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  1. Ohh? I'm going to check that out right away. Sounds rather interesting, and might actually help me a bit. Thank you! LOL, well this was certainly a surprise. We must have been thinking the same thing when deciding to come back. Plus, now that I'm surfing through your name history, I believe I've seen you around here a couple years back, just that I didn't know you at the time, and you didn't know me. XD
  2. While I've only been gone for a couple of years, I've seen that this forum has become even more colossal than before, and with many unfamiliar faces. But I guess re-introductions are due? I go by Magnus just about everywhere I visit or participate on the internet. A minority of members here may remember who I am if they're still around, but regardless, I figured I'd properly re-introduce myself to the forum, as there are many who I do not know and now I feel sort of like a stranger again, even though I haven't been gone that long. I guess it's just the rapidly grown number of members here over the small course of time. I won't divulge into deeper details of why I just vanished. I've been through my fair share of stress with everyday life situations and my health has surprisingly dwindled more than usual for a young man such myself. I've been through many ruts and fell off with many people and forums communication-wise. None of it was due to drama, just that I've been trapped in a little ball I unwillingly made for myself for a while until I finally began to break back out of it. But enough of depressing stuff...I'll finally get into a little things about myself. I love gaming. I like Fire Emblem, of course. It's been a really long time since I've played FE though, so I'm quite rusty with knowledge of the games I've played. Mega Man and Tales Series are my absolute favorite games to play. I'm also a very active player of an MMO called Elsword. I have many other games I love, but I'll be here all day. I won't get much into other hobbies other than I am an aspiring fictional writer (and possibly dream to do something with it for my future). During my time of activeness on this forum, I posted two (incomplete) fictional stories. I'd like to say my writing skills are a little more improved than when I used to write here in the past, but I still have much to learn and I don't hold myself in very high esteem (probably never will). I look back on those incomplete stories only to cringe, but it's something I can't erase. I might come back to them one day and completely redo them, but only time will tell. I may share a new fictional story I'm working on, but considering how much I re-write chapters for it, that is another...iffy one. XD My apologies for the length of this intro. It went longer than I intended. Regardless, I hope to get well-acquainted, as well as re-acquainted with some who may know me. I'm a rather shy person, but I try to socialize.
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  4. Happy 22nd birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Freohr!

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      I'm doing great!! Yeah it has~ You doing well?

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      I've been doing fine myself, thanks! Been working a lot and I'm hardly ever around here these days. D;

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      Ahhhhh that work~ Omg I've got all my college work done so now I get to have a long breeeeaaaak

