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  1. I signed up to this forum just to say thanks to everyone involved in testing and making this translation a reality. This is my 2nd Fire Emblem experience (the first with Fire Emblem on GBA but wasn't very impressed with the story) and I played through the prologue last night and it was such an epic experience. From the story to the battle system to the sheer amount of characters (which is actually a bit overwhelming right now) to the music...it's all amazing so far (this probably isn't new to all the veterans of the FE franchise). I'm a big fan of tactical RPGs (FFT being one of my favorites) but playing this last night really reminded me why I love these types of games and this really got me excited about the FE franchise as a whole. So thanks again and keep up the great work. :)
  2. I just installed it yesterday on my snes classic and it works. Took me awhile to try but it worked using snes9x2010 core through retroarch
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