoshido has access to blunt armor crushing weapons In fact, I will give props to @Shoblongoo, blunt, crushing weapons are much better against iron armor than thin weapons meant to get through chinks in armor. I will admit that I messed that up (^^""""), but that doesn't mean Nohr would be the only nation with access to these kinds of weapons. In fact, the Kanabo is even designed to break horse legs, so there's your anti-cavalry. Also on your previous point, @joshcja about " Hoshido is... calling up levies, handing them spears, and slapping the nobility up front.", spears are actually some of the best weapons you can have in warfare because of their reach, and not just anybody can use, so Not to mention Japanese armor is actually really good. It is plate armor, so it would be susceptible to warhammers and maces and the like, but not swords, arrows, or anything like that. It can hold up against Europeon weapons.
  4. Then why does Nohr make a straight shot for Hoshido's captial, instead of slowly taking over territory with necessary resources? If they get their food from looting, why don't they...loot? Instead, Silas makes it seem like Nohr is doing pretty bad, and is in no shape for a war (besides, shouldn't they have gone after smaller locations for looting, rather than go after the giant, powerful country). If they were, if they had enough food from their raiding and conquest of other nations, then they woudln't be in this situations, since they have Cheve and the Ice Tribe, and it's apparently not enough. Peasants will make up the army when the nobles fall, and nobles need food too - if all the food goes to the war effort, peasants will starve, and oops, now you can't resupply your army. Strong isn't the only factor in swordplay. Speed tends to be more important, because if you can end it quick, then there's no need for raw strength. Wait, who said Japanese armor was primarily made out of bamboo? (Look under "Construction") Looking at this, it's mostly a combination of metal and leather, which would be more than enough to stop blades (cloth can stop swords, since swords only really work on flesh, so). Not to mention, swords, fighting styles favored speed in Japan (third paragraph under "history") and ending battles quickly, and since plate armor HAD to have openings in order to allow movements, you could still get some nasty hits in. You said it yourself - the katanas are slender and elegant, so they could easily get through those slim openings (plus, katana aren't the only blade that Hoshidians would have access to). I think when it comes to gear, the combats are more easily matched than that. Ehhhhhhhhhhh it's basically applying real world logic to game mechanics a little, but mostly lore - it's mentioned in Sukbaki's and Rinkah's supports that Pegasus Knights are actually weak to bows, and have you seen the damage bows can do? Those things are terrifying! Definitely could pierce crocodile-hide no problem, since a well-placed arrow could pierce through basically anything but complete metal (have you seen some of the crazy stuff arrows can do? I've seen people with traditional arrows shoot through one-hundred layers of very thick cloth, and burst through the other side - a sword can't even get through one usually, since they're again, mostly made for cutting flesh). Kinshi Knights would still be terrifying anti-air units, I think, since they could take out Wyvern Knights (and ground units) with ease. Yeah, but even going by in-game logic, you get classes titled "Outlaw", "Thief", and "Trickster", telling me that Nohr's army is mostly made up of criminals that they just picked up off the street - probably not as fearsome as Hoshidian warriors, which, looking at the opposite set of classes (Ninja, Sword Masters, Pegasus Knights), those take time and effort and training to make functional. And if we aren't going by in-game mechanics, it's never made clear how many nobles/royals/peasants/outlaws make up each of the armies, so I don't think it's a number we can take into account without making huge guesses. Like, for my money, I'd say that both countries draft, but Nohr drafts from places like Cheve (places that don't like Nohr), whereas Hoshido has more happy, loyal villages, so those who get drafted are less likely to rebel and cause in fighting. Not to mention Nohr's zeal for taking in unpredictable criminals (Hans, Shura), but at this point, it's mostly just guesses as to the ratio of villagers to outlaws, of greenhorns to well-trained nobles, so y e a h... I don't think it's ever really stated in-universe how powerful Nohrian magic is compared to Hoshidian magic, so I'm not sure if we can really compare