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  1. @foxysauce Well It's nice to meet you too! ^^ And I love your icon! Yeah I'm not seeing any button either - I went hunting around the forums and found someone going on about this same problem (except they were asking it in a lot of discussion forums, so), and I'm not going to say the name of the user or forum just in case, but a mod responded to them and this is what they had to say: User: HELP! I can't seem to make posts at all, only reply... If someone could please fix this ty : Mod: Be more active on the forums. There's gotta be SOMETHING you'd like to talk about. So it's probably that you can't start topics until you post a bit? Bit strange then to have introduction forums, but w/e I guess
  2. Okay this is actually pure gold - I wish that IS had the guts to do something like this But yeah more on topic, Xander would make the most sense, along with Ryoma for BR for the sake of parallels, and while Xander would be LOADS more interesting to fight than Dragon!Garon, who comes COMPLETELY out of nowhere, Possessed!Takumi was a bit of a surprise in Conquest, so maybe try to reflect that in BR? I always headcanoned Leo as taking up his father's thinking more devoutly than Xander, so I can see that - as a sort of "last stand" against the sister who betrayed him, when he may have been trying to "help" you before. I can't see Camilla being a final boss imo since she was basically just shoved in there as walking fanservice, and while Elise would be unlikely, in regards to Eclipse's take on it, I won't lie, I would have LOVED to see something like that. Honestly though? If we aren't needing to parallel anything in BR, I'd want to see Lillith as the final boss. All she's good for in game is getting sacrificed - that's it. And it's so frustrating; especially in the case of CQ, in chapter 7 I believe, it LOOKS like she's going to do something, actually appearing in a cutscene and all, and then when things start to get hairy, she bails! She straight up LEAVES you for dead, while you and Jakob (or Felicia) are forced to clean up the mess by yourselves (for a while until reinforcements, at least). I honestly wanted her dead when I realized that, and considering the DLC that has her as an antagonist, I wouldn't mind her still wanting to work for Anankos, or trying to get you to stop meddling in his affairs by killing Garon, so she steps in, trying her hardest to detain you, but since she won't let you pass, you're forced to kill her. Obviously this means she'd have to be more in the story, and not sacrifice herself to Hans, but it would make her WAY more useful to the story as a whole imo instead of her just being...the mascot, of the game
  3. So I'm not the only one having this issue about starting new forums? But by the by, since I can't seem to figure out how to properly introduce myself, hey! I'm also new and having many troubles with the new forums thing Maybe we should start a club or something, the "We have no idea how to start new topics so we just bum out here" club
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