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  1. I've been actually toying with the idea of a Fire Emblem setting that's filled with Manaketes - humans are all but extinct; once I get into rom hacking, I'd love to turn it into a SS or FE7 hack ^^ Heya! Nice to meet you, and good luck on your PMU! (Which units have been picked btw?)
  2. Alright then! See you then ^^
  3. So uh, a roleplay in your own setting? I mean, if that would help you flesh out the world, that's cool! But I would need the details as to what's going on, y'know ^^" I was going to respond to this awhile ago, but I forgot ^^" It's really weird how they just sort of have orange Anna Is this a precursor to blue Anna from Awakening??? The world may never know.
  4. Well, I'd love to see them sometime (I wouldn't mind rping Fire Emblem or whatever with you, if you wanted), though I've only had like...four-ish? Five-ish years of rping experience? So I might not be as good as you haha ^^" I haven't even touched an emulator yet, so you're doing better than me already o -o" I'd love to see the progress on your hack as you keep going!
  5. Oooh you roleplay? Also I've been trying to get into the rom hacking side of things for some time now; it seems really cool!
  6. Oooh thank you so much! Also if you want to @ people, you have to actually select the pop up, or the person won't get the message, it'll turn green like this, @grinus
  7. Never heard that before, but considering the issues with Starfox 2, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo :/ Sucks though that we didn't get Tearring, but it probably would have gotten called a Fire Emblem clone if FE7 was over here at the same time.
  8. I didn't know the number was supposed to be private, I'm sorry. I wasn't uh, trying to incur the wrath of spam bots back onto the forums ^^" Thank you for pinning it though! I heard it was something along those lines? But wow even Anna showing up? That sounds...dangerously risky with Nintendo tbh. Eeeyup! Thought it would be useful, at least ^^"
  9. Well, I am a big fan of the whole "worshiping a thing that isn't really a god" thing, as that comes off as kind of...idk realistic? I guess? Idk, but as someone who's really into her Greek mythology, I still like your tried and true god here or there. Tear Ring, is that really considered Fire Emblem though?
  10. Nice to meet you too, and no problem! The posting thing is something I had a lot of trouble with too truthfully o -o" I honestly haven't played anything before Awakening (I want to, especially the GBA games x.x), but the Tellius games always looked pretty interesting; seemed pretty interesting to have actually gods in the lore instead of dragons being worshiped as gods.
  11. As a rule, Serenes Forest has it so that you can't start a topic until you have posted a certain number of times, outside of Far from the Forest. However, for those who wanted to get to know everyone before they hit that quota, make some friends, or wanted to know the basics of the forums (not that I'm an expert, to be fair), here's the place to do it! No need to keep it just to introductions though! You can chat and hang out here as long as you want - no need to be shy! Have it at it! ^^ MOD EDIT: I know you mean well, but the New Topic thing was yanked because some spammers abused it. The last thing I want to deal with is another spamwave, but with the spam inside of existing topics. That's why I tell people to PM me for the actual number. Or, they can use the Search function, and see that I tell people to PM me. If there are any questions regarding the rules/how to use this forum, feel free to send the mods a PM. That's what they're there for!
  12. Wouldn't know who to ask, but I think I'll start that forum now! ^^ EDIT: I made it! It's called "Newbie Meet 'n Greet" Yup, you're right - ten posts before being able to start a topic. Nice to meet you though! While I haven't played Sacred Stones (or really, anything before Awakening unfortunately), it seems like a really interesting game personally ^^
  13. Maybe I should make some sort of meet 'n greet thread, so newbies can introduce themselves without having to bum out on other threads...