mages without, again, making guesses. Also monsters...In-game, Faceless are terrible units. In-universe, they are apparently supposed to be really powerful, but even when they were getting through and making a mess of Hoshido, they didn't seem to take it too seriously...Not enough to go and attack Nohr for slaughtering their people, so it couldn't have been that bad (if when their Prince/ss decides to go over there is considered by them as a better time to declare war...). Faceless also are kind of a larger investment? Since they tend to kill the mages who summon them? And we no nothing about the Stoneborn, what they are, who made them and how, how powerful they are in comparison to Faceless, nothing. So they're probably better to be considered a non-factor, since they're never acknowledged in-universe, nor is their like a "Stoneborn Maker" like there is a "Mechanist" for the Puppets. Cavalry is important, I can't deny that. (What I don't understand is why Hoshido doesn't HAVE cavalry, but w/e I guess) But my point is that despite how scary cavalry can be, it's no match for flying units like Pegasus Knights and Kinshi Knights, since having the upper ground is such an advantage (and since Nohr doesn't seem to have any form of anti-air unit that isn't stuck on the ground...). While yeah, you make a very good point about swooping, and how dropping stuff would be better, but that just makes the Hoshidian air-force all the more terrifying. My main point though is that no matter how much of a cavalry Nohr has, they wouldn't get anywhere without food or resources, so Hoshido could just either wait them out, or pick them off, with or without cavalry. (Though I won't deny how helpful that would be for Hoshido...They need horses) I was generally trying to take Anankos out of the equation, since how much he helps tends to be...kind of weird? Like he breaks the barrier keeping Nohr out, but then like, doesn't send his Vallite Troops to help out? If he were helping out the whole time, then I would think Nohr would have a fighting chance, but his units just seem to be all over the place and attacking whoever they want, so I don't think Anankos is a very reliable ally.
  5. Are you talking about the fact that Katanas were often made out of pig iron, instead of the more pure ones of Europe? Sure, that may be the case, but better weapons aren't going to save you if you're starving to death, and you have people constantly rebelling underneath you while you're trying to fight a war here, people. Not to mention the already discussed air superiority Hoshido has over Nohr. I still say Hoshido > Nohr, even if Nohr arguably has better made weapons, it won't save them from famine.
  6. I mean, there's a difference between throwing magic and dragons into a work of fiction, and trying to pretend to have semi-accurate ninja running around without disguises and throwing shuriken around like their throwing knives. Not to mention, Fire Emblem rarely seems to roll with it's absurdity, instead acting like you should take it's female cavilers not wearing pants, or the complete lack of proper chaffing protection for the Wyvern Riders, and everything about Camilla, seriously. But I suppose you have a point - let's just take the complete lack of armor for the Nohrian rider classes as another point against Nohr winning against Hoshido instead! If they aren't going to proper suit up their riders, I'm just going to assume they didn't have the budget for butt armor, and they're gonna get penalized for it in my book, son. But yeah, overall it's probably best not to get too hung up over mathematical details, it's just stuff like the ninja and the Nohrian riders that bugs me tbh ^^" Though on the topic of Mechanist's being functional, I feel like their best usage wouldn't be as actual mounts, since the Hoshidians already have perfectly functional Pegasi and Kinshi (why they don't have horses is beyond me, since Japan had many fighters who HAD to be ridiculously adept on horseback, since they had to shoot arrows while the horse was moving, usually aiming for a moving target as well). I think the automatons would be best as like...mobile turrets? Sort of like those weird puppet things you see randomly in the game that aren't acknowledged at all in universe, but like, surveying fortresses and attacking trespassers and the like. They're probably magical to an extent, since we don't really see anything nearly as advanced as it to any degree (not to mention, magic in this universe can create semi-loyal lifeforms, the Faceless, so), so it's possible they could alert the mage to the presence of outsiders? Just anything but those clunky looking mounts, probably.
