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  1. I enjoyed War Master and Assassin Byleth the most, though I only went FK Byleth once. Gauntlets are broken in this game, though maybe I should've stuck with Grappler cuz of the three hit combat art, I should know from how that class singlehandedly kept Raphael relevant on Maddening NG. As for Assassin, I love the stealth ability, and how it helps Byleth stay safe in the frontlines. He can even help to form a defensive line by parking him next to a tough or dodgy unit, he blocks enemies from passing but they won't focus on him at all. A good tip I found on Maddening is to have all physical fighters master Brigand for Deathblow, stacking it with the innate faire skill on advanced classes. Without at least DB or a faire you do pitiful damage. Gauntlets with both get an extra 10 damage for each hit, and since gauntlets always strike twice on attack.....you do a lot of damage...and that's before you quad monsters. Assassin for Swordfaire also helps with Byleth's sword combat arts, especially Windsweep, which allows him to get free damage on tough bosses.
  2. I used Mozu on every single run in Fates, and while I personally don't think she's bad, plenty of people seem to see her as a waste of space. I roll her as an archer, which makes her durability a non-issue for the most part, and also gives her the big broken Quick Draw ability, that is basically a faire skill 15 levels before you get faire skills!. Naturally this turns her into a player phase God that does huge damage and doubles, not to mention the crit bonus in Sniper. Then she gets Bowfaire and it stacks with Quick Draw. In Three Houses, I use all the in house students, including Ignatz (who's the best 'archer student' between Bernadetta and Ashe), Caspar, and Lorenz (extra mage that can heal, and has good movement and durability). I did drop Dedue though, as he returned a bit too late for my tastes.
  3. Before release, I actually suspected that the Three Houses would burn players out when they play other paths. Not only are there more paths than in Fates, but the teaching aspect and calendar-driven progression ensures that there will be lots of downtime between battles. I'm on my sixth playthrough right now, and I'm really starting to feel the repetition right now. I've beaten all paths except Blue Lions, where I got stuck on the final chapter on maddening NG, and I'm having another go on the route on maddening NG+. I enjoy the gameplay, and see it as a marriage between the quirks from Gaiden/Echoes and classical FE. The map reuse is an unfortunate flaw of the game, but I feel that the enemy layout, and other quirks like capture points to stop reinforcements allow each battle to feel fresh. Despite this, TH does not fall off into Fates' gimmicky maps, and the gimmicks that do exist feel more natural as a result. As for the story, I'm a bit disappointed that IS made the empire the 'villain faction' again. In the timeskip, it was more or less the Empire vs everyone else, rather than a more intricate free for all between the factions. And while TH has one of the better stories in the series, it still drops the ball on certain aspects due to it being divided into four routes. Also, this game has too many menus. Not only is weapon durability back and weapon management being a thing again, but there's also Combat Arts (that characters gain at a decent pace), Abilities (that are also gained at a decent pace, I never had to open the skill menu in Fates but I constantly do in TH), and Battalions, and all of these have their own menus. I hope the next entry dials back on these additions a bit (and has better handheld performance)
  4. I loved how Three Houses took inspiration from Echoes in regards to magic and archers. Now I feel free to use top-tier spells like fortify and warp while being assured that they'll be available in later chapters, while archers are now kings of range rather than the 2 range nukes they were in Fates. I do hope that future entries will cut back a bit on the menus though, in TH there's menus for weapon management with repairing and replacing used weapons, switching out combat arts for maps with certain enemy makeup, switching out abilities for when a new one is obtained, AND managing battalions, not to mention assigning adjutants. Then there's the monastery sections which, while a great way of interacting with your units and NPCs, also drags down the pace of the gameplay, but for me the monastery only really became non-essential in the latter half of the timeskip. At this point in time your units are likely in their final classes, and any development in skill ranks is extremely slow since they're likely at A level or above. You can't really get much stronger at this point in the game. I'm also hoping that IS plays around with Support Conversations in the next entry. It's a bit tiring to suddenly have tons of convos dumped on you, and I kinda wish that there are three-person supports so that there's less convos to sift through.
