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  1. @Solvaij The files start out in stl format and then I run them through a slicer program called Cura that converts thm into G-code. So if you send me an stl I should be able to print it. ^^
  2. Well it’s enough for me! ^^ I happen to really like Wendy too, even though she’s hard to train.
  3. I'm not saying super trainees were any good statistically; I'm saying they were cute and fun to have!
  4. I am currently looking for collaborators on a project to create simple, Fire Emblem themed miniatures for use in tabletop games or possibly say, a themed chess board. I have purchased a 3D printer and spent the necessary time fine tuning it, and I am confident it is up to the task! But now I need some help! I'm looking for someone with experience creating digital 3D models to help bring this vision to life. I am willing to pay for commission designs or if you'd like I'd be happy to print out some of your other designs and send them to you in return. Let us be allies in this project! My ambition is to create simple, generic ones, in the style of the old GBA battle sprites for each class. etc. They don't need to be immensely detailed or very high polygon. (: I think it would be great if we could bring some of the charm the GBA sprites had to real life. ^^ If you're interested in joining forces or know someone who might be let me know! Send me a message or we can talk here in the topic. You can also send me an email at [email protected] And if anyone else has any Fire Emblem 3D models they want to see brought to life, I'm just itching to print things! ^^
  5. I really hope not.. Q~Q To be fair though, wasn't Echoes released pretty quickly after it was announced? It wouldn't be that crazy for them to suddenly announce it just a few months before its release. But we've learned that "Coming 2018" can also mean December 31st of 2018. xP
  6. I think there is more to unit identity than stats and class. In part a units identity is defined by the role they play in our army, which is decided not by their class or stats, but by our choices as a player. Where we position them on the field, what actions we ask them to take, and the relations to the other characters that we create for them.
  7. FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!!!! Gold Stars!! Stupendous job @Dethraxx!
  8. Catches you for one of those weird cinematic spin hug things that they do in the movies where they hold each others hands and the camera shows each of their faces with the background whirling by behind them, then lets go and sends you flying to the next poster
  9. Wow @Soleater O. o I believe you may be thinking about this a little too hard... xD But I love your dream powers thing! Could be fun for a character in an anime or something. And they're always yelling at the other characters for keeping them up all night when they have useless powers. (In the middle of a fight) Other Character: "a lamp?! Really? You dreamt about a lamp?!" Dream Character: "Only 'cause Soandso kept me up all night watching antique roadshow!"
  10. I think Donnels accent might be a little off putting. Nephenee did it better. Now that I think of it, if Amelia had like a nervous, high-pitched voice actress in her game, it might have made a big impact on whether I liked her or not.
  11. This. Yes. Completely. Amelia, like a lot of my favorite characters, isn't really all that amazing of a unit. But let's face it, she's adorable! And the super recruits were sort of a fun and unique reward to work towards by completing both routes. (: For the life of me though I cannot figure out why later villager units like Donnel and Mozu did not elicit the same results. I didn't really care for them the same way I did with Amelia, Ewan, and Ross. *shrug*
  12. The Creator! The Creator is here! Praise be unto him for our new home. hehe, Hi
  13. I was about to say that the Vallite army in Fates had more female generics, but as I try to come up with examples, the only ones I can think of are the classes that are usually locked to females. (Kinshi Knight, Strategist, Priestess, etc. ) That said, one could argue that a lot of the generic enemies throughout the series could potentially be anything underneath all that armor, since many of them don't show their faces. You never know, Gra might secretly have an entire army of lady knights. ;) That's what I figured also. :P It's a real shame too. As a female player I was super bummed in Fates when I couldn't make my avatar into a Super Rainbow Yato-weilding Grandmaster Dragon Princess. In all seriousness though, I personally have never been a fan of gender-locked classes. With context and lore they can sometimes be interesting, but a lot of the time there's no real reason for them to be there (For example why could Faye not be an archer in Echoes again???) However I do think that some characters become more interesting as a result of them being there; namely through defiance of the rule. Echidna from Binding Blade, for instance, was immediately interesting to me, as she was the only female Hero/Merc in her game, or any of the GBA games if I recall. If it were up to me I'd probably get rid of them. They seem to do more harm than good, and often be there purely to cut back on design costs. Luckily though that seems to be the direction we are currently headed with the newer games, excluding remakes. :P
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