  7. Honestly it'd be cool if we could try something way outside the box - since Fire Emblem Awakening was supposed to be a celebration of all things Fire Emblem, and Fates was...Fates, I think it'd be cool to have a completely different setting, types of characters, general plot outline, all of that. Corrin being half-dragon really didn't do much for the plots of Birthright or Conquest at all, and was just decoration for their character - it only really mattered in Revelations, and that's technically DLC. So if IS wanted to do another dragon/beast shifter lord character (which I would be all for), they should make it important to how the rest of the world views them, maybe as some sort of freak or an outsider. They don't even have to come from the big kingdom of light and goodness - they could come from a small, backwater nation and earn the respect of the other kingdoms. And maybe actually explore what the other kingdoms are like? And get a feel for what's going on in the world? Basically, I just want a really fleshed out lore, world building, and characters, especially our main lord (because look at everything with Corrin). Make the protag actually suffer consequences for their actions, and let them mess up more than just "oops I'm not good enough for *insert parent, love interest, or mentor here*, I NEED TO GET BETTER". Oh! Also it'd be cool, if IS is likely going to go with the lord character that comes from an established, up-there kingdom again, if this Fire Emblem was more politically focused? Like you could actually understand the complicated motives of each of the other kingdoms, and the protag understands the delicate balancing act that's going on before it all tumbles into war? Tl;dr, either something radically different, or, if they go with a similar setting/plot/themes as the other games, they really dig into the gritty details of everything that's going on in the world and the implications and consequences of everyon'e actions. Alsomorefemalelordswouldbecoolthanks And an antagonist that isn't mustache-twirling evil and has have purple skin; that if you were to view the story in their perspective, the roles would swap, and the antagonist would be the hero, and the protagonist would be the villain? And maybe don't introduce characters for no better reason than to be a mascot that dies for pity points LILLITH And maybe don't make the protagonist dragon jesus and hand them everything, including a magic sword that literally flies into their hand. AND MAYBE- Can you tell I'm a little salty over Fates I'll just see myself out okay thanks bye.
  8. Nohr could rain magic attacks from above, but they never show any magical prowess to that extent, but you do have a point - save for some generalities, gameplay doesn't equal story. I was just making a joke about the magic system in general, while trying to make a point that Pegasus and Kinshi Knights don't seem to be particularly bothered by magic, sorry if I didn't make it clear ^^" And I don't think Pegasus Knights would be bombers (though, dropping small metal spearhead-type things or perhaps small, magically infused bombs would be terrifying, but I digress), I was just saying that they could pick off land units from the air, while the land units wouldn't be able to do anything, since the Pegasus Knights would just swoop back into the air out of range. That's what I meant when I said dive-bombing, not literal bombing, but the latter would still be really cool ngl ^^ (And the Nohrians could use this technique too - it could have even given them an edge over grounded Hoshidian encampments) Interesting though that Fire Emblem seems to make a point that Wyvern's aren't as enduring as Pegasus Knights - maybe an in-lore nod to Pegasus Knights generally being faster than Wyvern Knights in gameplay? They really should be using the ninja as the actual assassins that they are instead of throwing them in the front lines - shurikens shouldn't even be used as weapons, as they're actually distractions; chalk that up to Fates using pop culture towards building their ninja rather than fact. (Here's what I'm talking about btw, under "Usage". Ik it's Wikipedia, but the thing I'm talking about is sourced, so it should be fine) Ninja should be fighting with daggers if anything (or, since Hoshido seems to be culturally based off of the period when the Sengoku Jidai was happening, early guns called arquebuses could be used. I'm not even joking). My point wasn't if the Hoshidians were using the ninja well, it was a point towards the Hoshidian army actually being well trained, instead of just throwing a bunch of drafted farmers into battle without decent training that @joshcja was implying. Same goes for the Mechanist - I'm not sure how practical it is, but my point wasn't if it was a practical fighting style, it was if a farmhand could use that without extensive training, which I think is no. Also about the practicality of the ninja in the game, Saizo has an identifiable scar that makes him immediately recognizable, Kagero has no idea what a shirt is, Kaze exposes his entire face, I don't think these ninja are very historically accurate as a whole (not to mention, since most ninja can learn the Poison Strike skill, is Fates saying they can poison...with shurikens??). I don't think Fates is accurate to anything as a whole for the record, or we wouldn't be having this discussion :/