  5. Most of the game lets you field 10 units at most (with Byleth and Dimitri included). The last two chapters allow 12 units though, so you could have some of your extra units as adjutants to keep up with your main 10 units, while fielding them during the larger battles or when someone is a bit overleveled. It would be worth getting Ingrid and Felix through Death Blow for the extra damage. In my Golden Deer NG Maddening file I was able to get Leonie and Hilda to master Death Blow, then quickly master Darting Blow with knowledge gems, all before the timeskip. After mastering Brigand, Felix should be a Sniper and master Hunter's volley, I did the same thing with Ignatz and he got HV before chapter 12's battle, which proved very useful against the fliers in that chapter. Paladin Sylvain with Death Blow and Swift Strikes (A Lances) will be one of the few units that can one-round enemies in timeskip. It might be worth it to make Annette a dark flier for chapter 13, but the only magic flying battalion is locked to Yuri and Constance's paralogue.
  6. I like the male design more, so I go male all the time. Didn't help that I watched the first trailer enough times to burn Male Byleth's face into my mind. To me he looks way too cool and evil for a male avatar. If female Byleth had a better design, I would use her more often. In games where you choose gender, I usually go male if both look good. If I ever play Fire Emblem Warriors, I would definitely go with Lianna since there's no way I'm using super saiyan Rowan.
  7. Been a long time! I've reached the second to last chapter in this run, and since I'm so close to the end I decided to write down my final impressions on my team! Assassin Byleth Fast and strong, he's my main sword user, and can EP axe-wielding enemies. I love how assassin gave tons of dex and speed, enough for him to double enemies while having speed+2. He didn't even need a speed ring most of the time, and I instead gave him an evasion ring instead. Having a strong windsweep was also very valuable, helping to take down the Death Knight to killing range with dark spikes. Overall had a great performance, though I also gave him two energy drops and the boots, to ensure his consistency. Barbarossa Claude Also fast and strong, though not as fast as Byleth. He and Byleth are both the main gambit cannons with their high charm, doesn't double as many enemies though, but he can kill with a brave bow. Unlike Byleth he doesn't have any Enemy Phase use. Sniper Ignatz I dumped five of the one point strength stat boosters on him, as it's not like anyone else needs it. I like how he doesn't need to master Archer for Hit+20, as it makes even long-range attacks very accurate while also letting him master Sniper before the chapter 12 battle. I did the same Brigand->Sniper build with Ashe, but Ignatz has much better hitrates. The main pegasus killer, but can also kill fast but fragile enemies like Assassins and Swordmasters. Falcon Leonie and Wyvern Hilda The two queens of the sky! Leonie is the main EP dodge tank, but Hilda can also fill this role. In the earlygame, Leonie was my lifesaver, at least until every other student became more reliable, and Hilda got good early growths. Leonie is a Falcon for lancefaire and lance prowess 5, and swordbreaker lets her double sword users on player phase with guaranteed dodging. I found that Hilda had trouble doubling, and at one point had ten less speed than Leonie. Be sure to give speed boosters to Hilda if she's a darting blow user. She also has noticeable accuracy problems. Now Hilda does double consistently, for better damage than Leonie as well. As for battalions, Leonie is rocking Immortal Corps, and while Hilda can use Galatea Pegasus Corps, Alliance Wyvern Co has proven to be extremely useful thanks to Impregnable Wall, while also giving 10 avoid. Grappler Raphael He can easily go for warmaster, but Fierce Iron Fist is soooooo good for Raphael. He never quads, so FIF is his main method of ORKOing enemies. While he's durable with Seiros Shield, I did not give him the Alliance +8 defense battalion, as it does not give a lot of hit, and Raphael suffers from low hitrates. I gave him Goneril Valks instead. With fistfaire and deathblow he's a reliable killer in my team. Dancer Marianne This is the first run I've used Dancer as a class since my very first playthrough of the game on CF, and Marianne has been very, very useful. I can have Byleth do two windseeps, or have Lysithea use two Seraphims to instant-break two monster shields. I can even help my infantry units to catch up to the mounted fliers and Lorenz. Even without Gremory's magic boost, Marianne is still able to do good magic chip with Fiendish blow, and can still heal good amounts of health with a heal staff. I do not regret making Marianne my dancer at all, and I'll probably incorporate this class in my future runs. Gremory Lysithea Oneshots enemy mages with Luna. Oneshot breaks monster shields with Seraphim. Does not quite oneshot the Death Knight, but Windsweep Byleth solves that problem. Two warp uses. Godlike range with Thyrsus and Dark Magic Range+1. She's literally the key to beating GD maddening NG. 12/10 unit will use again. Dark Knight Lorenz Maybe it's because he didn't get enough magic level ups, but Frozen Lance Paladin Lorenz turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The only enemies he oneshot were intermediate class enemies after the timeskip. I ended up making him a Warlock, then easily shifted into Dark Knight. He's much more useful now, as a mobile mage. He can deal big damage from range, heal units, and keep up with my fliers. He's also been getting lots of magic level ups, while frozen lance remains a powerful attack. War Master Felix I once tried to have him pass the war master exam at less than 30%, since I was mad that Leonie won't pass her 88% Falcon exam. Lo and behold, Felix passed and became a WM. Like Raphael, he also suffered from low hitrates for some reason, and he was given Victor private Militia to help with his accuracy. Felix is strong enough to clean out an entire monster healthbar with quads and crits. Catherine Unfortunately Catherine just got outpaced in terms of levels, and was benched after Aillel. It was a shame since she was sooooo good pre-timeskip. She probably would've kept up if I kept having her as an adjutant, but I decided to have Sylvain, Ingrid, and Seteth instead to build supports haha. Linhardt He took over Catherine's spot, and does his job well. All he does is heal, stride, and warp. The last spell was especially useful at Fort Merceus, allowing me to warp Byleth and Lysithea to kill the Death Knight.