  14. ...I love how this has seemingly become the official bumming out spot for new posters ^u^
  15. Not to mention, later in the support, whether or not Lucina's sibling has the brand, they manage to cleave the log given to them my Lucina in two - something that only someone who can access the power of the Falchion can apparently do. So I guess logs are dragons too now
  16. Canonizing Roy's mom seems to be something people have an issue with, but Heroes straight up confirmed with the second Spring banner that the Order of Heroes is straight up pulling people from a bunch of different dimensions - see, all of the Bartre's pulled. So if we were to have a manakete Roy as an alt in Heroes, I'd be all for it! Besides I'm up for more dragons in general tbh mmk
  17. I mean yeah, but I'm just saying that maybe from a meta perspective, they were hinting at it.
  18. Wow okay that's messed up...Probably means that more than just the Ylissian's had a hand in the Taguel's demise, but considering the connotations of "Sully owning a bunny", that Ylisse had a big hand in it.
  19. Panne: Yes, it's precious little your kind seem to understand. It was man-spawn like you that invaded our warren and slaughtered my people. I always took this that this meant it was Ylissians that killed the last of the Taguel.
  20. I'm in the camp of wanting beast units - Laguz, Taguel, Beastkin (Fates'), all that. I think they could be really interesting if you made them wield their own kind of weapon - probably claws (since, despite them using stones like the Manaketes, most don't use breath weapons). Pretty sure that Dragon Laguz could stick to breath weapons as theirs, but either way, I'd love to see beast units integrated into the game. Other than that, I can't wait for some more of the Shepards: Sumia, Libra, Maribelle, Kellam, Miriel...And I'd love to see more of the Awakening kids (excluding Yarne, since he'd be a part of the Laguz/Taguel representation), like NAH, Cynthia, Kjelle, Brady, and Laurent. I know we're kind of drowning in Awakening, but I can't lie that's what I want to see ^^ It'd be great to see more Valentia characters, like Kliff, Python, Silque, Valbar, Tatiana, Luthier, CONRAD, and, bit of a pipe dream, but maybe even Mila herself? I know she'd have to be super nerfed, but hey, we had Grima, so why not Mila? Also wouldn't mind seeing Nyx, and maybe even Nils?
  21. I actually like the idea of Taguel, because what you know about them could be completely false. You only have one (shaky at best) eyewitness for the slaughter and lives of the Taguel, and Emmeryn who "heard" about the atrocities that were committed - you could have a completely different backstory, and just call Panne misinformed. And since she was an infant (as far as she knows), she was probably raised by human foster parents (how else could she survive on her own as an infant), so you could have something else entirely instead of, well, retconning them into the story. Maybe the continent they were on was a different one from Archenea, or maybe the person who slaughtered them wasn't Ylissian are all - the possibilities are endless because Panne is a faulty source of information. (And Yarne can be thrown completely out of the equation) So you could actually have the Taguel, and something different from Laguz, without retconning them into SD or Mystery - just have Panne be an unreliable source of information. (She already kind of is) ...That's actually not a terrible idea, since Taguel seem to be people taking on an animal form (or something like Selkies), rather than Manaketes, who are non-humans taking on a human form. I'd honestly buy that (but if you wanted to make this separate from the Tellius games, maybe not Laguz? idk since Owain seems to know who Ike is so *shrug*)
  22. That's totally understandable - I'd like a story about Chrom's father during the Plegian excursion, but I have my own ideas about it, and I'm not sure I'd like to give up my ideas (Chrom's right hand knight being Frederick's mom, and a Fire/Ice hybrid dragon looking for Nowi as your playable Manakete, for example).
  23. To be fair, Awakening tries its hardest to make the incest not there with the "Companions" title - a valiant effort, in my opinion (since there were SO many supports, it may be weird to rewrite them if some characters were cousins and all). Fates...didn't care. It sucks because a few artists out there made me fall in love with F!CorrinXAzura, and Azurin in general has more chemistry than more than half of the other Corrin ships in there...but because we couldn't go five seconds without making Corrin the prince(ss) of a kingdom/giving Azura a mysterious~ backstory, we got Incest Emblem: Cousin Edition. Spiritual Successor to Genealogy of the Holy War.
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