  9. Not to mention they have barely controllable people like Peri in the army (as a retainer), and don't seem to bat an eye...meaning this is probably normal and they're even worse off that we originally thought. SoV thought out it's conflict better, hands down; the only way I can think Nohr could possibly have a fighting chance is if they take the tactic Germany did in WWII - don't go after the big guys until you capture a bunch of smaller nations that each have the resources you need, and then use said resources to further the campaign. But Nohr instead charges straight for the capitol, and expects everything to be fine. ...Hoshido also was generally peaceful even when a bunch of undead monstrosities were wandering their lands. Because they had OP Lobster boy taking care of everything Both ideas would actually be really interesting - a defense, anti-siege focused campaign, and a story that focuses on a stalemate rather than a fullblown war, while political intrigue and maybe demon dragons if you wanted to throw that in ensues. Tad more interesting than just "Grrr evil black kingdom invades good white kingdom again grrrr" at the very least. Yes, while cavalry is good and all, there's a reason why air superiority is such a crucial thing in warfair - yes, Nohr has Wyverns, this little comment is made in Chapter Eleven, while the Nohrian party is trying to climb the mountain: Camilla: Aww, my poor widdle Avatar. You look so exhausted! Why don't you have a little rest? You can ride my dragon for a bit. Avatar: That's very sweet of you, Camilla. But I'll survive. Surely someone else could use the break more then myself. .......Wait, if they have dragons, then why didn't they just fly up the mountain? This implies to me at least that Wyvern's don't actually have great endurance, since Corrin refers to it as "a break", it's likely that the wyvern isn't actually flying up (then it probably wouldn't be a break, it'd either be at the top of the mountain, or it'd be way ahead of the rest of the party), rather, it's probably just a person sitting on top of it while it's walking. Meanwhile. During that same Chapter, you fight Hinoka, who brought multiple Pegasus Warriors here (By contrast, the your Nohrian party would likely only have two Wyvern Riders at this point in the game, Camilla and Beruka), beat your time, brought an entire army, and has enough energy to fight you at that. This tells me that A: the Pegasus Knights either fly faster or have more endurance than Wyvern Riders, and B: that the Hoshidian army can mobilize fast. Speed and air control both being deathly important in war, and being things that the Hoshidians are better at than the Nohrians (seemingly). Not to mention the Kinshi Knights, who could clear the way of Wyvern Riders so the Pegasus could dive-bomb ground troops willy-nilly. Sure, Archers, but that's where the other Hoshidian ground troops come in; all the Wyvern lines have for aerial control is magic and...magic sucks in this game (and also Peggy Knights resist magic anyway, so it's not that helpful compared to the aerial assistance Kinshi Knights give to Pegasus Knights) Yeah, but Silas is proven to be a reliable source of information in the games, so I don't think he should be discredited when he says that "Food, resources and even light are limited" in Nohr. And about Mozu, her village wasn't suffering from famine, or anything like that - it was a Faceless attack, and that wasn't something anybody could control (save for the Nohrians who summoned the Faceless in the first place). I don't think it's ever implied that Hoshido has a bunch of villagers for soldiers? Like, not just, at least - look at Hinoka's force when you fight in her Conquest - mostly well-trained Pegasus Knights (It's mentioned in Hinoka's supports that she had a hard time training her pegasus to listen to her, so they can't just be greenhorn farmhands). Ninja, which make up a decent chunk of the Hoshidian army, can't just be newly drafted peasants either - they have to be trained rigorously before anyone would consider them an actual ninja. Mechanics (Mechanistic, whatever those weird puppet people are called) seem like they would need a lot of practice to move those puppets around too, so that rules them out as well. So there are a lot of members of the Hoshidian army that, by their classes and lore alone, can't be new soldiers from random villages, just because the training to be one of those classes would be enough to make them formidable fighters. And who said Nohr was well-supplied? Not Silas, who basically knows everything about the politics and and situations of these kingdoms, it seems.
  10. So I'm sure a good chunk of people are sick and tired of people beating on Fates for it's story, plot (holes), contrivances, etc. Generally, everything to do with it's writing is often criticized, from what I've seen. However, after thinking about it, I feel one of the most poorly written, unrealistic things about Fates yet, is the war they're trying to set up itself. Let me explain: In Fates (particularly in Birthright), it's mentioned how poor off Nohr is compared to Hoshido - sure, Nohr is described as more vicious, often apparently surviving through, plundering and conquest (ha), but with rebellions happening every few days, famines, faceless attacks, and, before Mikoto is killed, a constant push to start war with a country that is clearly better off than you, it was no wonder why Conquest is the harder of the two games - Nohr is struggling to even survive. Ryoma: So this is Windmire... Avatar: Yes. I'm finally back... It feels like it's been a lifetime. I never got to spend much time out here. I was always locked away. Still, being so close to the castle. It feels like...returning home. *sigh* It's strange, though. I haven't seen a soul since we arrived. It's so empty and quiet here. It's like the complete opposite of Hoshido. Ryoma: Yes, it's hard to believe that this is the capital city of a major kingdom. Silas: Believe it. I'm afraid that the city has been this way for quite some time now. Most regular folks just stay indoors. That way they won't be harassed by brigands or roving Faceless... That's just how it is in Nohr. Ryoma: Is that so? Silas: Yes, I'm afraid so. Remember the Woods of Forlorn? How the trees arched and craned to soak up every possible bit of