  8. I think you should cut either Linhardt or Mercedes, I recommend cutting Mercedes cuz her paralogue requires Caspar, who you're not using. Also, heal staff adds 10 points to healing spells, so have Marianne use one when she needs to physic. Also cut one of the fliers probably, maybe Petra, cuz she's recruited as a thief, and takes longer to get going. Don't cut Ingrid because her battalion is great, though you're incentivized to recruit her later on (around chapter 8-10) for better joining stats to make up for her low strength. Ingrid will also be useful for dealing with mages thanks to having the best resistance among your fliers. Most of the main story chapters allow you to field 10 units, so if you have a team of 13 you can dedicate the remaining 3 to adjutants once you reach professor rank A. Since you're benching two in-house units, it might be better to go female Byleth and recruit Sylvain earlier, to fill in the missing two slots. Have Byleth focus on swords until C rank while supporting Felix to recruit him early as well, in my playthrough I got him at chapter 6 along with Catherine. This does mean you'll be going with Falcon Knight Byleth, though with her high charm she doesn't mind being saddled with D rank pegasus battalions, which have C level battalion stats anyway.
  9. I can confirm that Holy Knight on Marianne sucks really bad, you're better off going with dark knight or even mortal savant if you want to boost Mari's black magic power, since white magic is too heavy. If you have a dancer, it's easy to dance a low move unit so they can move further and keep up with the team, while the dancer can also keep up with their 6 movement. In my own Golden Deer NG maddening run, I recruited Ingrid in chapter 9, and she joins with 16 strength, 14 defense, 25 speed (I think), 20 res, and 17 charm, with c+ ranks in sword and lance. She can contribute from the get-go but bear in mind she also joins with D flying and E authority, so she can't even use the basic flier battalions yet. Also I found her paralogue very useful for finishing up class mastery for several of my units, and the reinforcements at the end are programmed to follow Ingrid and not actively follow the rest of your team. You can exploit that to make them wait on lava until they're at very low hp, then snipe them with Thrysus mages. War Master Byleth is great and wrecked house in Silver Snow maddening. However Fierce Iron Fist is better than War master strike since each hit takes deathblow and gauntletfaire into account, and it hits thrice. War Master does give a +5 strength modifier though, over Grappler's +1.