  6. Battle 40: Boost 2 made this fight VERY easy. Though I began to worry as we closed in on Odd Eye, for in order to lure in the enemies behind him, you've gotta lure him out in the process. >_> Several people almost died because Boost ran wore off at the wrong time, however, Sheela saved the day by re-casting it and all Odd could do was chip damage to anyone at best. It was still a fun fight (since this is one of my faves), and it's always sad for me to see the death scene, for Odd Eye/Oddler was also one of my favorite allies/enemies. Why'd he have to die? T_T Also, my GOD has Slade's defense skyrocketed without me knowing. It's only five points behind Peter, so he's no longer considered a fragile unit at this point. I realized it when his level up granted him +3 in both HP (again) and defense. xD Battle 41: The only reason this was a little tough was because of those Demon Masters. Freeze 4 is such a pain to deal with while surrounded by other ?? Attack enemies. >_> But once those punks were out of the way, it was a breeze. However, a lot of interesting level ups happened stat-wise. But now onto King Galam, where I'm gonna use my 3 Egresses. Also, I hate that little glitch that happens when you have a character in their upper 50s in level...Sheela's turn would get completely skipped at random and over the years, I've yet to find out why this happens. One of the many reasons why I don't like to have a crazy high level via spamming. Some of my units almost got killed in certain instances of this fight because Sheela's turn to re-Boost 2 never came and went straight to Sarah and everyone else. Has this ever happened to anyone? It has to be a glitch for the game itself because I'm playing on my PS3 via the Ultimate Genesis Collection and this used to happen on both the emulator and when I had it downloaded on the Wii. Battle 42: Well...this wasn't "hard" aside from trying to avoid Galam, as the sneaky little bastard just loves to abuse his second turn movement to get into range and use his funky demon breath. Also, why does everything and it's mama here have some sort of status infliction in their attacks? If one idiot isn't putting us to sleep with it's tail, then another comes and paralyze you...let's not forget about Mr. Wannabe Grim Reaper with a Muddle effect in his normal attack...when he ALREADY HAS Muddle 2! Galam was fairly easy on the final run though. I baited him to Demon Breath Sheela so Rick and Slade could trap him in the corner. While they played ping pong with them, I sent the rest of the squad to destroy the four spawned enemies, May and Janet snipping Galam from a distance to lower his health down, and Sheela/Sarah also in a safe distance Boost 2ing/healing. Gave Slade the kill so he could get some help leveling to 32. But god, I hated those status effects. Seriously. Those were about the only grievous parts of this fight, otherwise it wasn't much of a problem and I grind here...until I made one fatal mistake that Proto warned me about, but since I was away from this draft for a stupid-long time, it slipped my mind and I forgot most of the specifics of what he told me. I don't even know why I didn't bother to look back on this thread either. Those four spawning enemies at the top, I completely forgot about them, as they appeared on my final grind run. However, since Galam was messing us over, I couldn't fight them and I had to Egress anyway to prevent people from dying...that, and I'd already saved when I grinded the couple of times before that, so I couldn't go back...so yeah, gold from a grand total of 12 enemies slipped away from me, which will...put a serious dent in my endgame funds. I would have been better off grinding in the other map before, for that's more funds gone But we'll see soon. Next battle during the only Egress I can use against Zeon, I'll try my best to feed Slade all of the juicy experience so he can have Raijin 3 by the time we confront Zeon. Since that'd be the strongest spell I'll have access to, it'll be a necessity for keeping him spaced out. And the only people who will be able to even fight Zeon will be Bowie, Slade, Sheela, Rick (lol no) and Peter anyway since I've gotta pawn the equipment I can before ending the draft. Battle 43: Well, this was pretty fun. I managed to get Slade to Level 32 at the nick of time before confronting Zeon, but the important thing was I got it before fighting him. Since everyone except Slade and Rick were stripped of their weaponry, I was forced to group the able fighters together and take out the enemies slowly, as I needed to conserve Sarah's MP for Zeon. Sheela has a crapton, so I didn't really care for rationalizing hers too much, plus I had a more important task for her. Following the defeat of the other devils, we confronted Zeon. All the useless peeps remained at starting point while Slade, Sheela and Peter were the main attackers on Zeon. Sheela casted Boost 1 on all three of them (herself included) while Sarah was left out, since she was in the corner waiting for people to get hurt and heal. Sheela attacked Zeon directly with fist-fu (since her Brass Knuckles are gone, she still has the highest ?? attack), Peter gave him a haircut by striking from behind, and Slade Raijin 3'd about three times (each damaging between 70-80). Since Peter was going to die (even though it didn't matter to save him anyway. Just didn't want to expose Sarah to heal him up close to Zeon), I allowed him to retreat while Zeon's HP dropped to around 80. Sheela Blast 4'd him and Slade went in for the final hit, ending this draft in style. Final Gold: 560,046 I feel like stat listing for the final bout is a bit pointless, so let's move onto my final thoughts. I...obviously set myself up to drop my endgame funds. Since I got rather jumbled by the rules by the time I used my mithril , it was too late to turn back. I heavily regretted getting Rick that Holy Lance, as that and the Gisarme was a big drop in 20,000 gold alone...not to mention I likely missed over 12,000 gold for those extra spawned enemies in Galam's re-fights when I should have remembered what Proto told me. I also got unlucky and didn't get a Counter Sword drop from Odd Eye, as I'm pretty sure I've found every item and sold everything I could. But I never intended to win, as I just wanted another chance to play SFII with a different spin to it for a chance. And I even picked up AI pattern manipulations and other tricks along the way! Still don't like Janet though This was a VERY fun draft. If you don't already know (chances are you don't), I'm fairly new to draft challenges in general, as I've only done one FE7 draft during my entire time here, and out of that and this one, I had the most fun! This was still a fairly new experience for me and I'm glad I've taken part in this, so thank you, Elieson! My apologies for finishing this draft soooooo late. I've had numerous life problems/work stacked upon me that I just didn't have time to dedicate to this like I wanted to. But what's important is that I've finally finished and that's what matters. I WILL do the optional boss battle, but I have no need to draft that here. It'll likely be just a Slade/Sheela duo for the most part anyways with Bowie sneaking in kills every once in a while. Now I'll do what Proto did below with a character analysis bit. Again, thanks for the draft, guys. See y'all on the flip side!
  7. Happy Birthday, brah!

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      Replica Model

      Aw, thanks Magnus Blade! Btw, I beaten Xillia and now onto Graces!

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  9. Who's that in your avatar?

    1. Magnus Blade

      Magnus Blade

      Oh, it's May from Shining Force 2, an old Sega Genesis strategy game.

    2. Garland Chaos

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      Ah, I see. I knew it was someone from Shining Force, I just didn't know who.

  10. You, sir....your avatar has officially made my day. XD Welcome to SF!
  11. No one, really. Not that I've told anyone that is (if I did, I've likely forgotten). But for those on skype who have me added, you'd have an obvious idea of what mine is, even if it's the shortened version of it.
  12. These two, plus the starting poster's too. Tired of mary/gary sue. But add "cliche" to my list.
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