light? That's how us Nohrians must live as well. Food, resources and even light are limited. That's why our kingdom learned to fight and conquer other countries to prosper. We're like those trees, searching for the sun and trying to survive as best as we can. But they use plundering and conquest to survive, right?...Yeah, but people don't settle in areas that are unworkable on purpose - in fact, the literal fire river that actually resides in Nohr was a result of an accident. But, more importantly, what's even left to conquer anyway? Everything on the western side is seemingly under Nohr's control - the Ice Tribe, Cheve, Marcarth, and Nestra are all occupied by Nohr to an extent, which means they don't have enough resources to support Nohr, or they wouldn't be in this famine in the first place, right? So that's why (not counting the evil dragon elephant in the room) they went after the eastern territories, right? To take over their stuff? That in lies the exact problem with all of this. Remember the Ice Tribe and Cheve? They aren't happy under Nohrian control, and are either trying to, or are in the middle of, rebelling. This means Nohr is not a unified nation, therefor, a weaker nation, since not all of it's army can focus on Hoshido if they're constantly quelling rebellions, and less people can easily be drafted into said Nohrian army if their ranks get low without violent resistance. Garon is not a popular ruler either, so it's not like the rebels would be willing to sit down talk, and maybe stop rebelling? It's not going to happen, because Garon uses fear and executions to keep people in line - however, it had the opposite intended effect of spurring people into action rather than keeping them line (in fact, it's revealed that the people of Cheve are working with Hoshido, and LET THEM INTO NOHRIAN TERRITORY in Conquest) Now look at Hoshido. Ryoma: That's terrible. Coming from the fruitful land of Hoshido, I had no idea... When this war ends, we'll have to see what we can do to share our resources. Silas: You're...you're offering aid to a kingdom that you're at war with? Ryoma: Of course. As the next of kin, I will naturally ascend the throne once I return to Hoshido. And my first priority as king will be revising our foreign policy toward Nohr. We have an abundance of food in Hoshido. More than we can even consume. Why should our neighbors suffer while we live in excess? Hoshido has food. Hoshido has men. Hoshido has happy people that won't rebel (save for one little kingdom, but they were eeeeeeeevil anyway, so) and will fight until their end for Hoshido. Hoshido has a magical barrier that can keep Nohrians out, that, while up, was basically an age of peace, save for a few Faceless running around. It wasn't until big demon daddy dragon intervened that Nohr could actually make a move. And they just instigated a war with a nation with more resources, moral, and likely people, since they aren't being murdered or dying of starvation all the time. Why?! Nohr was already struggling to survive, why get into a messy, costly war that would likely just drain them of resources than it would actually benefit them? Hoshido wasn't bugging them at all, even when Nohr killed their King, Hoshido just put up a magical barrier and told Nohr to screw off. Why didn't Nohr just try to not tick off the more powerful nation that would wipe them out in just a few days (or however long that game takes place...It's so hard to tell honestly), as was shown in Birthright? If we were in a scenario where Corrin was a non-factor, and didn't have a magical blade of destiny and was an actual demi-god, if Nohr managed to break through that barrier and start their war with Hoshido, they would be slaughtered nearly instantly - low food means they can't survive sieges, low numbers of army men because of said lack of food means they can't restock troops or even advance in the war, as Nohr would be too busy playing defense and probably losing major ground to the much better off Hoshidians to actually "conquer" anything. Not to mention, Cheve and the Ice Tribe seem to be on Hoshido's side on this, so free shelter and (little) food for the Hoshidians during their campaign! Whilst the only place willing to really vouch for Nohr was Mokushu, which was ready and willing to betray Nohr if it didn't suit their means, and if they saw Hoshido ripping the Nohrians a collective new one, would Mokushu really want to side with the losing side in this case? Nestra seems to be a non-factor too, since they aren't shown having any sort of proper army, or trying to intervene when Hoshidians invaded. The Flame Tribe is pro-Hoshido, the Wind Tribe is mostly neutral, so that rules them out as potential allies and food sources, so really, Nohr is fighting this comparative giant of a kingdom all on their own. With nothing but dwindling food, starving, rebellious people, and a bunch of uncontrollably cannon fodder at their disposal, how do you think a country like that is supposed to survive at all in a war? Nohr couldn't get anywhere without Anankos' help, so if they were on their own, Nohr would be killed in less than a few weeks at best, I feel. Oh, and this isn't even mentioning the environment Nohr has to deal with on a day to day basis - giant rivers of fire? Haunted forests that also double as Faceless-infested graveyards? Who the heck would even live in this place if they could just immigrate to Hoshido and avoid all of this day-to-day stress? Mikoto seems like a nice ruler - she'd probably give them food and let them live in Hoshido if they wanted... Tl;dr, if Nohr were to fight Hoshido, logically, they'd get pummeled into the dirt because of their lack of resources, military power, unification, allies, and a reliable source of new soldiers to replace the ones that inevitably would fall to Hoshido's stronger, more well-fed, more loyal forces.