  10. Thanks! I looked at Grappler's bases, and it gives Raph like a 4 to 5 point increase in dex and speed, so that'll fix his low accuracy. Though tbh, the main reason I have to keep raph would be for his C+ authority level, though Felix and Cath have D at this point (or was it E+ for Felix? I'll check later). Speaking of Catherine, she is sooooo good so far. In Remire she rescued the three villagers in the bottom right, the first time I ever did it on Maddening. She's not near close to getting darting blow though...I want to use her more but I'll have to probably put one unit in my team on rotation with her, as most of the game I can only bring 10 units into battle. And yeah, even with average ass stats Lorenz is still able to contribute with frozen steel lance, the biggest problem for him right now is his 4 move. Of all the things that TH kept from Echoes, they had to bring back the low movement mages? Though to be fair that also helps with the fast-ass enemy mages with 21 AS. With Paladin he gets double the movement, Lancefaire AND Fiendish blow will also help him. However I might dip him into warlock to increase his magic base, I just need to train his mag from C to A lol, at least he's almost done with the Paladin requirements. Also, I think Hilda will stick with Wyvern for sure, cuz I'm too lazy to raise that sword rank for falcon. Leonie will be my dedicated dodge tank as a Falcon, but I'm also thinking of having her dip into Wyvern Rider for the strength boost, she only has 16 strength at the moment. This does require B axes though, which might take time away from getting A lances and C swords. Yeah.....I'm not doing dark knight Ignatz, and deathblow Sniper Ignatz is my plan for him because of hunter's volley. The only bow knight I've ever used in maddening was Leonie in Silver Snow, for the high move and boost to point-blank volley. Meanwhile, Sniper Ashe and Shamir were amazing in my BL maddening run, and Sniper Ignatz was also very important in SIlver Snow NG++, and that was without deathblow.
  11. Well I've just reached the Remire chapter. At this point I've recruited Felix and Catherine in chapter 6 and Sylvain in chapter 8, I've started building flying on Byleth for Ingrid as well. Relytive's suggestion of giving Claude and Hilda weight - 3 has been helpful, especially to Claude. Hilda didn't need to dip into Armor Knight for the defense boost, as she naturally reached the base value by the time she was level 10. Claude meanwhile gained 4 defense and makes for a good frontliner with close counter. Updating on the status of my team, literally everyone physical is in Brigand, while every Mari, Lys, and Lorenz are in Mage. So far, the only students that got bad growths were Raphael (he got bad growths in my GD Hard run too), Lorenz, and Lysithea surprisingly. Lys has redeemed herself with better growths after the Miklan Chapter, and she learned Seraphim on the same map while also critting monster miklan twice with it. I also got her Thrysus before the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. Lorenz is simply too average, though he's also been getting better growths. He still pulls his weight thanks to high accuracy frozen lance, and he can do adequate magic chip, especially with Sagittae. Raphael is hands down the worst so far, with his only high stats being HP, Strength, and Defense. So far he's only useful as a physical tank, but he'll have a much harder time once enemies get faire skills. He'll probably get better once he master Brigand and goes grappler. Ignatz has been doing well. Currently he has 15 strength, enough to oneshot the pegasus knights in Lorenz's paralogue with Steel Bow+ and a combat art. He's probably the reason I was able to beat that map on the month it's available. Lately though he's been neglecting strength for....uh....everything else, but mostly speed which will be useless after timeskip. Hilda and Leonie both have C ranks in Lances and Axes, and have can reclass to peg knight if I need wings. I'm still torn between making them go Falcon or Wyvern Lord though Felix has become a mainstay of my team. He has amazing offense as a brigand, though he also has bad defense and authority. He also reclassed to thief for Battle of E and L, and he was juuuuust fast enough to steal Edelgard and Dimitri's rings. I plan to make him a grappler but he still has a long way to A brawling level. Catherine is a pegasus knight currently for darting blow, I plan to put her into assassin after that, or maybe I can keep her as a Swordmaster first. Yeah I'll definitely take it off Hilda once she gets better skills. I might also take off weight-3 once she gets darting blow. Or is it better to use it in conjunction with Darting? Rally Strength is so useful it's partly the reason he's bad for me, cuz he's the lowest level in my team haha.
