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  1. Well, yeah good point - I'm just saying how Valentia needed to come and give Grima's backstory, so maybe they are going to/should try to tie things back together with reremakes or more games in the Archneaian series? Actually...A game set in the perspective of the First Exalt would probably be for the best, since you could give light to Grima, Taguels, Tiki, the Fire Emblem, and Nowi all in own fell swoop. ...Dang it now I want a game in the First Exalt's perspective ^^"
  2. Forgot about Tiki's supports tbh, thanks Omega ^^ I actually think a lot of these lore issues could be fixed the same way Grima was sorta fixed in Valentia - reremake of SD and (New) Mystery? Since Grima was added in Valentia, I don't see why we could mention Taguels or something - shrugs - Although I think it's a little weird that Awakening may or may not need to be "fixed" due to how much lore altering is going on, I think it's a good idea to try to tie all of that lore together into a coherent package - obviously some stuff may be lost, but just imagine recruiting a Taguel in SD or Mystery ^^ Doesn't even have to be a bunny, since birds, cats, lions, and wolves were all mentioned - Lion Taguel maybe? It'd also be interesting to have Nowi's parents as either mentioned characters, cameos, or playable characters (or maybe Nagi was her mom? Idk), just to make everything feel connected, instead of this disconnect that seems to be happening between Mystery/SD and Awakening.
  3. Myes :33 Honestly I wasn't trying to make a big fuss - I'm just an idiot 'tis all :p
  4. Oh yeah, that makes sense! YeahbutifyougetwithoneofChrom'skidsthenMorganandOwainMMMMMMMMMMMyeahno Inigo and Lucina is a pair of always been kind of a fan of, though it's kind of weird - from a narrative and character standpoint, I think it's more fitting if Lucina gets with no one (or becomes companions with Owain) and leaves the adults forever? It's sad, but it's almost too fitting for me to ship her with anyone. AndGeromeandCynthiaareamazingokay^^
  5. Wait, in the original text Nowi is literally a child? Was it Awakening that introduced the slow aging thing then, because otherwise wouldn't that kind of break canon?? (Because if she were a child, wouldn't she look like a baby, or maybe a toddler?) Well, it was literally thousands of years later, and Tiki had been asleep for awhile - not to mention it was Flavia and Basilio that mentioned the Fire Emblem split, not Tiki, so she likely had nothing to do with that. No idea about why the First Exalt is mentioned over Marth though, and I don't know about Gotoh or Xane, but maybe it's better that they have Tiki build new relationships rather than focus on older ones? For the sake of developing her character beyond nostalgic wistfulness?
  6. That would be cool too honestly - or maybe more conversations between her and Nowi?
  7. Okay fair - and Morgan being pretty gifted too cannot help with that. Personally, I haven't tried to ship Severa much anyway, but I can see why SeveraxOwain works ^^
  8. Yeah but from what we've seen of them, that's about all they're good at - and even then, they aren't perfect. The Virion support is one that comes to mind, where they got thoroughly beaten in a strategy game, and then refused to drop it until they evened out the scoreboard. Another is the Libra support, and their horrendous painting skills. The (ironically) hard time they had pairing Cherche's wyvern with a male one (and nearly got roasted for it if memory serves me). They can also get pretty short with people actually - Lissa in their C support, and Gaius and his insistence to pay them back are two good examples. Ik the painting thing comes off as small, but when standing next to a character who has a major defining trait of being naturally talented (and getting mad at people for thinking her no less than, well, perfect), I don't think Robin is "perfect" per say. Okay but I love fanon versions of Fates and Awakening casts - it's always so cool to see all the little differences between one person's let's say, Severa, and another's ^^
  9. So like, Tiki has to take the place of Naga in the main story because Awakening!Naga is killed by Grima or something?...Ngl that would have been cool Eh, I don't really feel that Nowi is a clone since Nowi is miles more mature than Tiki then (from what I've seen), she just acts like a child to make people more comfortable around her - better to play up her looks rather than to have to be bombarded with questions later (like with what Nyx had to deal with). And what do you mean they don't reference Mystery and SD with Awakening Tiki? She mentions quite frequently - such as mistaking Lucina for Marth, or telling Nah that she's going to suffer the same fate as she, losing people close to her, like Marth. A lot of things seem to be different in the Future Past, such as Lucina not recognizing Robin (when realistically, she would have if she knew her father for any length of time - you think that man wouldn't have trusted Robin with raising her when he was busy?), Tiki and Lucina knowing each other, as you said, and that Grima somehow figured out how to kill the Naga of their timeline, so Future Past probably isn't the best point of reference for judging the main game's own future.
  10. I think loli is just something we're going to have to live with...unfortunately. (Y'know, thanks to the lore already in place...) Yeah but doesn't Donnel/Nowi, Ricken/Nowi have problems too?...Like it's sort of pedophilia in the other way, if you think about it... Then again Tiki in anything What do you mean by Robin being the "perfect father"?
  11. ...I just read and huh, Tharja describing the outfit as "functional" is really interesting to me - not to mention her conversation with Corrin in that game...it makes it seem like she's just really really socially inept? And that she can't figure out how to talk to people? Like even in that Olivia/Tharja conversation, she expressed a desire to be "better"...I guess she's just super awkward and that's kind of idk humanizing??? I wish there were more shifters in Warriors in general...We could have gotten Panne or Nowi or N A H, but nah (ha) It would have been awesome if that had provided an explanation for her outfit in Warriors - who knows? Maybe they'll be a FE Warriors sequel (doubtful, but I can dream), and she'll make it in there?...Which isn't likely - if they WERE to make a new game, they'd add whoever's the most relevant at the time.