  11. Welcome! I'm familiar with lurking around too, so I'm glad to see you here! Ah that makes sense then - I forget how useful rallies can be, and I hope they return, since they were actually p balanced in Awakening (since both you and the enemies could use them, and they would only last for one turn), I can see why you'd want to calculate those ahead of time. JEEZ! That is...impressive o-o Is Lunatic that impossible if you don't use eugenics? Is Lunatic plus even beatable without eugenics?
  12. haiofhdiusofhdoiugfhidoghf It's best prince's birthday and no one else remembered???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST PRINCE CHROM THE ONLY PERSON MY AVATAR WILL GET WITH EVER
  13. Yeah yeah I was just making sure, but I just think that you'd have more luck finding what you're looking for in the "Fan Projects" section of the forums, 'tis all.
  14. I think you should look around the ROM section of the forums, since I'm pretty sure I've seen hacks like that. And can't thieves steal things in that game anyway? Or was that FE7?
  15. Heyo too! You need to make a certain amount of posts in other forums before the site will allow you to start topics; I can pm you the number, if you want?
  16. Alright then! I have yet to post anything, but some of the stuff on there already is really good!!
  17. IIIIIIIII was just joking??? o-o Like just equating "hell" to "obsession"?
  18. Wait, I'm a bit confused, what are you talking about?
  19. Or you could like...Go to a SD discussion? Or you could go to Far From the Forest? Or you could join me in Awakening/Fanfic hell? :3
  20. You'll probably get attacked by a mod for spamming :/
  21. Just...Dart? Wow o-o Is Eliwood mode that easy? Yeah I know, but I'm just looking for the time to actually sink my teeth into three possible 20+ hour rpgs, as good as they look ^^" I can see why Weapon rank bonuses would be looked into, but aren't dual strike/guard rates listed in game? You've...done Lunatic plus? Wow, congrats to you because I can't even get past Lunatic regular. I wouldn't know, because I don't go on reddit much at all, but regardless, welcome!! Ah, that's okay! There are other things do to here than just chat - people post their sprite art, music, illustrations, written work, play forum games, all that! I bet I have worse opinions than you I'll fight you on that Pokemon is great you have good taste :D EEEEEEEEEHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wouldn't do that - the forums have a strict no spamming rule unless you're in the Far From the Forest section of the forums, so I wouldn't mess with it. Instead, you could try just like...posting once in different discussion forums, like just leaving your two cents on a topic, and leaving...Or like, just getting into forum games and the like. Just, anything but spamming, my dude.
  22. Fe6 sounds cool - sure, no Ninian or Dorcas whathappenedtoDorcas???, but hey, you get Nino and Jaffar's child???? That will never not be weird to me Oh? Not a fan of Mystery? I guess, but isn't Pokken a different battle system entirely? (Since it's Tekken) It might be fun - shrugs - Get the game legit? Whhaaaaaaaaaaat do you mean by that? (Also, Conquest is technically a crossover, but I can never remember with what...Because the gameplay of PC and the crossover are actually kind of really different)
  23. Mmm, I guess I can understand, but you could always try some of the spin-offs: I'd recommend Mystery Dungeons (Never played Red/Blue, but Time, Darkness, and Sky are GREAT), Ranger, Pokken, and Conquest - they're all really good :D The anime? ...Well, five-points to you I guess for stomaching that ^^ Hmm...What else were you trying to move on to?
  24. Can't wait for a Gen 4 remake either - Gen 4 was my baby :D But why do you think it's boring? Ik Sun/Moon's intro was...slow, and US/UM could have improved it, but they didn't...And X and Y, while fun were...style over substance, I guess? But I think they're really good besides that! What made Pokemon boring to you - I'm genuinely curious :o Which Fire Emblem? I've only really played 13 and up, but I'd love to get into the GBA games especially, and Tellius looks good :D
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