  12. Well I've just did the Lonato chapter, and it was a doozy. The biggest challenge was finding the right positions to put my units in early on. You're basically assaulted from the forest in the south, the mercenaries in the middle and left, and the one other battalion-equipped merc from the north. I ended up inching forward slowly while the ally units kill the south forest merc and archer, before advancing. The fog mage was also tough since he's in a thicket. After Claude missed his gambit at 70% hit against him, I had Leonie tempest lance the mage and Lysithea finished him off with Luna. Currently in my team, Lysithea is probably the least useful unit thus far. Her hitrates on spells are bad with the exception of miasma, fortunately she has learned heal. Leonie is the MVP thus far, with her personal and tempest lance doing a huge amount of damage with a steel lance. Lorenz has also been useful with tempest lance, though he gets doubled more. He learned fire just in time, and can now contribute to magic damage. Raphael suuuucks with gauntlets, they do like 1 damage. At least he has good defense, though he's been getting the worst levels so far. Also I'm incredibly surprised at how low his bases are, slower than Hilda while not being significantly more bulky. Hilda has been getting the best growths so far, and already has seal speed. Claude and Ignatz do good chip damage with steel bows, though Claude also has Byleth-level strength and the most reliable gambit hitrates. I'm not looking forward to all the birthday tea parties Byleth needs to do again in order to get good charm. Speaking of Byleth, I chickened out of fbyleth at the last minute and went with mbyleth instead. Apologies to the people that wanted falcoleth 🙏. He's mostly been using swords, but is at E+ axes right now. This means Sylvain will be harder to recruit early for deathblow, or I can replace him with Catherine instead, as I only have room for three non golden deer + byleth units in my regular team. The GD final map allows 12 units right? Felix is still in the plan, he has a c support with Byleth and contributed in the Lonato chapter. Yeah seal speed definitely won't help to power down falcons and assassins haha. I'll probably change it out when enemy AS gets too high. TBH this is my first time using seal speed in this game. Now that I think of it, FIF hits three times, and all three hits are boosted by deathblow + firstfaire. Sounds better than war master strike, which was a huge disappointment for me.
  13. Thanks for the input! Hmm, weight -3 does seem useful, it might lead to Claude doubling with steel bows. The progression path for Hilda will make her really strong but her hitrate will be the biggest problem. In SS I recruited her, and she had a ton of accuracy issues. Here I'll have to give her the accuracy ring, maybe an evasion ring as well though axe prowess doesn't give much avoid, so she can dodgetank and seal speed. Then again, if she doesn't hit in EP then she won't proc seal speed. Actually, wouldn't weight-3 be redundant with darting blow for Hilda? I already did WM and FK Byleth lol, they both did a lot of heavy lifting. I really don't like female Byleth's design but in Mad BL NG I found that having two good fliers will make Catherine's paralogue much easier. Two Peg Knights can straight away go for the bishop across the lake and stop the flying reinforcements from coming. I might do FK Byleth again, but four fliers seems too much, I'll probably go assassin or swordmaster for the stronger windsweep. Having them landlocked also means I can use model leader to train up battalions faster. I wonder if I should give the dancer skills to Leonie? As a FK she'll need to build up sword rank anyway, and sword avoid will give her even more evasiveness, even if she doesn't use alert stance. I'm also slightly worried about her strength growth, as it's only five percent higher than Ingrid's 35% growth. Wow, I didn't know Ignatz's strength growth is only 35%.....Makes his performance in my GD Hard playthrough even more impressive as he constantly got great levels, and he didn't even go brigand. I'm confident he'll still be good in this run, since he'll be going for deathblow. The bigger problem is that he needs to master Sniper for Hunter's volley. I'm curious if War Master or Grappler is better for Raphael. Is WM that much slower for Raph? I forgot about Silence on Marianne, but it seems useful. I know I appreciated it when I had to leave a strong enemy mage in range because my other units were too far away. Thanks for the tips, especially with the weight-3 recommendation! Unfortunately I don't have the DLC, so there's no Hapi funtimes to be had for me. Linhardt, Sylvain, and Felix will be recruited. Felix will be a WM and for Sylvain.....why dark knight? He doesn't get lancefaire for his swiftstrikes right? I'll probably also recruit Ingrid for her paralogue and as an adjutant for either Sylv or Felix. Hmm...but she needs Byleth to get flying to recruit her. Maybe I'll go peg knight for darting blow and then stay as a sword user.