  12. Just checked it and t h a n k you! ...Now if only we could prove the whole reason for her outfit thing...Too bad there's not enough definitive proof :/
  13. I think that Vaike/Nowi is one of Vaike's only really good romantic supports honestly - I think Nowi as a few p good other ones too, Libra, Gregor, and surprisingly Frederick too imo. ^^ Robin and Maribelle? Really? Why those too? Oh and I love HenryXCherche, they're so good for each other ^^
  14. Eh, I suppose they could have made Say'ri more important by having her explain it rather than Tiki (if she would have known), but I think that it makes sense for Tiki to be there in the game anyway, so why not use her? Plus, she adds a startling contrast to Nowi, and I think that's worth it.
  15. The wiki has hokey info - for the longest time, it was said that Camilla's Wyvern was named Marzia...when actually that information came from a fanfiction of all places.
  16. Which artbook are we talking about? Knights of Iris? And that's a possibility! But when she was found by Gregor, she had been sold to the Grimleal, so she was already in custody :/ So was Grima, but SoV fleshed him out pretty well - if they reREmake one of Marth's games, they could have some sort of explanation I think. Not to mention Panne's knowledge of Tageul can be considered shakey at best since she says she knew her mother, and then that she didn't...? I personally headcanon that she never knew her birth mother, but had an adoptive human mother, but I digress
  17. ...Considering how much older Robin would have to be, it'd have to be a sort of puppy love kind of thing which is pretty cute in it's own right ngl Yeah that one does go into Lon'qu's backstory quite a bit, but I wish it did a bit more honestly? Like showed them actually getting used to each other's company or something? Idk Why do you like those pairings?
  18. I don't know if this is where this topic should go BUT Here we are - I have no idea how those badge thingies when you post (that say things like Shepard, Nohrian, Crusader, etc...) work - how do they change? Is it based on where you post and how much?????
  19. I suppose it could have, but considering Awakening's lighter tone, I think the support works overall. Gaius/Tharja? What makes you say that? Was it because Tharja seemed to actually want Gaius' attention? You talking about this in the S-Support? Stahl: Look, I'll understand if your heart belongs to another man... I've known for a long time now that you've had eyes for Chrom. But I can't keep my love a secret any longer. Cordelia: You...know about Chrom? Stahl: Sure, Ever since that birthday bash. The song you played for Chrom was full of love, it was like declaring it to the world. But I thought that if I tried hard enough, I might be able to someday win your heart. Er, so, right... I'll just hold on to this ring in case that day ever comes. Cordelia: Why can't I have it now? Stahl: ...What? Cordelia: You don't need to take Chrom's place. You already have. Yeah, I can see how that works, but I actually like the supports that go through her obsession and help her realize how unhealthy it is for her - it just shows how much the other party cares for her. Since I have yet to do a Male playthrough of Awakening, I actually haven't seen M!Robin and Lucina's romantic supports...What are they like? Other than the perfection known as MirielxS C I E N C E, MirielxKellem I always thought was a really good Miriel pairing, and I'd get it more often if SullyxKellem wasn't so good... But I'm in complete agreement of M!MorganxNah, especially if you take into consideration Morgan's fell linage, and the fact he's still so receptive to Nah and her Naga related problems - sure he wasn't one-hundred percent aware of it, but I just thought it made it all the more cute ^^
  20. I actually think it's better that it's not directly addressed because not only would that kill Awakening's more hopeful tone (Nowi: "Oh yeah, I used to be a sex slave!), but the fact that the implication is there and never fully mentioned is actually kinda scarier... As for why she would keep it on, it's probably more that she just got used to outfits like that (since she was kidnapped near birth), and whoever sold her to the Grimleal made her wear that for whatever reason. I suppose that makes Chrom's and the Avatar's surprise at Nowi make sense. Avatar: What in blazes?! The girl is a dragon! Chrom: By the gods, she's a manakete...I never thought I'd see one. And I can see why Yarne would consider any other Manakete's as manakete enough, but that still doesn't explain Bantu (since a big focus on Nowi's support with Henry is wanting more dragon friends); it's likely then that she met Bantu a long time ago then. I actually think the inclusion of Taguel isn't so bad - yeah it didn't do anything for the story, but them being there doesn't hurt the story already there; they're there, it's just not their story.
  21. Yeah I can see your point, but with comments like these in the C and B support: Frederick: Hah! You're exaggerating. Or at least I pray so. Otherwise you might as well die here—you won't last long on the battlefield. Or Frederick: Yes, I will train till I can consume anything, without concern for taste or decorum. Like an animal...or a savage...or like you, Avatar. I can think until the A and S supports, he still wasn't taken with her. But I think this support makes sense since Frederick is the type to get hung up over any of his shortcomings, and having someone help him out with said shortcoming is really touching for him. And yeah maybe it is kinda silly, but Frederick and the Avatar at least had something else going on with their relationship beyond "Hey look moosic"
  22. Honestly with the Plegian-Ylissian war going on the in the background, and all the stuff going on in the main story, I think it's actually smart to have the support be more light in nature, as if it were as heavy as say, the Male Robin support, it may feel like too much all at once imo. I think the support was really well-written (especially the S-Support), and felt really natural, like, it would feel kind of weird having Robin and Chrom not be romantically involved with all the stuff going on in the amine story honestly. I thought Frederick and Robin was pretty cute overall, since it showed Frederick getting over his suspicion of Robin. Eh, I actually don't like that one too much, because while it's cute and well-written, I don't see them marrying each other over it :/
  23. Not even Libra could get her to repent for those sinful garments (funnily enough, I tend to ship Nowi with Libra, so...) But yeah that actually does seem pretty in character for her, as she has a habit of saying whatever's on her mind, so long as it doesn't bring down the mood too much.
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