  14. So yesterday I was finally able to beat the final map of maddening SS in my second try. In that run I went all pay2win with the renown I got, leveling weapon ranks and authority, and recruiting all the Golden Deer students though I only used Leonie, Lysithea, Ignatz, and Marianne. Now I want to do a run on NG Golden Deer Maddening, and I'm looking for any input on my team for this run. Also, I plan on wasting Dancer to give sword avoid +20 to a dodgetank. Currently I'm dead set on: Deathblow Barbarossa Claude I plan to have maybe 2 or 3 fliers, with Claude being one of them. Unfortunately he can't get darting blow, so I plan to rig a substitute by giving him Speed +2 from Myrmidon and a speed ring. Of course this means he won't be able to dodge tank, but he'll be doing good damage between deathblow and natural Bowfaire. With his high authority I plan to make him use Cichol Wyvern Co, and give Immortal Corps to my dodgetank flier. Deathblow Sniper Ignatz One of my best units in my SS NG+ Mad run. In that run he didn't have deathblow, but hit+20 from my GD Hard run, and he had to grin to S+ bows for the second Bowfaire. Deathblow War Master Raphael Probably his only good path, not much to be said here. Gremory Lysithea The long range magic nuke. Maddening enemies are actually so strong at the end that she can't oneshot unless it's a mounted unit. Having two warp uses is good but I'm wondering if I should make her a dark knight instead for the extra damage. Dark Knight or Frozen Lance Paladin Lorenz On Gamefaqs I read about a build for Lorenz that puts him through mage for fiendish blow, then into Paladin for lancefaire, then have him spam Frozen Lance. He will be the Golden Deer's offensive paladin like Ferdinand and Sylvain, both of whom were very fun to use with swiftstrike, only with frozen lance instead. I'm wavering on: Sniper, Wyvern Lord, or Falcon Knight Hilda Now this one I'm really torn on. Hilda has noticeable problems with accuracy and durability, while having good strength and surprisingly good speed as well. Going fully with bows will get her hit+20, which she badly needs. FK will give her a more accurate weapon, and she can probably become a dodgetank. With WL she can use her relic and have deathblow, but won't double. Honestly this wavering can be solved by mastering two intermediate classes, but I'm not quire sure how to pull that off. Dark Knight or Mortal Savant Marianne I tried out holy knight Marianne in SS Mad, and it sucked. That same run I switched her to Mortal Savant to spam Swordfaire boosted Soulblade, after trying out the weapon art in holy knight to oneshot armors. It did a good amount of damage, but Mari really can't take any physical hits. Dark Knight gives her more move than MS but uses lances instead, so she can use frozen lance. However it won't be boosted by lancefaire, and gets its bonus from dex rather than Marianne's sky high resistance. I'm really worried about Marianne's speed, as HK Mari was so slow she couldn't even double armor knights. Bow Knight, Wyvern Lord, or Falcon Knight Leonie With Falcon Knight she can become a dodgetank, and her defense and personal means she can eat hits better than Hilda. She will also be able to reliably double with darting blow. As Bow Knight she will do good damage with Point-Blank Volley, but during the advance class period she will struggle to do good damage with bows without deathblow or bowfaire, she'll likely be a paladin as well to build up her riding rank. Her higher dex means she can also be a more accurate wyvern lord than Hilda, with slightly lower strength but slightly higher speed and defense, but also no relic. Deathblow Enlightened One, Assassin, or Swordmaster Byleth Enlightened One is free with no requirements, and has swordfaire, which leads to a strong windsweep. Assassin I found to be surprisingly good at forming walls, as they can block the enemy's path while forcing them to attack the tankier unit next to them. Swordmaster comes with sword crit +10, which can stack with the A+ sword rank one. It also has more optimal growths, but suffers from the 5 movement, so I'll have to use the move boost item from Catherine's paralogue. For cross-class recruits I'm going with Bishop Linhardt for warp and healing, if I go female byleth I can get Sylvain for free to spam deathblow swiftstrikes as a paladin. Might also recruit Felix for more muscle, and use Catherine as a falcon knight. Please feel free to critique my class choices and give me advice, especially on mastering two intermediate classes. Thanks! And sorry for the little essay I wrote here on Fire Emblem unit building haha
  15. 1) Learning a new weapon type after promoting, but it's E rank. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but in Fates and Awakening it really sucks since Iron weapons are d in that game. Thankfully 3H did away with bronze weapons, and Irons are usable at E again. 2) Making a big stink about Echoes' having the worst maps in the series. I played and loved Conquest, yet I still loved Echoes' gameplay due to how fresh it is compared to every other FE game. It boggles my mind how people can praise Conquests' map design while dumping on Echoes', since they're both filled annoying, unfair gimmicks that are fun challenges to play around. 3) Units that are not pre-promotes but start off with bad bases. Looking at you Arthur and Odin <_<. 4) Low movement, I love Echoes but IS must love it more than me since they brought over its attitude towards movement. Mages once again have four movement, making CF a slog for me since I'm dumb enough to have 4 in my main party. There's no reason to go hero, swordmaster, or warrior since the one extra movement given to assassin and grappler invalidates the extra bulk/strength/skills they have. And of course armor knights don't gain movement in their promotion like in the pre-Echoes games. 5) Shippers that dump on ships they don't like, everyone hates them.
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